Leftists and MSM can’t STAND that Elon Musk killed it on SNL. Which makes this ratings news even sweeter.

You know the reason the left and journos hate Elon Musk? Is it his tweets? His mask or vaccine comments? His battles with journalists who try to overhype things for clicks? He’s a green future guy who revolutionized electric cars, employs scientists and IS a scientist. They worship science don’t they?

Related question: Why do they hate Ricky Gervais? Is it because he’s funny? Because he told them off at the Oscars? He’s a liberal and a militant atheist. He’s pro-abort, anti-Catholic. They love those things don’t they?

You can come up with little reasons, and that’s what they do. They come up with those reasons. They look for them. The actively scour for them, like they do with conservatives, digging as far back as they can to find a thing to hate. And do you know why?

Because conservatives LIKE them. They hate Bill Maher for the same reason. They hate their own if their own are liked by the right. That’s it. That’s the reason.

The Musk episode was the TALK of media. Everyone was prepping for it, and millions watched. It could turn out to be one of the biggest in the show’s history, ratings-wise. There were over half a million tweets about Musk Saturday, and nearly half a million about SNL. According to reports it’s up 118% over the John Mulaney episode, the season’s previous watermark.

In early Nielsen ratings – VERY early – the show’s numbers are a 33.3% increase over the last several weeks. And it pulled a 4.8 household rating, which is good in some way I don’t understand.

The buzz was total. The eyeballs were multitudinous. And the fact is, Elon Musk did a great job.

But you won’t hear very many people saying it, especially not on news websites or shows. From The Wrap to the Hollywood Reporter, from the Daily Beast (their sour grapes were especially cringey) to Forbes (so bitter they could barely stand reporting the success, and also why do they get to call it “stilted” knowing he has Asperger’s? Biden’s stutter made him IMMUNE to criticism of his public speaking, remember?), the list goes on in media. There were some semi-positive reviews (always caveated) and some actually positive ones, but mostly they were complaining.

And on Twitter, the same. Griping, sniping, and snooty reviews from lefties. And from the right, too, due to endless complaining about how un-funny SNL sketches are (as if that’s new news).

But Musk was great. Well not GREAT like super talented at acting or a comic timing genius, but he did a great job. Although I would say his monologue was GENIUS for a ton of different reasons.

I reckon some folk here at Right Scoop probably haven’t seen the monologue and don’t care. But check it out. It’s a master class.

He handled critics, was understanding that people don’t love him without being obsequious or sucking up, he was self-deprecating and but not afraid to brag. And he did it while being totally awkward and weird.

That’s how you do it.

Also, I gotta say, even in the unfunny sketches – and by GOSH they were unfunny – he was still pretty funny himself, if you ask me.

Anyway that’s my two cents. I thought it was a big win. Not just for Musk or for SNL, but for everyone who likes pissing off the libs.

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