Krauthammer slams Panetta for attacking Israel over no peace process

Panetta blamed Israel for no peace process this weekend, saying that Israel must “get it self to the damn table”. Krauthammer said that’s both egregious and Orwellian, and reflects the hostility of this administration toward Israel:

This is egregious. It is really blaming the victim. The Israeli government, the Likud government, has accepted a Palestinian state, the first time in the history of Likud. … The Israelis have been ready for unconditional negotiations and Abbas, the president of the Palestinians, has put up all kinds of conditions, has refused to go to the table, and has said openly…that he isn’t going to lift a finger or make any concessions whatsoever to Israel because Obama and the US will deliver Israel.

So for the Secretary of Defense to go out and to say the process is dead because of Israel is egregious, it’s kind of Orwellian, and it tells you about the animus and hostility of this administration which the Israelis are feeling.

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