Law of the Sea Treaty, is your Senator supporting it?

Some things never die, including the Law of the Sea Treaty.  Negotiated in the 70s, LOST is back and according the Obama administration, more essential than ever.

Heritage writes:

The Obama Administration is pushing for accession to the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), which would expose the United States to baseless environmental lawsuits, including suits based on alleged U.S. contributions to global climate change. Accession would also require the U.S. to transfer billions of dollars in oil and gas royalties generated on its continental shelf to UNCLOS member states, particularly landlocked states and states that are the least developed.

The U.S. does not need to join the convention in order to access oil and gas resources located on its extended continental shelf (ECS), the Arctic, or the Gulf of Mexico. Instead, it can and should use bilateral treaties with neighboring countries to demarcate the limits of its maritime and continental shelf boundaries.

The Heritage Foundation has some great information on the treaty.  If you’re interested in learning more, I recommend starting here and here.

According to the National Center for Public Policy Research, the treaty is all about redistribution of resources.  LOST was in part, birthed out of the New International Economic Order whose agenda was to establish, ““fairer” terms of trade and development financing for the so-called under-developed and developing nations.” Clifford D. May of National Review explains:

The “Nixon, Ford, and Carter administrations had all gone along with it,” Rumsfeld noted, before it landed on the desks of President Reagan and then–British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Both were adamant in their opposition, seeing it as a “sweeping power grab” by international bureaucrats seeking to create “the largest mechanism for the worldwide redistribution of wealth in human history.”

In sum, LOST is bad news.  Bad news for the energy industry, the economy and national sovereignty.  So why are we still short the requisite 34 votes needed to kill ratification of the treaty?  This is where you come in.  Due to public pressure, the list of Republican Senators either pledging support of LOST or yet to confirm a stance has dwindled to sixteen fifteen. Time to pick up the phone and ask your Senator to oppose ratification. The following is the list of GOP Senators who have yet to confirm they will vote “no” to ratification of LOST , their D.C. office phone numbers and Twitter handles:

Heritage and other sources indicate Senator Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations, is considering moving LOST during the lame duck window.  It only takes two minutes to make a phone call.  Senator McConnell said, “I don’t support it, of course, and I don’t think it will pass.” Sources also indicate Senator Corker is close to changing his vote.  But let’s make sure LOST is dead in the water.


Keep up the good work.  The Hill is reporting Senator Johanns is no longer supporting LOST, meaning only three more “no” votes are necessary to kill ratification.



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50 thoughts on “Law of the Sea Treaty, is your Senator supporting it?

  1. I’m sending all Senators on this list a very valid question!!!


  2. I’m sure my dear senator D!ck Durbin is supporting it. He’s for everything I’m against and vice versa. I’ll stop now before I have to self-redact.

  3. Enzi, Collins, Cochran, and Graham face re-election in 2014. They are people that can be persuaded to vote no, because they don’t want freedom works or Tea Party Express helping an insurgent candidate against them in a primary. If this thing passes, the opposition will be bi-partisan among gun owners, and they will be mad mad mad.

    It should be noted that Ayotte was a Palin endorsed candidate from NH, so if she goes wobbly there will be a lot of explaining to do. In that race she could have endorsed Ovide Lamogntagne who was being supported by DeMint and his Senate conservatives fund.

    Lugar is a lost cause. He will vote yes just to spite us. Same with Murkowski, she will reason that Alaskans are to dumb and uninformed to pay attention. McCain is a wildcard. I would think Portman should be one to hound to, especially if he is picked to be VP.

    Manchin in WV is a Democrat, but since this is a gun issue I would think he can be persuaded to vote no. Tester in MT may be a lame duck senator if he is defeated. I would think he would vote yes out of spite, probably depends if he still wants to live in MT if this thing passes.

    1. There is a UN Firearms treaty that Hillary signed and Obama is pledged to sign that WILL PO the gun owners, but not so much the LOST. But gun owners will probably be quite upset just because this (LOST) is such a stinking bad idea as well.

  4. If you needed to know anything really important about the LOST…the key line was, “Reagan and then–British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Both were adamant in their opposition, seeing it as a “sweeping power grab” by international bureaucrats seeking to create “the largest mechanism for the worldwide redistribution of wealth in human history.”
    No two world leaders did more to stomp out communism and socialism than Reagan and Thatcher! LOST is meant to cost the US its sovereignty and I believe Odumbo is counting on doing that…especially when he looses the election. I fully believe that Odumbo is exactly like an angry, spoiled child when he is told no… only instead of breaking a toy, he will do his best to break this nation by selling out our sovereignty.

  5. Many of these are either retiring or not up for re-election until 2014. Only a couple are out in 2012 – I guess they are hoping that we will have forgotten about this in a couple years.

    If anyone is from MA, Scott Brown needs to have a talking to.

  6. I will make these phone calls, pronto.

    I don’t want the UN in charge of anything in our country let alone our water supply.

  7. Just called Senator Portman’s office. His staff said he has not issued a statement one way or another about the treaty. However, he is very concerned about the language in the treaty and very much opposed to any treaty that would erode the sovereignty of our nation. They have received many calls about this treaty, all with the same sentiment, “NO”.

    1. Hmmm. Wonder what he thinks will happen to our sovereignty with his Global Conservation Act of 2012. It’s an Agenda 21 type proposal from my understanding (I posted the RedState link above)

  8. Those of you reading this whose Senators are still on the list….please make that call for America and for those of us with Left-wing Democrat Senators who have no hope at all. Please make that call!

  9. I wonder why it is that the United Nations reminds me of all the corrupt Unions around this great nation. Oh. I know. Unions are never for their membership. They are only in it for the power-grabbing, money-laundering, corrupt-dealings that cause most of the problems of our economy.

    The UN is nothing like this, right? Almost every program that you look at dealing with the UN and money/power, you will see corruption. Nothing the UN does should be agreed to by the US. They want the money, they want the power, and they want to suppress any Western, free-thinking, US-supporting country such as Israel and Great Britain.

    All we have to do is look at who supports this treaty and we see that something has to stink – Graham, McCain, Snowe, Collins, Murkowski. Even Ayotte and Brown have turned out to be huge disappointments. I’m sick of of our own representatives willing to sell us out in a heartbeat.

    It’s time for big changes in November. Changes we can really believe in.

  10. Anything Kerry is for is bad for the country. I use to live in TN and Alexander is not a conservative. He is a Rino of the worst sort. Plays to conservatives and then votes left on a lot of issues. Corker being for LOST is surprising. I am not from Ohio but if Portman wants to be the VP he better be against the LOST. I will only lean so far holding my nose and vote for Romney.

      1. Oh my gosh, thanks for the info. Romney makes a big mistake if he does not pick a conservative for VP. I know that Levin says vote for an orange can over O but I really do not like voting for the lesser of two evils all the time. I have not been to Redstate for a while I must get back to checking it out on a regular basis again.

  11. Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that Obama wants to destroy this nation? It’s not fair so he wants to give everything to the poor people here and to the poor nations around the world. Liberal voters will fall for this hook, line and sinker. When the economy collapses they will not have a clue as to why because the rich have bottomless pockets and are robbing the poor…..and they will believe Obama when he says the rich are causing the destruction intentionally because they are greedy and don’t want to share.

    The left is so anti-American and anti-Constitution that it makes me wanna puke. Hey, big sis, put me on your extremist militarism watch list you ignorant B. Trying to save the Constitution is not treasonous, but what you (big sis) and Obama are doing IS!

    1. Has he paid the taxes due on the yacht he bought and registered in Rhode Island to avoid Mass. taxes?

      1. LOL, I forgot about that! Didn’t he say he was just docking it in RI for repairs? They are such hypocritical liars.

          1. Now, now NYGino, he broke his nose playing hockey don’t ya know. I just tried the search engines for “John Kerry nose job” and almost nothing comes up. They have really kept it under wraps.
            One thing kept popping up, “John Kerry nose job? Post your resume here.” Very odd. Geuss they want to know who has the nerve to doubt his story!

            1. Did he apply for another Purple Heart? I’m sure, according to him, it must have been a residual trauma from his time in Viet Nam. PTND, post traumatic nose disorder.

  12. And John McCain is the most Obvious. What a ludicris bunch of RINOS and hypocrites.

    There’s your menu folks. Those are the ones to vote out of office in the next cycle. What idots they are.

    1. Senator Isakson is not on the DeMint letter but has stated on Twitter and the MSM that he will not vote on the LOST treaty. That should make the whip count 32 He tweeted this on July 11th:


      Johnny Isakson ‏@SenatorIsakson

      Johnny voted “No” on LOST in 2007, and he will vote “No” again if it comes up for a vote in Committee or before the full Senate.

  13. I’m from California, so without even reading the story, the answer is YES my Senator is supporting it.

      1. Moderate doesn’t begin to describe this jack***.

        He actually yelled at me a number of years ago when I pointed out how horrible many illegal men treated women and that they weren’t medically screened. He is total amnesty. He is nasty and he supports amnesty hence these other two nicknames for her…I mean him:
        Grahamnesty and GrahamNASTY.

  14. Senator Portman and Senator Ayotte, two whose names have been kicked around as possible VP choices, are vascillating on LOST? You’ve got to be kidding me. How can ANY GOP Senator be for ratification of LOST?

    1. Murkowski is technically a Democrat. She showed idiotic tendencies from the onset.

    1. I agree though I would guess that every dem not up for election will support their Chairman Mao

  15. None of my commie senators are on the list but I am going to call a few anyway because I do donate to campaigns.

    Thanks to RS for alerting me.

    1. I contact them All just because they are endangering our sovereignty with these treaties. Iran is part of negotiating this gun treaty! I send them all this…

  16. Of course the RINO Lugar who just got voted out in his Primary is on this list. Yes, I believe a phone call or 10 is in order. November can’t get here soon enough. Thanks for posting this Scoop. It’s always interesting watching how the old guys think they can still get away with this crap.

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