Krauthammer: Robert E. Lee was offered better terms at Appomattox than Obama is offering Republicans

It’s not just a bad deal, this is really an insulting deal… Robert E. Lee was offered easier terms at Appomattox and he lost the Civil War. The Democrats won by 3% of the vote and they did not hold the House. Republicans won the House. So this is not exactly unconditional surrender, but that’s what the administration is asking of Republicans.

There not only are no cuts in this, there’s an increase in new spending with a stimulus – this is almost unheard of. I mean, what do they expect? They obviously expect the Republicans will cave on everything. I think Republican ought to simply walk away. The president is the president, he’s the leader.

They are demanding that Republicans explain all the cuts that they want to make. We had that movie a year and a half ago where Paul Ryan presented a budget, a serious real budget with real cuts. Obama was supposed to give a speech in which he would respond with a counter offer and what did he do? He gave a speech where he had Ryan sitting in the front row, he called the Ryan proposal unAmerican and insulted him, offered nothing and ran on Mediscare in the next 18 months. And they expect Republicans are going to do this again?

The Republicans are going to walk on this and I think they have leverage. Yes, for congressional Democrats it will help them in the future if Republicans absorb the blame because we’re going to have a recession. But Obama’s not running again unlike the congressional Democrats. He’s going to have a recession, 9% unemployment, 2 million more unemployed, and a second term that’s going to be a ruin. That is not a good proposition if you’re Barack Obama.

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53 thoughts on “Krauthammer: Robert E. Lee was offered better terms at Appomattox than Obama is offering Republicans

  1. This was meant to be an outrageous proposal. They are doing exactly what the Republican leaders can’t bring themselves to do…run a negotiation. The Administration intends to shift the eventual final deal by throwing out an extreme proposal (much like you do when you negotiate with a street vendor in Tijuana). In the end, they know they will get more of what they want as a result. Instead, we get naive leaders like Boehner who likely sit in their recliner and call up after the late night TV infomercial because they “doubled his order”.
    If Republicans weren’t so weak and actually stood firm on a reform proposal–and even said that this is the best they can live with while proposing it, they might actually get some things they want. It is painful to watch the party that is supposed to be touting my conservative values be so complicit in ruining my country–and then be bad negotiators to boot.

  2. One of the very bad mistakes that we have made continually over the last 100 years is that we assume that our values and our objectives are actually and indeed ought to be the values and objectives of all humanity. Unfortunately, this is the attitude of a barbarian and it is simply not borne out by the facts.

    I remember the Marine Colonel’s line in the movie “Full Metal Jacket” as he admonished Joker: “Inside of every Vietnamese is an American trying to get out.”

    Obama, like any communist, doesn’t care a hang about what a later generations of cracker society thinks about his administration. If US power is destroyed or diminished and other nations become as, or more, powerful than the US, Obama will be remembered as a hero. If the Chinese, the Russians of the Islamic armies invaded the US tomorrow, do you think Obama would be taken prisoner?

    In 20 years, a world full of teenagers who address each other as “comrade m-f****,” speaking Mandarin-Spanish, will wear his face on their t-shirts and that will be enough for Mr. Potatoe Head. You have to stop thinking of Obama as some kind of American who’s temporarily lost his way. He is not one and doesn’t intend to become one. His despise and hate for you, born in freedom, liberty and prosperity far exceeds anything you could ever understand.

    1. You are so right! I have been warning everyone around me, this guy is not a democrat or liberal we’re familiar with. This guy doesn’t care if the place goes down in flames! He has a different mindset than any we’ve seen here, and folks, repubs, are in denial on this.

      Hey boehner, McConnell, etc., he won’t work with you! He doesn’t care what you or I think. He’s destroying the place on purpose! Come to terms with that and you will be in a better position to fight! He’s not a nice man over his head. He’s dangerous!

      1. I don’t see any hope in the Republicans. They are simply too dense. Let them beg us for our votes in 2014. Let the Republican know-nothings bribe us this time as soon as they can figure who we are.

        While the whole world separates by race and religion, these arrogant, smug worms continue to behave like “all is well,” “business as usual,” “this phase will pass,” etc. etc. and they continue to apply the same solutions which never puts a penny of their own wealth at risk and expect new results.

        We cannot wake them up. The Republican National Socialist Party will not confront or challenge their noisy little little brothers, the Socialists.

        1. Right on. The dems have become socialist and the repubs have become liberals. We, the people must take it all back. However they want it done, we need to be prepared to go one step further.

  3. Boehner will accept Obama’s terms for the Republican surrender. Boehner doesn’t want to be blamed for it even though he will be wether he passes it or not. I have no faith in the House republicans….mainly Boehner and Cantor to stand their ground on this issue. None. Their are a few who would stand their ground but a handful out of the whole bunch doesn’t do anything. I can’t believe Boehner is the speaker of the house again. The should have picked someone with a backbone for that job who will stand up to Obama and tell him that he’s the president and his job is not legislation.

  4. Dude, can someone Pa-lease tell Charles and everyone else that keeps saying we are going to “have” a recession, that WE ARE ALREADY IN A RECESSION!!! For petes sake, we are in a recession and we are shortly heading for a huge depression, me thinks on a global scale!!

  5. The obamessiah and his legions really do want this fiscal cliff to happen. They hope it will implode the US economy. It has the primary ingredients of their choosing …massive tax hikes and decimating the military by cutting off its funding. About all they want to add to it is massive spending increases.

    And they have their lapdog libfag media all lined up to blame the rino’s for it all. They’re gonna get blamed for it regardless of what happens. So, they might as well keep their fingerprints off of it.

  6. I pray the Republicans step away from this. The democrates have put the offer on the table, just like Obama Care let the democrates own it. Don’t leave any Republicans finger prints on this budget. Make a statement that we disagree with the approach but we will give enough votes in the house to pass Obama’s legisation. The Republican’s need to put forth their budget for comparison purposes only. I think the problem will be that Democrats will not sign on to the legislation if they see the Republican’s pulling back though. They will have no one to blame. They all want to be re-elected. Republican’s please got out of the car, wave and let it drive off the cliff. The nation elected this guy let it roll. The only way to correct this ship now is to let it sink and build a new based on the original design. This is no longer the representative democracy that was established in the Constitution, this country is a socialist as Greece, I just didn’t realize it until this election. Since Abraham Lincoln the Federal Government has exercised authority over things never indended by the Constitution. Obama himself stated that the Constitution was to restrictive and not proactive enough. We got rid of slavery only to enslave an entire nation. It is ironic that this epiphany should occur during the term of the countries first black president.

  7. Republicans Need to remember what we are supposed to stand for, the late columnist Robert Novak: “God put the Republican Party on earth to cut taxes. If they don’t do that, they have no useful function.”

    1. PHC: If they fail this time, will you reject them? In every borrowing/debt limit negotiation of the last four years where the R’s caved in, we have forgiven them, found reasons to justify their weakness and continued to support them because they are the “low tax” party.

      How many times must the stray dog you picked up before the last election bite you before you’ve had enough? Their ain’t no Cesar Millan to whisper to Republican dogs.

      The Demo vermin want high taxes. The Republicans want to loose the economic power of Americans and collect even greater amounts of taxes. Neither party represents what the founding fathers pictured for their posterity. Both seek their personal success at the expense of their nation. Both love power more than liberty.

      I am not disagreeing with you. You have raised a very good point. Will we reject the National Socialist Republican Party if they fail to stand up to the Socialist Democratic Party yet again? How many times will these arrogant, pencil-necked Republican purebreds be given a chance to take another piece of our flesh before we slap them down, chain then up or send them to the pound?

      The, on the other hand, if we reject them, who will protect us? Some really hard questions with some really simple answers are about to be posed soon.

  8. As for the 47% of Americans that pay NO Federal income tax AT ALL, I have a simple question. Even if you are on Social Security and Medicare, even if you are a Federal worker on a pension, and even if you are a retired veteran, when did all you people get the right not to kick in anything for all the rest of the things that the Federal government does? SOMEBODY has to pay for our enormous military, the EPA, the Department of Energy, the CIA, the FBI, and the dozens of other Federal agencies out there. Who is going to pay for all of that, the “rich?” You could take every dime away from every “rich” person and it would only fund the Federal government for a few days. So I ask again, we have a growing segment of our population that is getting a check and not contributing a dime to the general welfare of the nation. Is that fair? Obama is really into this “fairness” thing. I wish a reporter would ask him that question.

  9. repubs need to walk and let this thing go over the cliff. This is what Obama wants. This is part of his plan to make more and more Americans dependent upon the govt so his socialism can take hold. When things continue to get worse; they try to take out private property and our guns, then the next revolution will begin. This may be the only way we get our country back. These colors don’t run!! (unless you’re a yellow belly, spineless, sissy of a liberal).

    They can take my life but they can’t take my freedom! –William Wallace

  10. Charles is getting there, but to understand Obama you have to accept that he doesn’t give a damn what happens to the economy. No dictator, no socialist, no communist does. Power is their currency. Even in the worst countries, like North Korea, there’s always that group of people who live above the misery they inflict. They have the power. They own and run everything. They live like the millionaires and billionaires they destroyed.

    Obama isn’t going to do anything to help our economy. Accept the fact that he’s all about destruction.

    Republicans, step away, let the Democrats own it, and let them contemplate running in the future, after their President ruined everything.

    God this is a terrible time.

  11. The problem is that we went through this in 2011. The big fan dance of tough talk from the republicans, leaking how bad the negotiations were going, and threatening no deals… only to have the GOP sign off on a complete screw over of the American people. This is simply a repeat of what we have already been through. I don’t believe for one moment in any of this, I’m sorry. The GOP leadership has lied to us too many times now. They make back room deals and play this silly fiscal cliff game instead of actually standing up and doing something about the problem. All that is going to happen is that at the last minute in December, just in time for Obama’s 20-day vacation to Hawaii, there will be a “deal”. And, that deal will be a sell out of all of us. In fact, I believe that Boehner and the boys have already made the deal. This is all just a bunch of lies. Perhaps I am wrong, and I certainly hope I am. I am just not buying any of this.

  12. What people should realize is that this partisan battle theater was probably devised months ago, as they knew what was going to go down. It wouldn’t have mattered who won the election because the dems have the senate.

    I would say that deals were made months ago, but it isn’t a deal unless the two parties actually disagree on something. The fiscal cliff hype, which suddenly appeared recently, is just to lay down the basis for the show. Who didn’t see these budget issues coming months ago, but all the sudden we are in crisis.

    What a joke. D.C. is getting much to obvious about their little theatrical antics. I guess that some people buy into it.

    1. I just read your post after sending mine… I guess I basically repeated what you wrote! Sorry! Great minds think alike.

  13. Out of that panel, the one that bothers me the most is that woman right there I don’t even know her name but she pisses me off every time I hear with her PhD and her college professor like comments defending the administration. Now that I got that out of my system I think Krauthammer is absolutely correct let the fiscal cliff happen yes we’re going to suffer in the house, and this country, but at the end of the circumstances are finally going to catch up with this stupid president that we have. I believe this guys going to be remembered as the worst president in American history and deservedly so.

  14. Surrender talk is for losers. I don’t do surrender. I’d rather fight. This isn’t Appomatox bud. This is the beginning of Armageddon. To hell with the devil and his minions in the WH.

  15. We have nowhere else to go (Look at Norway, for crying out loud, and Australia is liberal-heaven right now), so we need to start preparing to take this country back. Republicans are a dead party. But at least people who aren’t part of the insane, progressive left can walk away from this crap sandwich.

    We have to make more noise about this. Newt said to walk away, Rush said to walk away, now Charles has decided he’s a conservative again and says we have to walk away.

    But it’s not enough to walk away. We have to wash our hands of it in public, and do as Rush says and educate the few remaining humans with brain cells that still connect. They need to understand that their dear leader has tied the wheel, with the ship aimed over, and straight into the teeth of the sharp rocks at the base of the falls. Like a bad guy in a Bond film, he’s got a getaway sub stashed. Let’s tie him to this mess and let him take the blame.

  16. I think the Republicans should offer to raise taxes on the rich. However, they also should include major social security and medicare reform and huge cuts in discretionary spending. Back to 2008 levels. Offer the Dems the one thing they want[higher taxes on the wealthy], then offer them an adult plan that really does try to fix this problem with REAL cuts.

    The Dems of course will refuse, since there is no way they go back to 2008 levels of spending. We will not have a deal. Taxes will be raised on the middle class and it will be difficult to blame the Republicans, since they caved on the main issue the Dems wanted.
    Instead, we are going to get the same results only without the cover of a fair offer.

    At least to me the cliff is better then some bogus deal Boehner or McConnell would come up with where nothing but smoke and mirrors gets done. I prefer middle class tax hikes and cuts to the military then what those two idiots will do.

    1. We’d all be better off if, if they offered for exchange welfare be cut 90% in exchange for those increased taxes. I’m not talking about just one program, I’m talking all of them. Let’s just see if they really want those increased taxes.

      In reality, I could care less, the speedier this collapse happens, the better. Time for a wake up scream from Sister Mary Elephant!

  17. It appears Obama is begging to drive over the cliff. No cuts and $50billion in new spending? This was a blatant “I Won” slap in the face to the GOP. Fine. Drive over the cliff. I could think a few drivers I’d like to see behind the wheel, but I’ll not name them, as I’d rather not be on a firstname basis with the FBI.

  18. Both GOP leaders in Congress need to be replaced. We need forceful articulate spokesmen. Boehner and McConnell are not up to it. We need some flame throwers like Gohmert, Gowdy, Rubio,and Cruz to be the spokesmen.

    1. Ted Cruz is the most conservative of the group you mentioned, this is not a slap on the other guys, but if you want to know a real conservative you have to look no further then him. In his first major decision since being elected our own Ted Cruz made what I call a signal to how he is going to be in the future. I put the article so you can see.

  19. It would be a miracle for once if Republicans have a spine and don’t deal. Republicans would get the blame even for breathing.

  20. Very much agreed Sjmom. A press conference is needed and the message needs to be simple and direct. Take a page from the Alinsky handbook they are so fond of – pick the target, freeze it and personalize it. Make Obama own it. He got away with blaming the ‘Bush economy’ for four years and now its time to make the ‘Obama economic meltdown’ the new catchphrase. The Republicans should expect and prepare for the backlash from Dems and the MSM so go in with a game plan and stay on message.

  21. How successful will O’s 2nd term be if he has a recession hanging over his head? Walk Republicans! Charles Krauthammer is RIGHT.

  22. Congress’ approval is under 20%. Hussein’s over 50%. Who will get the blame for Hussein’s Cloward-Piven collapse? Who will get Carte Blanche to restructure America after it? Who now?

    Anyone with a lick of sense knows with certainty what higher taxes on anyone will do to the economy.

    We also know, that no matter who or what taxes are raised on, it will be working wage earners who will have to pay for it.

    Couple that with the effects of more borrowing, increased government growth and increased spending – all of which Obama will do, and Congress will be incapable of stopping.

    We all know that no matter what bone the House Republicans get Obama to throw them, They alone will indeed be the blame for all that goes wrong. State Media has the narrative written already.

    So why beg for a bone? The elephants in the House should get on TV round the clock and say “President Obama owns this and we will not stand in his way. When the President sends us a budget, we will pass it including any and all tax changes he feels are necessary”.

    Then step back.

    1. we will pass it

      Let the ‘rats pass it on their own. Hell, they may decide they don’t like that idea very much. But then this assumes they aren’t all in it together, which they clearly are.

      1. What’s the difference, they have two years to lie to the American public with a fully compliant media.

        Boner and company cannot stand the spotlight being on them and that folks is why they surrender all the time. Still not a peep about the stolen election. Screw them aaaaall.

    2. A similar proposal was made in a comment at Breitbart, namely that the whole GOP congress critters go and do what Obama is doing: campaign!
      Campaign everywhere, at home, on TV, and keep saying that Obama wants it, he can have it, it’s his responsibility because he’s the leader, the President, and he won, didn’t he. So Obama owns it, end of story.

      No deals. Don’t play their games any longer.

  23. Republicans, walk away from this insult and leave it to Obama. Let him and his go over that cliff.
    Galllup tonight shows voter’s remorse.
    Let the illiteratates who elected this Monstor go down with him.
    Over the Cliff!!!!!

  24. House republicans are being treated with contempt because that’s what most of them deserve. No one respects cowards.

  25. The Republicans better walk! The Dems and Obama just handed them their reason, not excuse, to walk and they should immediately walk to the microphones and speak to the American people. Call a press conference.

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