Krauthammer on Islam’s bloody borders and its war on Christianity

In light of the Christmas day attacks and killings of Christians in Nigeria, Krauthammer discusses the war on Christians that is being waged in Islamic countries and how the West is for the most part, silent.

He also takes on the idea, espoused by Ron Paul and those on the left, that says Islamic terror is the fault of Western provocation, Western actions, and imperialism:

There is no Western provocation in Nigeria. There was no Western provocation in Sudan. This is the expression of an exclusive, militant, wing of a religion that will not tolerate anything other.

What we don’t remember, a few months before 9/11, the radical regime in Afghanistan went out into the desert and what did it do? It destroyed, it blew up two 1500 year old magnificent Buddhist structures, statues. The Buddhists aren’t imperialist, they are not capitalists, they are not Christians, they’re not oppressors.

It was a rejection of the ‘other’ and a sense they have to cleanse the world of infidels and any reflection of infidel culture. And that’s what we see in radical Islam and we see it again at the borders in the most horrific way.

The reference above to ‘borders’ comes from Samuel Huntington, who Krauthammer quotes as having said 20 years ago that “the borders of Islam are bloody.” Doesn’t that say it all.

Here’s the full video:

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