Lawyer who gave us the phony Russia Collusion hoax announces plans to get Republican House members removed because January 6th

Marc Elias, the lawyer representing both Hillary Clinton and the DNC who gave us the phony Russia collusion hoax, has announced Democrat plans to get Republican House members removed from office over the Capitol riot on January 6th:

This is why Democrats continue to insist that this was an insurrection when it was absolutely not. Remember Pelosi calling it an armed insurrection? Come to find out there were no weapons at all according to the FBI. Which we all knew from the beginning.

If January 6th was an insurrection, it was the worst one in history. Who tries to invade and steal power without weapons??? We all know it was nothing more than a riot. But ‘riots’ don’t fit Section 3 of the 14th amendment, so it must be called an insurrection.

Democrats know they can’t win next year, so they will try to do as much damage as possible to Republicans with another phony scandal in order to minimize their losses in November. Now you know why Pelosi’s hack January 6th committee wanted to talk with Jim Jordan. He’s on the list.

Here’s a few responses to this:

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