Laura Ingraham: Tea party success is the only reason spending cuts are even being discussed

Laura Ingraham really stomps Matt Lauer in this interview, and it’s a pleasure to watch. As usual, Lauer came prepared with little more than White House talking points and intellectual-looking reading glasses – and he was no match for Ingraham.

Ingraham points out that the only reason spending cuts are even part of the equation in the debt ceiling negotiations is because of the success of Republicans last November – and more specifically, the tea party movement. If the Democrats still controlled the House, they would have already raised the debt ceiling (for the fourth time already on Obama’s watch, by the way) and spending cuts would be out of the question altogether. That much is clearly indisputable. And yet, Lauer continues to insist that somehow the onus is on the Republicans to compromise with the voter-rebuked Democrats and the President by raising taxes on corporate jet owners, or something.

Via Fox Nation:

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