Laura Loomer BUSTED for suggesting DeSantis denied her gun ownership in Florida

I don’t know what it is with some of these Trump people like Laura Loomer, but they just continue to lie about DeSantis and get fact-checked by Twitter’s Community Notes.

In this case, it’s Laura Loomer claiming that DeSantis denied her conceal carry permit in Florida, and the suggestion is that it’s over her political views.

For context, Loomer was responding to a guy accusing her of trying to destroy people’s lives just because they support DeSantis. I won’t post the entire thread, but just the last part:

Burk makes really good points, especially about people like Loomer liking DeSantis until he decided to run.

Loomer then responded in all caps, feigning outrage over being denied a permit to conceal carry because she can’t own a gun and blaming it on DeSantis.

But Loomer got slapped with a Community Note what she’s suggesting here about DeSantis is simply not true.

First of all, they point out that “The Governor does not make the decision to approve or deny the eligibility to own and possess a firearm.” That’s true and incredibly obvious. His name is on the letter because he’s the governor!

They link to a few other Florida sites regarding qualifications and such, but also a website that has debunked her claim.

In short, Loomer’s name is in the NICS system and that’s why she was denied gun ownership. Is it fair? We don’t know, but it has nothing to do with DeSantis:

Misbar’s analysis finds Loomer’s claim that her political beliefs are the reason why she has been banned from owning a gun to be false. After applying for a Florida concealed carry permit and being denied, Loomer posted a photo of her denial letter on her website:

She goes on to claim she has never been convicted of a felony or of domestic violence, and has never been deemed mentally unfit. Nonetheless, her name appears on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) as not cleared to purchase a firearm. The FBI’s website lists several ways a person’s name can wind up on the list including misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence, being under indictment, and the vaguely titled category of “state prohibitor.” A state prohibitor is a specific state’s reason for adding a person to the NICS.

Loomer has faced arrest and possible convictions in several cases. In 2017 she was arrested for public disturbance after storming on stage during a theater production of “Julius Caesar.” She is accused of jumping the fence to Nancy Pelosi’s California home, and climbing the fence to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s home while wearing a sombrero.

While Loomer posted proof that she had been denied, there is no proof that the denial has anything to do with her political beliefs.

Misbar gives the claim a ‘FAKE’ rating. Again, we don’t know why she was denied, but trying to use this against DeSantis is just ludicrous and proves she’s not an honest person.

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