Let’s talk about why Fox News should be kicked out of the White House – CNN’s Brian Stelter

In an unbelievable segment today, CNN’s Brian Stelter actually suggested that Fox News should be kicked out of the White House because it’s becoming ‘radicalized’ and a ‘political tool’:

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Do these people even hear themselves?

How can Brian Stelter, of all people, accuse another network of being radicalized and of becoming a political tool???? CNN is among the absolute worst when it comes to being a political tool. They were terrible before Trump, but in last four years they’ve lurched so far to the left that they’ve become unwatchable.

This is the kind of garbage that passes for news on CNN these days:

And there are so many examples of CNN’s ‘radicalization’ that I could post here but that would take all day.

But the point is that for CNN, who spent the last four years trying to destroy Trump with everything they could scandalize, to allow this kind of segment calling for Fox News to be banned from the White House press room is preposterous.

Not to mention their guest smugly comparing Fox News reporters to the Proud Boys and Stelter refusing to oppose it. CNN is nothing but a socialist dumpster fire these days.

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