Krauthammer: Ron Paul’s misunderstanding of history is simply staggering

Krauthammer cites a comment from the last debate where Ron Paul argued that we should pick up the phone and call Iran just as Kennedy did with Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Yet Krauthammer says it didn’t happen that way at all and proceeds to recite what did happen and finishes by saying that Ron Paul’s misunderstanding of history is simply staggering:

It’s really true that Ron Paul’s misunderstanding of history and even the present is sometimes completely false. Yesterday I posted a video where Ron Paul was citing Palestinian propaganda to substantiate his view that Israel had no right to put up a blockade around the Gaza Strip:

I think it’s absolutely wrong to prevent people that are starving and having problems that are almost like in concentration camps and saying “yes we endorse this whole concept that we can’t allow ships to go in there in a humanitarian way”.

I think it’s just terrible and I don’t think we should be part of it. Even though if we weren’t involved I would say nothing. So I think this would be a perfect opportunity to argue the case that, you know, “Israel, if you want to do this, you’re on your own. We’re not backing you up!”

We know this to be patently false yet this is what Ron Paul believes. It is as if he has to change his view of history and the present to fit his nutty isolationist foreign policy.

This is exactly why he won’t win the primary and Krauthammer is correct in saying that this is why he isn’t being attacked by others running for POTUS. He isn’t seen as a threat.

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