LarryO goes fishing for OWS police brutality story, reels in a nice old rubber boot

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell interviewed this apparently random Occupy Oakland protester last night, obviously hoping she would provide him with a first-hand account of blatant police brutality.

Instead, she gave him a big fat nothingburger.

O’Donnell asked her if the protesters were aware that the police would use tear gas on them if they didn’t disperse. Her answer: “Yes.” He then asked if the protesters did, in fact, throw bottles and rocks at the police anyway even after this warning. Her answer again: “Yes.”

A Kent State moment this most certainly was not. Nice try though, LarryO.

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40 thoughts on “LarryO goes fishing for OWS police brutality story, reels in a nice old rubber boot

  1. I’m sure eventually the WACKO OWS people will push things to more violence and even stage a fake incident somewhere to get that “KENT STATE MOMENT”,i.e an act of police brutality with a suposedly innocent victim for the MSM to play up and attempt to get public sympathy! We should all be ready to denounce such fakery when it happens and inform our neighbors,what’s really going on.

  2. Occupy Oakland

    Warn protestors of their law violation and ask them to leave peacefully – Check.
    Have bottles being thrown at you – Check
    Have rocks being thrown at you – Check

    Break the law – Check
    Hurl glass bottles at law enforcement – Check
    Throw rocks at law enforcement – Check
    Get tear gas and rubber bullets – Deserved.

  3. Doesn’t this fool have a staff to do at least an iota of research prior to televising an opinion show on national TV? Another useful idiot who, when the communists are eventually reduced to a whimper, we hopefully will no longer hear from.

  4. Ill bet you anything, there was a producer intervening after the question about the appropriateness of the police, telling her what to say via the ear thing, hence the very unenthusiastic and stuttering response, because she clearly wasn’t giving them what they wanted.

  5. There are very few people I can say that I honestly despise, bordering hate. Lawrence O is one of those.

  6. The most telling and disturbing part of this whole clip to me is when he says, “I hope you can stay safe down there.” It shows that he, MSNBC and the MSM on a whole is not even trying to hide its complete complicity with the socialists.
    Let’s see, don’t throw bottles and rocks at the police who are trying to uphold the law then they won’t do as they warned you. Perhaps that is the advice he should have given this nut job.
    I, for one, hope the police can stay safe down there.

  7. That’s priceless- A news show host telling a protester in a movement to overthrow capitalism and admitting that the group was nearly rioting by throwing bottles at police to “stay safe”…..this is bizarro world.

  8. OH MY!!!!!!….IT TALKS….WHAT THE HELL IS IT……oh i see its a ows dim-wit…i for a moment thought it was a can of bog food… bad….

  9. Omg, I wish they would’ve shown the face of larry, the commie psycho path when she said they threw bottles!

    LoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL 🙂

    Nice work larr, you f in freak! Haha Hehe

  10. Somehow the interviewee didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with the crowd throwing rocks and bottles at the police.

    Also, the interviewee didn’t state what she’s majoring in at college.
    Street rioting, or marxist indoctrination, or anarchy?

    1. Sadly that is exactly what is being taught and will continue to be as long as we have people like billy ayers, a traveler with odonnel, influencing what the curriculum is.

  11. Larry O is not a good lawyer. Know the answer before you ask it. I guess since she was a Libral, she should lie about the circumstances and give Larry O the green light to condemn the Police. Facts got in his way. Rocks and bottles thrown at Police in full riot gear should not be responded to by tear gas and stun grenades. That ups the ante from take the cursing and being spit upon to a new level. What do you think the police should have to endure by these people in this and other situations? It makes the hair on the back of my kneck stand up.

    1. It makes my middle finger stand up…and my trigger finger take notice.

      Disclaimer : It’s a little joke. I might not even have a trigger finger. I will admit to having a middle finger though.

      1. I am ex-cop as well as retired politian and can shoot with either trigger finger and can shoot with both middle fingers up. Meet me at a practice range and I wil gladly train you. I think you would not take more than a few minutes to get the hang of it.

  12. I’ll have a nothingburger with a side of distracted, please. Hold the ‘having a point.’ Thanks.

  13. If a tea party guy flicks a cigarette on the ground they’d have slow motion video of it playing 24 hrs. straight. Imagine if Tea Party People were flinging bottles and rioting like that, I would say Michael “50 mil in the bank, I’m not the 1%” Moore would be on a sequel of his documentary entitled “Tea Party Death Squads Killing Handicap Gay Muslim Women in Cold Blood PART II”. It is left media in this country is stunning.

  14. Has to be tough for the LEO’s they have to sympathize with the rule of law, the general public and their unions. The occupiers don’t give a crap about anything but themselves.

    1. if you look at crazy larry real close you can see the shadows of little beings walking around behind his eyes,i believe mining rock from the tools they carry

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