LEVIN: ‘It is TIME for the U.S. Supreme Court to INTERCEDE’ This must-watch FULL breakdown will SHOCK your eyes open

Tonight, Mark Levin dedicated his show to the problems with the 2020 presidential election, and if your eyes weren’t opened yet, this will be your eye-opener.

Just the opening monologue on ‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ alone should shake you. But when you pull in his guest, whose interview we posted a clip from earlier, it’s actually amazing that the Democrat media think they can just tell everyone to shut up and move on.

They think just insisting it’s crazy and stupid to think something is wrong will be enough to make everyone accept their pronouncements. The crowd last night in Georgia should’ve knocked that idea out of their heads but it won’t.

As Levin says in the below clip, it’s time for the Supreme Court to step in. It’s time for grown ups, not CNN hosts, to make decisions.

Here’s the intro to Levin’s remarks, and then full video is below that.

“I want to talk to you about the battleground state called the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It has one of the oldest legislatures in our country, and one of the oldest constitutions in our country. We all know Philadelphia is the birthplace of the country, that’s where the Declaration of Independence was written, that’s where the Constitution was written. It’s a very, very important battleground state. And the Democrats wanted to make sure that in 2020, it came out for Biden. Because in 2016 it came out for Trump.”

“What am I talking about? You hear this phrase ‘systemic fraud,’ ‘There’s no evidence of a systemic fraud.’ You see reporters interviewing officials of various state government saying there is no fraud whatsoever.”

“Let me ask you a question. Fourteen months ago in the state of Pennsylvania if you had voted by mail-in ballot, it would have been discarded. If that mail-in ballot have been counted, that would have been fraud.”

“Fourteen ago in the state of Pennsylvania, if you sent in a ballot without a signature, that ballot would be discarded. If it was counted, that would be criminal fraud.”

“Fourteen months ago in the state of Pennsylvania, if you sent in a ballot with a signature that did not match the signature they had on file, that would be discarded. If it was counted, there would be criminal fraud.”

“Fourteen months ago in the state of Pennsylvania, if you sent in a ballot beyond election day, it wouldn’t be counted and if it was, that would be fraud. And if you sent in a ballot without a postal stamp date on it, it wouldn’t be counted or it if it was, that would be fraud. Or if you sent a ballot where they couldn’t tell with the date was, because maybe there was a smudge on the ink, it wouldn’t be counted. If it was counted, that was fraud.”

“All of those ballots today count. They were all counted in Pennsylvania because of unconstitutional and illegal changes that were made by officials and made quote unquote ‘officially’ by individuals in Pennsylvania.”

“None of this is discussed in a single newsroom in America, on a single TV show, radio show, or any other show. So I want to slowly walk you through what took place in Pennsylvania, and this sort of thing has taken place to some degree or another in numerous states.”

Y’all should do yourselves a favor and watch the entire episode. I’m telling you, you don’t have to be crazy to want accountability. That shouldn’t be considered crazy at all. These things ought to be looked at, it’s what a responsible nation does. It’s called vote integrity and it’s pretty durn important.

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