Lawyer for Osundairo Bros CALLS OUT Jussie Smollett for LYING to the public!

The lawyer for the Osundairo bros. spoke out about Jussie Smollett and said that he needs to man up and tell the truth to the American public.

Watch below:

She seems kinda funny. I mean, I don’t know about a lawyer who says that her clients don’t need immunity because they’re telling the truth. Uhm, they still cooperated in a scheme to mislead the police, right? IN any case, it’s clear that the bros are selling out Jussie Smollett, and I can’t wait to see the fireworks from that!!

Of course, Smollett is denying everything:

Awesome!! Keep fighting, homie! LOL!!

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27 thoughts on “Lawyer for Osundairo Bros CALLS OUT Jussie Smollett for LYING to the public!

  1. LMAO! Oh the hypocrisy. Smollett’s lawyer said, “Like any other citizen, Mr. Smollett enjoys the ‘presumption of innocence’.” Liberals enjoy the presumption of innocence, free speech and the fifth amendment when it applies to them, but the opposite applies to conservatives.

  2. Presumption of innocence? Your client publicly accused the President for his attack that he staged….
    Fkn criminal/demoncrat… Get that evidence take it to trial… phone and bank records.
    Dont forget the Federal Charges for mailing that substance filled h8 letter.

  3. I love the statement by his legal team: ““Like any other citizen, Mr. Smollett enjoys the presumption of innocence, particularly when there has been an investigation like this one where information, both true and false, has been repeatedly leaked.”

    This is Capt. Obvious stuff here… but funny how The Left wants the “presumption of innocence” but never seems to offer to those who are not in their cult. Kavanaugh. Catholic boys. And NOW they’re concerned about “leaked” information? Ugh.

  4. Sure. The leftist lying POS wants his presumption of innocence to be taken for granted, but his smearing of Trump supporters, Trump himself, and rednecks wearing MAGA hats was taken at face value at the speed of light! Despicable.

  5. Yeah, I’m sure they don’t care about immunity. It had nothing to do with them coming clean. Weren’t they on the way out of the country?

  6. I love the response from Smollet’s attorney, stating that they are going to “conduct a thorough investigation”. Because 12 detectives, the FBI, and US Postal Inspectors haven’t already done that, right? Good luck with that.

  7. In addition to the obvious things he needs to be charged with, Jessie Smelly also needs to be charge with insulting everyone’s intelligence for fabricating such an incredibly stoopid story.

    Everyone’s intelligence except Democrats of course, those morons believed it. Pretty tough to insult the intelligence of people who have none…..

  8. Well he’s not wrong. I’ll still give him the presumption of innocence.

    But it also ain’t wrong to point out that the cards ain’t exactly coming up aces for the guy.

  9. This actor is only causing himself more problems by denying the obvious, it is entertaining in a way by being so ridiculous but he is not going to win this.

  10. She reminds me of a female Chicago version of ‘My Cousin Vinnie’.They make terrible tv sitcoms with characters like her but there’s an unvarnished realness to her unlike most lawyers that get involved in these kinds of cases, I’m not sure if she’ll be much help to her clients but I kind of like her!

  11. This attorney sounds like a 15 year old.

    I had never heard of this actor or his show before this incident.

  12. I’m old enough to remember when Jussie told us all about how he “fought the f*** back”.

    Yeah. Good times.

  13. Jussie has to turn himself in before his bail hearing tomorrow at 1:30 pm. Let’s see if he ever backs down before his trial.

  14. I can`t understand why Black 2 Men agreed to play the Part of Racists warring Red Caps . I don`t get it^$#^&^??

  15. “Mr. Smollett enjoys the presumption of innocence”

    To the court & the law he does…not from public opinion AFTER the facts are leaked out. ESPECIALLY when this oxygen thief painted everyone that supports Trump as party to a hate crime! I’m really hoping it’s proven he sent that fake letter too. He’ll be passed around the federal pen like he’s a form of currency to the hardcore criminals.

    Throw the book at this fraud

  16. Hollywood producers are climbing all over each other, fighting for the movie rights to the story.

    The big question: Will Jussie be out in time to play himself?

  17. He should go away for a long time…the max. The sentences for crimes these days, appear to be pretty much nil, unless you are on the right. So I’m thinking he doesn’t even make it to jail…

  18. You just know his defense starts and ends with trying to get the two Nigerian brothers in jail instead of himself.

    Cause that’s the kind of standup fellow Smollet is.

  19. State Attorney and BFF with Kamala Harris, Kim Foxx, recused from the case.. wonder why..
    Time’s Up CEO resigned 2 days ago. Harris and Smollett’s met at Time’s Up rallys..

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