“Leave our health care system alone!” – Elderly nursing home lady gives Kamala Harris the BUSINESS

I’m sure this went in one ear and out the other, but this elderly nursing home patient tells Kamala Harris to leave the health care system alone:

“Who’s gonna pay for it?” This lady gets right to the nub of the problem!

She goes on to tell Kamala to leave her health care alone, saying “we don’t want you to mess with it”. But Kamala basically gives her a pat on the head and says she won’t be messing what the health care this lady has – which we all know isn’t true.

Kudos to this lady for giving Kamala the business. Fat lot of good it will do though…

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46 thoughts on ““Leave our health care system alone!” – Elderly nursing home lady gives Kamala Harris the BUSINESS

  1. “Who’s gonna pay for it?”

    Well, Street-Korner Kammy could go back to her ‘old profession’, and line up a few ‘customers’. How long would it take ‘President Kammy’ to pay for her idiotic plan – one $20 John at a time?

    1. So what has Trump done with their health care system? So far only one party has vowed to destroy the health care system.

  2. “Well see ma’am, that’s really kind of a moot issue for you because the elderly are first up at the death panels.”

    1. They use wood chippers behind the death panel buildings.

      Next to the Soylent Green factory.

  3. “Oh, you dear doddering old woman racked with Ahlsheimers. You just don’t understand due to your illness and age.”

      1. Alert me when a ‘person of color’ hesitates to use their favorite racial slur in reference to a white person.

  4. Camel toes said we will pay for it… Will she have the same healthcare as the rest of us minions will fund.?

  5. Kamala is being disingenuous to our shock. Yes it cost us $18 billion dollars annually for illegal aliens that show up at the emergency rooms. That’s way better than the estimated $65 billion dollars it will cost us if we pay for their insurance plan.

      1. I know someone who’s neighbor is married to a lady from the Philippines. Her brother and wife came to visit. Miraculously he began to experience heart problems once he arrived and went to the county hospital and eventually received a pacemaker at the cost of the good old American tax payers. Remember this was a temporary visitor. The brother returned to the Philippines and the hospital called the brother in law for several months trying to collect. He simply changed his telephone number. End of story. I have no idea what it cost but I’m guessing over $20 thousand minimum.

  6. Kamala Harris is a dullard; she has no interesting thoughts or new ideas that would help anyone. She is a fraud. Harris cannot be POTUS

  7. Unfortunately, it has less impact, because someone old did it. People will write her off as senile, or whatever. Had someone in their 30s – 50s said it, say a Veteran, and someone just as Black as she is (which is to say 50%+), then it would raise more hackles. Health care is not Obama’s job, it’s not Trump’s job, and certainly isn’t that of Congress. She’s never done a good thing in her life. She’s a crooked shyster that the idiots of her stupid, backwards, Hellbound state voted into the AG’s Office, where she persecuted the poor, and actually tried to have a man murdered, by withholding exculpatory evidence that would’ve forestalled his execution. What has Congress done about this – including those sorry Republicans? Not a damned thing, because they’re in on it, with her. They protect their own. She’s shown herself to be nothing more than just another shyster, when she was practicing “law”, she’s shown herself to be a low down, dishonorable dog of a shyster, playing at being a “legislator”,and she’ll become something worse, if she becomes a president.

  8. LOL!!! Whoever is in charge of prepping this idiot woman’s photo-ops needs to be fired and replaced with whoever arranged obama’s photo-ops, because those chicago thugs who orchestrated obama’s campaigns knew what they were doing….but of course, Chicago has experts in lies and corruption.

  9. Kamala is thinking, “Don’t worry you old coot. When I’m done with your healthcare, this place will leave you in a room with a crap filled diaper and a cup of applesauce. And nobody will even know you exist. They’ll just leave you there to die. Mwwahhaaawwww.”

  10. If you like your healthcare you should keep it!..The woman and all these seniors who helped build this country, shouldn’t have to pay a dime and should get the Best of the healthcare there is to offer. Our men and women in the military as well.

  11. And the Democrats will deny the elderly based on “not medically necessary” so there will be no generation left that remembers our great health system.

  12. [[and says she won’t be messing what the health care this lady has]]
    Because you know, “If you like your health care you can keep your health care, and if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”

  13. surprised Kamala didn’t say “I’ll run your concerns by our socialist death panel and see what they have to say about it”

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