Lefty caller wishes rape on Dana Loesch

So Dana Loesch has been on the cutting edge of this controversy where Virginia is passing a law that requires that a woman must have an ultra-sound before getting an abortion. The left is outrageously outraged, calling this a rape-law and saying that a trans-vaginal ultrasound is like being raped by the Taliban or something. For much more on the back story on this ‘trans-vaginal rape’ law/controversy, read this. Seriously, read it.

So last week on her radio show, Dana suggested that these women who are outrageously outraged over trans-vaginal ultrasounds being like rape, apparently they didn’t have a problem with a trans-vaginal-like procedure that resulted in their pregnancy. HA! Gotta love Dana for calling them out. Here’s the segment from her radio show. I highly recommend listening to it in full:

Now to our outrageously outraged caller. Brenda called into Dana’s show today (Dana was absent today, which really depressed the caller) after a few minutes into the conversation with the substitute host, she basically said she hoped Dana were raped like the women she’s talking down to.

Here’s the audio:

Gotta love the tolerant/civil left, wishing rape on all their enemies.

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