Krauthammer: Romney speech in Israel was a “master stroke”

Krauthammer says that Romney’s performance in Israel was a “master stroke” as he spoke very firmly about America and Israel but in the nuance that those in the Middle East would understand. In other words, while the policies that Romney stated may sound similar to Obama’s stated policies, Krauthammer explains that Romney made clear he wasn’t speaking in the abstract about Israel and Iran like Obama frequently does:

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51 thoughts on “Krauthammer: Romney speech in Israel was a “master stroke”

  1. It was a masterstroke. I just hope that the Israelis use whatever influence they have with supporters and relatives here in the United States to get Romney elected. Israel knows that Romney isn’t just paying lip service to Israel and that he really will stand by them no matter what. That plus the fact that he is a good personal friend of Bibi Netanyahu really proves that Romney is a big fan of Israel’s, unlike the current occupant of the White House.

  2. His entire trip was well done. He looked and sounded like a President of the United States.

    1. He did, didn’t he? We haven’t have a Presidential President since W., my favorite President, moved back to Crawford, TX.

  3. This was a great overseas trip for Romney; he solidified himself as being Anti-Obama, at least policy wise. The so called gaffes the liberal’s claimed he made were pure non-issues in context.

    Romney is sounding much more like a conservative than ever and that is what will win over Tea Party patriots like me. He doesn’t apologize for the USA either! He loves this nation and will be a good President, better than many believe he will be.

    I was going to hold my nose to vote for Romney but now I think I can vote for him with enthusiasm.

    1. Eespecially in view of the fact his list of those to punish for getting in his way has become so large……..

      1. I was a teenager when Nixon was POTUS but I do not think his enemies list was close to Obama’s. I read somewhere during the past week or two, I usually lose track of time, but Obama is now harassing people that had the nerve to contribute to Romney or appear in a commercial.
        There is something wrong with him, I think he’s insecure and attacks when he’s afraid. I know that his campaign is panicking because they need money.

        1. There is definitely something wrong with O. You can see it in his eyes. He is evil. Look at the hate in his eyes. I think he is also doing drugs. He looks stoned in many of his pictures.

          Nixon didn’t hate this country and he was not trying to destroy. There is a huge difference between the two. Also, Nixon outed the spy Alger Hiss. I am beginning to think O is a KGB agent with the way he is selling us out to the Russians.

          1. Agree, and some of the photos RS uses are downright scary, as they should be. Other sites too, glad to say.

            Re the KGB aspect, you may find this video to be an interesting take

            Hour and a half long but instructive.

            1. Wow pm, the video has been removed! Very scary.
              It might the same video I watched about a month ago where it talked about the speculation that O attended a Russian school where some of the PLO has been trained. It also talked about a person attending a dinner in Russia in the early 90’s and they were told a communist with the name “Baraq” would become president one day.

              1. Wow – then so sorry to have posted it, keyes. But weird – I just finished watching it last night! The web page says the removal (dated today) is about a rights infringement. Maybe it was – sorry, had no idea. Will try and find it free and repost a link here.

                1. I highly doubt there is any rights infringement. I think it’s the O regime getting things removed that shine the light on him.

  4. If Romney wins the election, the entire Christian world will breathe a sigh of relief. To KNOW that America stands with Israel will not only be Jews are looking to hear but also many Independents.

      1. Not exactly:

        “Israel’s current prime minister is not just a friend, he’s an old friend,” Mitt Romney, with whom Netanyahu worked at the Boston Consulting Group in the 1970s, told AIPAC in March. (Romney, Netanyahu suggests, may have overstated the tie. “I remember him for sure, but I don’t think we had any particular connections,” he tells me. “I knew him and he knew me, I suppose.”)


  5. He not only let Israel know America will continue to support them, but he put the Middle East on notice.

    I think the muslims were offended…..again.

        1. Dat doesn’t mean you shouldn’t poke ’em in the eye also from time to time. We can’t keep appeasing them. Can you think of any good results from the appeasement of those with destructive/evil tendencies?

          What I truly despise about Islam is it’s murder of freedom. I’ve never heard of Mormans cutting anybody’s head off. Never saw a Morman suicide bomber. Can anyone name the last Christian who blew him or herself up taking others with?

          I realize you’re just trying to stimulate conversation and I completely agree with you. These Muslim loons are angry all the time. They seethe like babies teethe. Further stimulus is not needed. That is why that extra poke in the eye works.

          Much like a spoiled child seeks to further wrap that parent around their finger with that willing wilting parent falling right into line, the wise parent draws the line, removes the privileges and stands ground. The parent that doesn’t demand respect gets walked on and on and on.

          In this contest, Romney is the adult. Islam the children. Obama, their schoolyard playmate.

          1. Thanks for the response Rshill7, I get ya.

            I think of obama as the merry-go-round at the muslim kiddie playground.

            I sometimes like to poke my finger in the eye of people who are stuck lefty group think, especially those who are perpetually offended and I think it’s great that Romney gave them some extra pig slop to snack on.

            However, I wasn’t criticizing Romney and my comment didn’t have enough context to explain my meaning. I didn’t mean to insult NYGino though, which I think I did after reading it again.

            1. Insulted?, me? No way toon. Meanings can be easily misread when conversation is written, we have no voice inflections to shade our words. Besides, known you a long time, know where you’re coming from. As they say, ‘it’s all good’

                1. Just saw that movie advertised on the cable teevee. Had to bring up that scene, because I’m a trouble maker or something.

          2. Remember the Goal of Islam Is World Domination; it doesn’t matter what they say, how they act, Because in the Koran you can LIE TO THE INFIDEL, THE NON-MUSLIM. They start by going into a country then then they set up mosks (spelling) then when people complain they say why are you discriminating against us. Why is it when we want to teach children about Islam they are aloud to go into schools and preach about Islam but Oh,no we can’t have Christian pray. Why is they have to have a place to wash their feet and pray But a Christian Can’t wear a Cross (which by the way was never Revered on after the death of JC). Why is that they have to have a place to pray…..This Is Being Forced On God Loving Christians and Jews! This the only way they can take over a country! If Americans don’t wake up ad realize that Islam has No Place in American Culture We Will Dimi’s.

        1. LOVE that man. He is soooo right. Although, I think the site should be called “frog march teh usurper off to jail”. No impeachment necessary with an illegal alien squatter.

      1. I think they’re offended by their own presence. When your whole life is engulfed with hatred and killing you have to a very low opinion of yourself and those around you who are the same way.

        1. Actually, I think most muslim men have a very high opinion of themselves. They are full of themselves, actually.

  6. I appreciated Romney naming the capitol of Israel — Jerusalem– and I also appreciated Romney acknowledging Israel’s ancient existence and return to her land. I felt we had a leader who feels a love and kinship to our great and necessary allie Israel.

    1. Just finished reading your comment history, you are certainly a welcome addition to The Right Scoop. Glad you found us.

      1. Thank you, that was very kind of you to say.
        I do like to comment when I have the time. It is important that Conservatives comment on the different sites to countereact what all the propaganda out in the media.

  7. The Israelis have figured out when Obama is lying, when his mouth is moving. No nuance needed nor attempted with our current arrogant Marxist in Chief.

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