Left MELTS DOWN over Ted Cruz joke, so he gives them some advice!

If you do a search for Ted Cruz on Twitter, you’ll find all of these lefty news sites running articles on how Ted Cruz said that if Beto got elected he would ban BBQ in the state.

Here’s a couple examples:

I mean there are tons of tweets like this. It’s ridiculous. In fact I started to do an article on how Ted Cruz triggered the left with a Peta/BBQ joke, but I figured I’d wait to see what happened.

Well now Ted Cruz is responding to these morons on Twitter with some advice and a little mocking:

When @peta protested my town hall—and gave away barbecued tofu—I joked that was because if Beto won, he’d ban BBQ. Lefty commentators and reporters have been melting down, screaming “not true.” Uh, guys, put your trigger warnings down; it’s just a joke!

Here’s the original joke:

He also repeated the joke during some of his campaign stops, which has triggered the left even more.

It’s really quite hilarious that they would make a big deal out of a joke about BBQ. Even the articles they are tweeting call it a joke, but just like the Huffpo tweet above, they make it sound so devious when they say “Ted Cruz FALSELY claims Beto O’Rourke will ban barbecue and Twitter users have a beef with that.”

Ted Cruz really knows how to get in their heads! And I bet that’s especially raw considering the new poll that came out today showing Cruz leads little Beta Blocker by almost 10 points!

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