Laura Ingraham RIPS Trump on China tweets!

This morning Trump tweeted about China again, perhaps hoping to lift the stock market out of it’s freefall.

Here’s what he had to say:

Laura Ingraham didn’t seem that crazy about either tweet, first mocking the tweets about Fentanyl:

A few minutes later she ripped into Trump’s tweet about President Xi:

As we’ve documented here, President Xi is currently waging war against the Christian church in China, burning Bibles and shutting down churches. He’s also waging a war against other faiths as well, as he apparently as a god-like view of himself as China’s new totalitarian dictator.

But we also know that Trump will kiss anybody’s butt to make a deal. We saw him do this publicly with Kim Jong Un and I believe he’s doing the same thing with Xi Jinping. It was disgusting to hear him laud compliments on the N. Korean dictator and, while he hasn’t gone that far with Xi, he does sound awfully naive in his tweet this morning.

Ingraham’s point is a good one, but I doubt Trump will listen because he’s trying to make a deal and apparently he doesn’t really care how he sounds in that context.

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