Lauber family disputes Romney hit piece by WAPO

UPDATE: Check out this piece from Breitbart that notes more inconsistencies in the WAPO hit piece, including that one of the main storytellers is a Democrat voting for Obama. WAPO also left out a glowing portrayal of Romney by another one of his friends that they mentioned in the piece.


The family says that the WAPO story is “factually inaccurate” and is very unhappy John is being used for political gain (h/t: Twitchy):!/matthewbjaffe/status/200787445808250880!/matthewbjaffe/status/200787782736687106!/matthewbjaffe/status/200792756468191232!/matthewbjaffe/status/200793341061890048

The family wouldn’t say what exactly as factually inaccurate, just that it was.

Also, Obama did illegal drugs in high school and college, enthusiastically:

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29 thoughts on “Lauber family disputes Romney hit piece by WAPO

  1. Once more the stunning double standard of the Propaganda Dept. of the Democratic Party is exposed. Not to their sheeple, of course.

  2. I knew this might happen one day, when I would not only pity Romney for what he has to go up against with the Obama smear machine(the media being a major part of that) but would feel the need to defend him with the same passion I did Newt. That day has come…

      1. So true, he is like a family member, it is o.k. if we talk crap about him, but by God, if anyone else does… they are toast!! Ahhh the modern day disfunctional family. Sigh, I still miss Newt though, don’t you?

        1. Yep. Kinda’ like terrorizing your little brudder or older sister. That’s all well, good and proper, but God help the one that tries to supplant my big brudder terrorism!

          Have a great weekend Nib!!! Thanks again for liking me. Dittos 🙂

          Gotta go mow some acreage and play with “Boaty”! That’s his Christian name…Boaty. His Eskimo name is Alucaneat (all you can eat). He’s my very bestest pal…next to my very bestest gal of course.

          Va,va, va, varooooooom!

          1. LOL! Have great weekend! er-can Boaty/Alucaneat come over to play at my house?? ; )

  3. We should assume anything coming from Zero and his crime syndicate is a lie, unless proven otherwise. That would include his faith and birthplace. I highly doubt those are the two exceptions when he’s telling the truth.

  4. This is really such a silly thing to even be focusing on. It reeks of desparation.

  5. I will show some interest in Romney’s high school history only AFTER the MSM starts doing background stories with facts and documents on Maobama.

  6. Yeah, I saw that and I am glad they did and there really isn’t anything more to say.

    Mitt needs to publicly thank them.

  7. This just in!

    When Romney was between the ages of 1 and 10 months, he pooped in his pants several times per day, and apparently showed no remorse whatever. Not only this, his purported first words were “goo goo, gay gay”.

    When he was two he once stuck his tongue out at a Priest. Investigative reports are coming in fast and furious on all this. Stay tuned, I’m workin’ on a source who says Romney was caught with his shoes on the wrong feet as late as the age of three and called one of the family’s housekeepers, “fatty”. Guess what she was? That’s right, a woman. Romney, you deserve a spankin’!

    So, go out and spank the livin’ shiite out of O’!

      1. Uh huh. Check this out. Jesse Jackson, Rev Al, Holder, and those precious Panthers. “Black Ops.” I know, right? Shhhhh 🙂

          1. Sure, it slightly resembled a salmon and I was just about to release it…right into my mouf, so it could swim downstream…into my belly…but one of them DNR dudes appeared on the horizon so I put it in the water, swatted it’s little bottom and sent him on his way.

            Oooh, I missed the best part, as I was lifitng him to my mouf, he said, “Hey! I’m a bass!” That caught my attention, so I said, “Sue me, if the big bass didn’t eat the little bass we’d be up to our ass in bass.” Well, that exposed some sensitive issues between he and his mother and…Aaahahahaha!

    1. Aren’t these criminal records supposed to be expunged when a child reaches the age of two?

      1. Good point sir. That ‘shoes on the wrong feet at the age of three’ story should be expunged. That might be why the picture of the little cutie had both feet blacked out.

        Have you ever had your feet redacted? Me too! 🙂

        1. This would explain why the TSA held the 18 month old tot, who was on the ‘no fly’ list. She obviously had an extensive rap sheet of potty terrorism, without remorse.

      1. Thanks Nibbles… 🙂

        “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”
        (Proverbs 17:22 KJV)


  8. Let me get this straight: The media dug up something that supposedly happened almost 50 years ago, it happened when Romney was legally a child and the supposed victim is dead and therefore can’t corroborate the account. Now the dead “victim’s” family is saying that it never happened?

    This is the same media that just can’t find one shred of information about Obama’s entire college career?

    1. You got it completley straight…wait, that might be construed as an anti-homosexual sentence….nevertheless, your statement is wise and spot on!

  9. Romney could decimate Hussein Obama with less than a dozen ads on his background and illegal actions as President. He will not. State Republican parties were running Rev Wright ads early in the run ups to the 2008 primaries and McCain shut them down.

    Exposing Hussein Obama, exposes the corrupt DC political system and complicit media that put him in and let him stay, unchallenged.

    Kabuki theater.

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