Levin: Obama is taking us to the brink!

This is Levin’s beginning monologue today as he describes the seriousness of our situation as Republicans try to stand their ground on the debt limit. He begins by talking about exactly why we are in the situation we are in and how Obama is taking us to the brink. He also lays out the truth on why there is enough money to pay for all essentials if we don’t raise the debt limit.

This is serious stuff as he continues to talk about how Obama is taking us to the brink on purpose:

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22 thoughts on “Levin: Obama is taking us to the brink!

  1. Are GOP House & Senate members Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

    The Republican party is pandering to the wealthiest Americans and Big Corporations, allowing them HUGE tax breaks; which any Fifth Grader can tell you that the Government cannot operate effectively because it does not receive enough tax revenue, which is HOW THIS COUNTRY OPERATES.

    They are breaking the backs of the Middle Class and the poor, who are unemployed and/or unemployed. I can see the effects of the GOP turning this Great Democracy of the United Stated of America into a “Cast System” that consists of the super rich and the downtrodden poor. The middle Class is slipping away, day by day, as Congress plays favor toward the rich in all of their actions.

    With over 9% unemployment on the one side and the super rich and corporations not contributing any tax revenue, the USA is very is sadly and very quickly, beginning to resemble Calcutta. The Middle class is disappearing and I expect the two class America as is India; the very rich minority, the poverty stricken and homeless majority. This is happening right now, in 2011.

    To McConnell, Boener, Kantor and the rest of this shameful party:

    Q: Does our Government operate using revenue received in the form of taxes?
    A: Yes

    Q: Are there Hundreds of Millions of unemployed Americans who cannot contribute tax revenue?
    A: Yes

    Q: Do the wealthiest 2% of Americans and Multi-billion dollar Corporations operating in the US contribute a fair share or any taxes at all?
    A: NO, NO, A Resounding NO!

    Ending the “Bush Tax Cuts” for the rich would immediately produce much needed tax revenue for this country to run.

    How o Republicans live with themselves? Do any of them have a conscience? Do they even care that their actions and attitudes are destroying the Democracy of this once great that they all claim they “want back.”

    Back from where? They are destroying the USA with their far right wing attitudes and BIGOTRY! Yes, I said Bigotry! I have NEVER, in my life, seen and heard such obvious prejudice and un-American behavior coming from our elected officials.

    They want control of the House and Senate and the White House, and are willing to destroy America because OUR President is half Black. They vowed to destroy his presidency, as soon as he was elected.

    The GOP was happy with their Clown-Puppet, Bush, creating a severe deficit, starting two wars, and using up the surplus left by the Clinton administration, and plunging this country deeper into debt.

    Then the GOP blocks every policy that could help this Country, then blame President Obama because the economy isn’t rebounding fast enough, for the simple and obvious fact that they want to destroy the first Black President of the United States of America. The GOP are Un-American and I dub them all Sheriff’s of Nottingham and dumber than 5th Graders.

    1. I’m beginning to like the idea of raising the corporate tax, a favorite of both current, future and former Village Idiots. It’s the only way to get the societal parasites who pay no taxes to join in the fun. Raise the price of goods and services right through the roof.

      And when it comes to being a clown, that racist ex-crackhead Marxist in the Oval Office is without peer.

  2. Ok,.. So go ahead and DENIY that barry is not trying to tank the U.S.A. on purpose.

    NOT possible any more.

    “Give me the credit card so I can ruin your credit score,..

    Or I will STARVE your Granny”. – Barry Obama

  3. Ok,.. So go ahead and DENIY that barry is not trying to tank the U.S.A. on purpose.

    NOT possible any more.

    “Give me the credit card so I can ruin your credit score,..

    Or I will STARVE your Granny”. – Barry Obama

  4. I think Mark hit the nail when he said “they may not know what to do with a man like Obama”. I really think that’s the problem.

    Men like Boehner and McConnell simply do not know how to deal with a president who is not a statesman. They are so enamoured by the office of The President of The United States that they can’t comprehend that the man holding that office is determined to destroy the economy for his own personal gain. Even when they get close to knowing that, they still can’t bring themselves to do what they need to do to protect the country because it is beyond their realm to go after a sitting president in the manner they need to go after him.

    This man, Barack Obama, wants one of two things: default on the debt so the economy crashes and the Republicans get the blame, or force the Republicans to a compromise that avoids default that will so outrage so many people that a third party emerges for 2012.

    Obama can’t lose either way and he knows it. Since he does not care about the country, he is a dangerous man and the Republicans know that. But he’s still The President of The United States. So they don’t know what the hell to do.

    Gingrich had a pretty good idea last night on Hannity. The House should keep passing small $100B bills every month until the next election. Get the problem out of the Republican controlled House’s hands and keep pushing it off on the Democrat Senate and White House. There is only one problem with that plan. The Republicans couldn’t write a simple bill to repeal the ban on incandescent light bulbs without f*cking that up, what hope is there they could pull off a maneuver like Gingrich suggests? I won’t hold my breath.

    1. I agree with you on this but how can they not comprehend it? Most of us figured out Obama’s deception, history, ideology and his design for the fall of America very early on.

      Dealing with it as you say may be out of their frame of reference but until they take the red-pill and accept the reality of Obama’s globalist rabbit hole, they never will.

      (and btw…they should be telling us all this instead of us telling them! – don’t these people have an internet connection and a web browser?)

  5. He is brazen beyond despicable. He has a choice to payoff the debt first by cutting the runoff wastful spending, but chooses the most vulnerable in the society as his pawn (talk about social justice of the democrat!) to accomplish his progressive agenda.

    I think it was Paul Ryan whom they portrayed in a TV ad as the one pushing Granny off the hill?

  6. I’m still having trouble processing Obama’s willingness to harm innocent seniors by witholding their SS checks. And the Dims want to portray Cantor as the one pushing Granny off the hill?

    I have the feeling this is going to backfire against Obama and the other corrupt Progressives in Washington in a way that is, what’s the word?, unprecedented. I’ll be greatly surprised if this doesn’t rile seniors our of their complacency enough to start demanding his defeat in 2012. Calls for his impeachment could even come from this. He has shown his intent to destroy this country one class at a time, starting with the middle class and now moving on to seniors.

    He is despicable. And I’m being polite…

    1. You should take your hea out of the sand and watch something other than the Fox Fake news that is almost PURE Propaganda!

  7. “I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it,” Mr. Obama said with a brazen face in an interview with CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley.

    Obama and democrats want to raise taxes to pay for more of their progressive big-government spending, as there’s simply not enough money in the coffers to do it. The veterans and retirees are held hostage for ransom to fulfil his audacity of hope to accomplish his socialist agenda of tax-and-spent, wealth distribution and a bigger government – Keynesian economic.

    1. The GOP House and Senate members are the ones holding Americans hostage. Watch something other than the FOX Slanted news network. The tax issues at hand are huge multimillion dollar tax breaks and tax lupoles that allow millionaires and huge corporations to pay ZERO taxes. Our country is run on REVENUE in the form of taxes. Tax breaks to those who can afford to pay and record unemployment has cut tax revenue. I think the first people who shouldn’t get paid are the House and Senate. They are NOT doing their Jobs that they were elected for. Read the Constitution….their job descriptions are there; proving that they ARE NOT doing their job.

      1. Do the math: The Federal government spends nearly $11 billion a day, the $300 million in taxes raised in one year if the jet tax is increased wouldn’t even pay for an hour of government spending in one day. A drop in the bucket

        Even if Congress gets rid of the corporate jet tax break, it will bring in a measly $3 billion over 10 years. Even pigford faud settelement cost the total taxpayer funded Pigford payout to $2.3 billion, compare that to taxting the jet owner?

        We don’t have not revenue problem, but a runaway government wastful spending problem and a gov who can’t prioritize. Add that to the $trillion unfunded liablility of ObamaCare cost out by CBO.

  8. Mark, the Seniors that I know who get SSI are PO’ed and will NOT spend any additional money this month because of the Obama FEAR factor. So, Obama can expect further bad numbers when they report July’s numbers. People are not spending money because of Obama. The USA has entered into it’s darkest hour in my lifetime because Obama gets off on LIES and FEAR.

    1. People are not spending money because the GOP are too busy trying to destroy the administration to wory about their promise to American to work on JOBS. The real liars and fear mongers are the GOP. They are too busy protecting their own financial interests by upholding tax breaks for the richest americans and corporations. The GOP cares NOTHING about the Middle Class or the working poor.

    1. The President is doing nothing worse than the entire GOP did, using and scaring the elderly, curing the Healthcare debate. It WAS the GOP who scared the hell out of seniors telling them that Healthcare reform would give the government the power to “pull the plug on Grandma” words from MANY GOP ads and their statements to the media.

  9. One additional thought – all the liberals I follow on twitter were gloating and declaring victory for the Dems after this plan leaked out.

  10. America voted for divided government in 2010 because they wanted to stop Obama and the Democrats. Now Sen. Mcconell is planning to essentially ignore the will of the American people and give Obama all the power he needs to continue his profligate ways. Thinking like a ‘common sense’ American, his idea sounds exceedingly stupid.

    1. I Disagree…the 2010 elections went to the GOP because of all the LIES and false campeign ads put out by the GOP and their “Money Bags” supporters who were given a blank check approval by the supreme court in the Citizens United case. None of the 2010 GOP campeign promisses have been produced a promissed because they are too busy destroying America with their prejudice.

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