Levin: If Obama seizes congressional power to borrow and spend, he should be impeached

Democrat Chuck Schumer said recently that it is being talked about that Obama should override Congress and borrow more money if Congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling, which Levin says is clearly unconstitutional. Levin goes further to say that if Obama were to actually do this (and he doesn’t believe he will), he should be impeached and Schumer who advocates it should be kicked out of Congress.

On the debt ceiling, Levin implores Republicans to stand firm, noting that Obama has everything to lose including his agenda in this fight over the debt ceiling.

Here are a couple of quotes from this fiery segment:

If Barack Obama attempts to destroy the Separation of Powers doctrine, if he intends to seize Congressional power when it comes to borrowing and spending despite the plain wording of Article 1 Section 8 Clause 2. In other words if he’s going to violate his oath of office…then he needs to be impeached.

Should he attempt to seize explicit Congressional power, we’ve got to make a case that we don’t like dictators in this country and that we will not accept dictators in this country. There’s not even a colorable argument that can be made that justifies the President of the United States seizing for himself the authority to “borrow money on the credit of the United States.” And should Chuck Schumer continue to urge this and should the President do it, then Chuck Schumer should be expelled from the United States Senate when the Republicans take it back over as they will.

Here’s the full segment:

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116 thoughts on “Levin: If Obama seizes congressional power to borrow and spend, he should be impeached

  1. @KenInMontana smoke my hog nazi a$$Hole!  may the socialist From kenya confiscate all your guns , jerk off

  2. This guy is totally drunk on the power of the office – that’s why his use of executive privilege must be examined, and the People must put limits on executive privilege. It’s not supposed to be a magic pill to circumvent our legislature and it’s definitely unconstitutional. Putting your own stooges on the Supreme Court to support your power grab is also not what I would call ethical.

  3. Why can’t we have a president like Mark Levin? Every time we have a problem i listen to Mark.

  4. if the president tries to Override Congress then raise a debt limit and Our Congress does not have the Fortitude to take this president before the Supreme Court for one over writing the constitution and taking powers that were not his it’s also the congresses fault for doing nothing which seems to be the same old routine.


  6. There should be better defined limits on the executive, especially with a##holes like Obama. Impeachment and trial for treason and his group is certainly appropriate. The Constitution is of little consequence to the LEFT. They are calling for anarchy with their choice of ignoring Congress. Nothing but dangerous crooks infest that Dem party.

  7. What are we waiting for? Impeach this guy. The arrogance, the lies, his actions……. this is not a president but a DICTATOR…… an EMPEROR. I have faith in what history taught us about dictators……… they will be taken down, one way or another. A beautiful example is what happened in 1989 to Ceaucescu and his wife Elena. JUSTICE!!!! FREE AMERICA!!!!!! END THE TYRANNY!!! RESTORE THE REPUBLIC !!!

  8. What are we waiting for? Impeach this guy. The arrogance, the lies, his actions……. this is not a president but a DICTATOR…… an EMPEROR. I have faith in what history taught us about dictators……… they will be taken down, one way or another. A beautiful example is what happened in 1989 to Ceaucescu and his wife Elena. JUSTICE!!!! FREE AMERICA!!!!!! RESTORE OUR REPUBLIC!!!!!

  9. I don’t think Obama has ever been very comfortable with the idea of separation of powers, or that he is not all powerful in this government. I would not put it past him if he did try this, but it would be a very grave error on his part.

  10. My favorite bumper-sticker applies here:
    The Trinity of American Freedom: The Declaration, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights…the rest is just rhetoric…

  11. Saw this bumper sticker acronym
    One Big Alinsky Mistake America
    Come up with your own acronym

  12. Saw this bumper sticker acronym
    One Big Alinsky Mistake America
    Come up with your own acronym

  13. I saw a video segment back when Bill Clinton was president. He had been offended by something an emcee said when he was introduced at some meeting. Afterward, he beckoned to the offender and said, “Comere, son.” When the sap walked up, Clinton said, “I’m Bill Clinton. You can’t talk about me that way.”

    The sap said, “Yessir” like a good little sycophant. (He should have said, “Weren’t you listening, meathead? I just did.”)

    Didn’t obama ignore federal court orders ref allowing Gulf drilling after the spill?

    Didn’t obama and/or Napolitano, o’s stooge in DHS, just announce that there would be no prosecution for illegal aliens?

    obama can do anything he wants, because this congress is unwilling to act like the first Continental Congress and do what is necessary.

  14. I can’t imagine Obama increasing the debt limit on his own. It would end his Presidency. The Republicans do control the House and do have the ability to cut off funding. If you don’t have any funds it would be hard to increase the debt.

  15. The Failed President as a leader is destroying America and should resign along with the race baiter Holder for his responsibility in GIVING guns to Mexican criminals. They are both a disgrace and I also believe the GOP will win back the Senate. The Failed President will suffer a major electorial defeat in 2012.

  16. Oh, I’d leave Obama out of this one. He didn’t say anything, Schumer did. Why beat up on him for something he didn’t even do? He’s too smart to fall for such an obvious trap, but if he did, THEN you can light him up, impeach him, and run him out of town on a rail.

    Schumer. Now, that’s another matter.

    On that, you certainly have reason to at least impose censure or otherwise slap his hand. Here you have a member of Congress suggesting that the President should violate the US Constitution? He should be rebuked or even thrown out of office for even suggesting it. It’s madness!

  17. The entire government has proved its lack of credibility. We are in trouble, because greed, corruption, and avarice for power has bent the will of our leadership. They need to be thrown off and our liberties retaken.

  18. The dictator in chief needs a lesson in civics. Something he didn’t get at harvard. I hope we can impeach kagan as well.

    communist sympathizers, both of them.

  19. Everything that I had previously thought that Obama would not have the gall to do he has done. I predict this will be no different. He is getting a free pass because he identifies himself as black and we are too politically correct to impeach our “historic” disaster of a POTUS.

    1. As I tweeted to Barry: “Give it up whitebread”. He is no more a black man than I am an Asian female…

  20. This man shouldn’t have been allowed to even get into the White House. He’s lied about who he is, he’s using a phony social security number, and I don’t believe his college background either. Any person who’s as brilliant as everyone claims, especially with his sick ego would have their grades plastered everywhere. Not him though. I heard he flunked out of Occidental because of drug us and bad grades, and never attended Columbia. Are we sure after 9/11 he’s not a stealth Jihadist. This is what the Muslim Brotherhood says, and they are prominent in Chicago just like Obama’s other friends from the Weathermen.

    “According to an internal, captured document entered into evidence in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas funding trial in Texas, the stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in the US is “a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

    Here is a video from a former FBI agent Larry Grathwohl on the plans of the Weather Underground. Ayers has been to the White House a few times. Obama started his political career in the home of Bill Ayers.


  21. This is a shift in Levin’s thinking. He has been telling people that you have to show “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” So “good luck with that angle,” he would then say (I paraphrase) to any caller who asked about impeachment.

    Does anyone know if “not following the Constitution” is a crime in the US Code? It says in Article VI that the Constitution is “…the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby…,” so it seems pretty darned explicit.

    I understand why Levin feels this way. I’ve been warming to the idea of impeachment for a while now. The growing mass of laws which Obama has ignored has gotten so large that the Declaration’s list against King George is threatened with triviality.

    This country may be unable to tolerate this administration for another eighteen months.

    1. I have a very weird feeling that Obama is not going to make it to the 2012 election. Try as I might I cannot imagine this thin skinned man-child debating and decent Republican, especially if it ends up being Palin. He will step down or pull something out of his a$$. He is doing as much damage as he can in one term. He does not care about reelection. His goals are much more nefarious. Wake up people!

  22. If Obama is committing impeachable offences, but never gets impeached for them, then it’ll incentivise him to do it more, and will incentivise his successors to do the same… unless they’re Conservatives, that is.

  23. If Obama is committing impeachable offences, but never gets impeached for them, then it’ll incentivise him to do it more, and will incentivise his successors to do the same… unless they’re Conservatives, that is.

  24. I think that the 17th Amendment needs to be repealed, big mistake letting senators be elected. They no longer represent the states that they are from. They represent the special interests that got them elected. Obamacare would never have been passed if the states had their fair say in the matter.
    Sorry a little off topic, but since we are talking about the irrelevance of congress and all.

    1. Some radical changes definitely need to be on the table. Radical times call for radical measures.

      1. I would love to see our nation bite the bullet and sweep away all accreted federal legislation in one fell swoop. Start over fresh with the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of The United States of America and the Bill of Rights as the base upon which to build. Hold another Constitutional Convention to address the needed fixes to reflect the “Will of the People” of this nation, for the government is ourselves, not something imposed from outside.
        It will be hard and many will learn first hand about hard work and self reliance as well as personal responsibility…all needed concepts for a citizen to have…

          1. Thank you ma’am…get the word out…for it is “We the People” that make such a decision…We are the power, we rule ourselves, no one rules over us…

  25. I think the Republicans were always going to cave on the debt ceiling deal; so here’s what happened: During Boehner and Obama’s golf game, Boehner told Obama that the republicans couldn’t look weak to it’s base and cave on the debt ceiling issue. They probably conspired and came to the conclusion that the Constitution could be used to spring their joint trap to raise the debt ceiling, increasing federal control of the economy. They worked together and said that there is a little glitch in the 14th that may be misconstrued to benefit the government, allowing more spending without focusing on cuts- which Republicans and Democrats equally despise. This way, the Republicans are off the hook because the President seized power, and the democrats get to fund their entitlement programs. This was a complete setup, and the republicans are going to cave and cop out as the kid that got beat up by the bully.

    1. Nothing would surprise me about these corruptocrats anymore. They all need to be primaried. I can’t wait until they are. The TEA Party continues to grow as it should. Taxpayers are tired of this nonsense and the politicians are seriously misjudging how angry we really are.

      1. Everywhere I go … the hardware, the post office, the liquor store … People are very ANGRY … with BOTH parties! I think Nov. 2012 will be another TSUNAMI…. Voters are warning both parties, but will they listen? HELL NO!! ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ will take them all out in November 2012!! Oh, did I mention, I’m a ‘Tea Party’ Organizer? We WILL take our country back from all the ‘PROGRESSIVES’ (Communists)

  26. Unfortunately, as Levin himself has pointed out several times to callers, who is going to impeach him? We can not count on the current Congress to do it. So far, they have been more than willing to allow his czars and various Departments to usurp more and more of Congress’ powers (and ours, for that matter). Obama may just be bold enough to listen to Schmucky. He has already crossed the line into unconstitutional actions with no repercussions.

  27. The primary symptom of Palin Derangement Syndrome is effusive DENIAL that your cognitive processes are impaired…

    1. Obviously you wouldn’t know a real patriot because she is right in front of you. You believe the MSM and you are afraid of her….maybe b/c she might try to make this country normal again. This is the change we need. Don’t forget to vote for mr a??hole again!

      1. Speaking of cognitive processes being impaired… I appreciate your passion, but recommend you work a little harder on comprehension.

        My comment above is about liberals becoming deranged whenever Palin’s name is mentioned, and their denial that they have become irrational and inappropriately emotional

      2. You mean the same people who were telling us Casey Anthony was guilty are telling us Palin is unelectable?

        I know things can change, but right now, isn’t Obama getting pretty close to unelectable in an honest election? Last poll I saw, 38% thought he should be re-elected and 47% said no. How does he get close to the 52.7% he got last time?

    2. Seems that your cognitive processes are impaired. I have yet to hear her tell any lies. By the way, how’s that Obama hopey changey working out for you?

  28. barack hussain obama is nothing less than a marxist, commie, tyrant who was stupidly elected by stupid people for all the wrong reasons. there are other impeachable acts of bho. problem: congress has NO ‘nads.

    this man is a tyrant, with tyrant ways, deliberately trained to do exactly what he is doing since early childhood, but commie mom and marxists grandparents, pedophile mentor, marxists professors, and rich one world gov controllers. and we were warned. we did not listen. woe!

        1. Yeah, you’re counting continuing a conflict in Libya without Congressional approval, right?

          1. Yep, his time has expired under the War Powers Act, he has already stated he thinks it is unconstitutional and he doesn’t need it or congress’ approval (his opinion on its constitutionality is irrelevant , his job under the document is to execute the laws of the US) if he ignores the act then he has no legal cover, as he will have broken the law by not consulting congress and securing their authorization, he has also blatantly broken his oath of office as well. A fine pickle he has gotten himself into. (Sorry if my reply is a bit jumbled, working graveyard shift so it’s first thing in the “morning” for me)

  29. The Farmers, the military, the Taxes, the economy, the war without Congress approval. He is an elected official he is acting like there is no consequences. What happened to checks and balances.

    1. u fascist right wing $hit heads had nothing to say when your imbecile bush lied us into war and blew the surplus clinton left him with… you’re a bunch of asinine ideologues

        1. Eh, it’s the new age of civility. Hey Allen! Didn’t you get the memo? Obama says we need to be civil. No one’s calling you names. How’s that make you look?

          Who cares, he’s gone anyway. 😉

          1. Don’t worry about Allen. He just shows right thinking Americans what the left is really all about. It’s people like Allen that will make defeating Obama all that much easier.

            So don’t hold back Allen, tell us what you really think.

            1. i really think that you twat heads are the problem, u fascist fucks are the reason the middle class has been destroyed in America… you’re pro-business, pro-free trade, anti-union, anti-worker, greed and profit over workers has systemically destroyed the middle class

        2. Hey giantM,
          Don’t waste you time on this underwear-in-momma’s-basement-useful-idiot

          1. Boy…we all get fire in our pants when a Lib checks in don’t we!? Lol….aaah nothing like reading all the counter strikes and gee…not a word from the accuser!

            Imagine that. Good work folks. Looks our clean-up is complete! Hehe

        1. That comes in right behind using Kennedy together with any references to water or bridges.

          1. “Teddy, Teddy, water we gonna do when the baby comes?”

            “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, Mary Jo.”

        2. you made me spit my drink out, wasn’t prepared for your comment! Loved it, too funny!

        3. you made me spit my drink out, wasn’t prepared for your comment! Loved it, too funny!

      1. Allen,
        Clinton had a Republican Congress led by Newt Gingrich. He did nothing financially without them. As far as Bush lying, there was a joint resolution in Congress to allow the Iraq war. Obama is on his own with the Libyan War.

        Could you please use proper grammar, thanks.

      2. Real classy discourse there buddy. Why don’t you give some specifics rather than regurgitating leftist talking points. Perhaps because you can’t? Try real hard to think for yourself. You can do it. Get off the Democrat plantation.

      3. If bush was impeachable why didn’t the democratic controlled house impeach him? Because this is yet another one of the idiotic liberal idea’s that bush lied us into war with Iraq. Wake up idiot both partys suck

      4. u liberal socialist democrat $hit heads are the true fascists in every sense of the word, trouble is u liberal $hitheads do not understand what a fascist is. By all stretches of imaginations president Bush is light years more intelligent then that arrogant liberal $ithead currently in the white house, speaking of idealogues your post oozes the venim of liberal socialist communist ignorant dumb#hit idealogy

        1. Now I can see why you say George Bush is so much smarter. Who else could get Americans to fight about something that he did? Who else could screw you without vaseline or a glove and make you like it? Find a fool, bump his head. Bush bumped everybody’s head. I see you still can’t see, he bumped yours so good.

      5. First of all, Allen…Bush didn’t lie about anything much less the Iraq War. BTW, Einstein… 111 DEMOCRATS voted for the Iraq War Resolution. Imagine that, Bush went to Congress for BOTH the actions against Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama didn’t even bother doing that for his attack on Libya. I suppose that’s because he is The Messiah, after all. Secondly, it wasn’t Clinton’s actions that left a surplus, it was the Republican led House and Senate that did. Slick Willie reaped the inheritance of their actions simply because he happened to be the President who was dragged to the table. The Republican platform (Contract With America), of course was the driving force. BTW, Allen…the surplus you falsely assign to Clinton was directly tied to the lasting benefits of the Reagan administration, which ushered in 25 years of unprecedented economic growth in the U.S.

      6. when are you stupid liberals going to get it through your small brains that even the democrats thought the intelligence provided that lead us into the war on Iraq was accurate and thats is why the voted FOR it! Second, it was the Republican controlled congress that brought about the budget surplus. Do your homework!!!!

      7. There was no surplus from Clinton’s term, it was simple math and fund manipulation. Do some research before you start blowing your top. The politicians in Washington are employed by the tax payer and they have forgot that simple fact. The government does not make money they only spend our money. It is time they stop wasting it and learn some self control. You wouldn’t let your neighbor buy ten cars in your name and then ask for a home loan when they were already upside down. So why should we allow the corrupt politicians to keep borrowing and spending without repaying? Don’t fool yourself, they won’t use this to pay down the debt.

      8. al,..

        If your lost looking for huff po,..

        try going down on the left,..

        and don’t forget to put your asshat on tight,..

        huff po won’t let you in with out it.

        oh wait,.. I see that you all ready have that on.

      9. Thanks, Allen, for the encouragement. Seriously. It’s nice to know we are accomplishing something, if only ticking you off.

      10. You wouldn’t know a Fascist if they shot you in the face, but that’s neither here nor there (much like you) Good Bye little troll.

      11. You wouldn’t know a Fascist if they shot you in the face, but that’s neither here nor there (much like you) Good Bye little troll.

      12. Mr. Sommerby, you need to go back and check your facts. If Bush lied us into war, then you have to include Congress, the CIA, Colin Powell and the UN. They all were handed the same reports. Then, go back to the Clinton era and get the facts on how he threatened and demanded the banks loan money to everyone that wanted in a house, knowing full well a majority of those receiving loans would not be able to pay for them. Why don’t you talk to some of the people who were gainfully employed and living a decent life under Bush and now are losing everything they had under our Dictator in the WH. How in the world can you call President Bush an imbecile, when what we have in the WH now has never earned a dime running a business, managing a payroll, etc. I would say sir, you are the imbecile for your blindness at what exactly is happening right under you nose.

      13. The surplus that Clinton left us with was at the expense of the military. I worked for the DOD and I was there to see it happen. After 9/11, when our military needed to fight, there was little left to fight with after Clinton got through with us. You should be on your hands and knees thanking Bush for his actions Post-9/11. If we had an idiot like Clinton or Obama in charge, probably Chicago, LA and other cities would be a wasteland after Al Qaeda got through with them. During Clinton’s time, there were several opportunities to get Bin Laden which were ignored. By the way, fascist and right wing are contradictions in terms. Fascism evolved from the Left, not the right. You may want to engage brain and educate yourself before opening mouth. The “asinine ideologue” would be you.

      14. Allen…that medication is working well. Let’s talk about this. First…there was no Clinton surplus. Look at the debt when Clinton came in to office, and when he left. Notice the debt was bigger when he left? Yes you do. Therefore..no surplus..that was a lie. Now..he did come close to balancing the budget…but why was that? Well..we had a balanced budget amendment put forth by the right wing people that you vilify in your post. Clinton didn’t want this, and vetoed it 3 times. The same right wingers had a great welfare to work program that Clinton vetoed twice. He finally signed both…at least he was smart enough to do that. Clinton also scrapped his job killing National Healthcare program…under pressure from those same right wingers.
        Bush lied? Really? I bet you have never spent 10 minutes actually looking at the facts. After looking at the EXACT SAME INTEL THAT BUSH HAD…the senate voted 97 to 0 to give him power to go to war. That means every single democrat in the senate voted for it. Also, over 100 democrats in the House did the same. I have quotes from all the democrat heroes,….Bill, Hillary, Kerry, Kennedy, Dodd, saying Saddam Hussein had WMD’s…and we needed to do something about it. If you take time..you will find on the internet (some audio) of all the Liberal hypocrites talking about how we have to take Hussein out…much of this was before Dubya even got in office.
        As far as Fascism…well…let’s see….In his own book..Mein Kampf …Hitler says Unions are required..necessary. Just like Liberals. Fascist categorize everyone by race and gender…just like Liberals. Fascist were for (total) gun control…just like Liberals. Fascist were for government owning… “partnering” with business…just like Liberals. Fascist put the governments rights above the individuals..just like Liberals… So…you might want to at least be factually correct before you go on a tirade….Good Luck…

      15. Allen, I would reply to what you said, but I don’t want to sink to your level where all the spiders, rats, snakes and other liberals hang out. Enjoy your Food Stamps and all the other hand-outs you get from us tax-paying facists while you can.

      16. Clinton left Bush with a recession idiot. And, if Bush lied about Iraq then so did Clinton, because he claimed they had wmd’s too. (As did the rest of the free world) BTW, where did Syria get the chemical weapons that everyone is so worried about now???

      17. You confuse ‘Surplus’ with the ‘DEFICIT’, as most liberals do. Do some Research, your bragging about Newt Gingrich and you do not even know it!! WE have ALWAYS been in DEBT! Therefore the money, he MARKED up, was not MONEY we did not owe, somebody! Its just a trick of the numbers. Clinton “DID NOT” have us ‘DEBT’ free! HE had a “BIG” bloat wasteful budget for his day (i know compared to Obama’s it was peanuts or heck even less)! And he left office with some left over that was budgeted for the time (did you check his tax rates, witch you wouldn’t feel the brunt of for some time later after he was gone). If I am wrong, somebody correct me! BUT WE WERE STILL, IN DEBT! So that money left over was not really a surplus! It was, “for the first time,” money on hand we SHOULD have paid on our DEFICIT”, but we know how this story goes! But even if you do not realize it, you are seriously worshiping Newt Gingrich! Clinton tried everything liberals try, from healthcare to the rest and he FAILEd so bad democrats lost control of everything!!!!!!!!!! He then was DRUG to EVERYTHING! He lost everything! Repubs took it all over; forcing him to cut spending! They tied his hands to such a degree, that you guys run around calling him the “Great COMPROMISER OF OUR TIME!!!” Funny part is, Repubs do not even pay you to do this cheer-leading! :0)! Clinton was a man who sexually assaulted multiple respectable women (We know, the media kept you in the dark with the hilarious story of the loose woman, Lewinsky, or Tripp. One of whom worked in his office bragging about giving him oral sex all over the place! They do not like to mention the state troopers who testified to escorting in hookers for him when he was Gov of Arkansas! Real good man to look up to my liberal friend! A man who disrespected the absolute queen of the left Hillary (After all she has done in her life she should be Queen of your Party but you guys disrespect her and spit in her face constantly)! One of those women included his own best-friend’s wife AT HIS FUNERAL!! And a life long Democratic supporter, who thought, -much like many do about Obama- that Clinton was the second coming hahahaah! He said a “VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY” is against me and you ATE IT UP!!!!!You let them drown out his perjuring lies with silly stories; that Lewinsky WAS BRAGGING ABOUT WITH THE STAFF OF THE WHITEHOUSE! Gingrich used him like a puppet. The only smudge you can say in Gingrich’s years were the vast military cuts that Clinton did drag Gingrich to, IMHO! 🙂 Had to compromise, and cut somewhere! leave it to a Lib to pick the Military “FAMILIES” and not some wasteful overseas spending!!! I do not believe Gingrich decided that! But i could be wrong.

      18. For the record i don’t hate Obama; or Bush! I just have different ideas about how things could be done. I’m not going to try and be too scathing towards any President! Politics; much like a spiderweb, are intricately woven and the more you move the more trapped you are in the web! I hope they both enjoy their vacations and golf games and smile and laugh in our faces! We are the problem! Not them 🙁

      19. Right wingers can’t be fascists, that’s a left wing central planning philosophy that you can currently view with the Obama administration. They may be Leninists at heart but so far fascism is as much as they dare to reveal.

      1. That is correct, they the Congress provide the money and all any other vote does is put up a smokescreen.
        Nothing new in the (Republican leaders?) They will once again throw Obummer a lifeline in the budget fights. They will raise the debt ceiling 2 trillion in return for 2 trillion in cuts so the % of GDP and debt will remain the same.
        Republicans also supported Chucky Schumers bill to allow more presedential appointment without Senate approval, they felt overworked the poor babies.

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