Levin: Occupy Wall Street is a rash on our inner thigh

Levin weighed in tonight on the protests currently ‘occupying’ many cities around America:

This movement that’s growing – have you ever seen anything like it? – it’s like a rash. It keeps growing and you can’t fully explain it. …This is a rash on our inner thigh – that’s what these people are. They bring nothing to the table. Zero!

Ladies and gentlemen, what you are witnessing in front of you is the unraveling of the civil society. What you are witnessing in front of you is the inevitable consequences of big government and liberalism run amuck. What you are witnessing in front of you is an attack, not on corporations, but an attack on you. And the President of the United States has been stoking this for two and a half years and he’s still stoking it. Because folks, this reminds him of the good old days with Ayers and Dorn, and all the other losers.

Here’s the audio clip:

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36 thoughts on “Levin: Occupy Wall Street is a rash on our inner thigh

  1. The democrats “say that this is something we need to respond to .”

    Oh yeah. Yeah. Please. If the police would just ignore my response…

  2. These folks are shooting themselves in the foot. We all say the liberals are out of touch and here is the proof. If democrats and Obama stick with this so called movement it’ll be the end of them. I honestly hope they keep it up. Democrats in middle America think this stuff is a joke just as we do. The more these half wit gullible protesters stay on the streets the more people will be disgusted by it and the funny part is Pelosi and Obama have tied themselves to it. The protesters will see eventually that they have marginalized themselves and will probably get violent. They are to blind to the fact that they are only helping the cause that they hate so virulently. Thanks!!

    1. Maybe a good downpour of rain would clear them out as well. They appear to be scared of water.

  3. If the people of this nation dont understand what is going on yet, we may be in deeper do do then I first suspected.
    They must have had their brains sucked out to believe what they are doing is going to help even one single human being on earth.
    They are hurting themselves, but when they realize that little fact, it will be too late.
    They aren’t useful idiots any longer…they are DANGEROUS idiots.

  4. There’s a poll up on the KING-TV website asking whether people support the occupy Seattle protests. Most of the stations in my area (a deep blue liberal sinkhole) are sympathetic to these maroons. Seattle’s mayor supports them as well but what can I say? McGinn is a global-warming believing, bike riding, solar energy embracing, plastic bag banning, marijuana legalizing idiot – so of course he would. These dopes are his base. He probably brings them warm Egg McMuffins whenever he can.

    I don’t know if your local stations have similar polls but it might be time to go and express your opinions. For those of you in the Pacific NW go “give ’em some looove”:

      1. Okay this is too weird. Turns out my Egg McMuffin comment wasn’t that far off. This following quote is from a local msm outlet:

        “Meanwhile, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn showed support for Occupy Seattle protesters stationed in Westlake Park Monday evening when he spoke to the crowd. McGinn told protesters to push for more jobs, and criticized Congress for wasting time on debt reductions when they should have been getting Americans back to work.

        He has granted Occupy Seattle a two-week permit extension for Westlake Park. On Sunday, the mayor brought coffee to the protesters.

        1. I honestly look at the majority of the residents of King County as aliens from another world. McGinn is just their leader that was beamed down from the mother ship….before landing their brains were sucked out and replaced with spit.

          Only someone with spit for brains could possibly say in the same sentence that congress wasted time on debt reductions and should get people back to work instead….ha ha, those aliens are so funny!

    1. Hey neighbor! I’m over on the Pininsula! Wow, did you ever describe McGinn and the whole area perfectly! I try and close my eyes whenever I have to drive thru that “liberal sinkhole”!
      Here’s the latest on the poll (8:30pm)

      I am behind them and attend the protests when I can.
      7% 125
      I have not been able to make it down there, but they have my support.
      37% 694

      I don’t share their beliefs and do not support them.
      34% 631

      I don’t care what they are protesting. They should go away.
      14% 267
      I don’t have an opinion either way.
      7% 139

    2. I live in BC and have this moonbat station as part of my satellite package. I’ve expressed my opinion quite forcefully to them!!!

      Oh,and the protesters seem to want to open a branch protest in Vancouver-what, pray tell do they have to protest about in entitlement rich Canada?

  5. When Obama continually made speeches to instigate class warfare this is what he started. He knew what he was doing , rabbel rousing. If he keeps stoking the flames I can guaruntee they will turn violent. The next step is them attacking CEO’s or people in business attire directly. The unions are already organizing to “occupy” the conservative CEO’s households now. Sooner or later the police will have to step in.

  6. Some people think that obama is encouraging the protesters to go wild so that the American people focus on the protesters instead of what obama and his minions are doing to us…

    I’ve also heard people say that they think obama will use the protesters as an excuse to call “Martial law” when it’s time for us to go to the polls. So he can install himself as dictator. obama’s pal said ” never let a good crisis go to waste”.

    1. Could be – starting early in the cycle so most will forget his minions started and he encouraged it by the time of the election.

      Create the problem/disaster, build it ’til people scream for help – then swoop in rescue the people and become the hero – or use the time of total chaos and mayhem to take over the country.

      Bottom up – Top down – Inside out.

  7. Mark is so right (pun intended) obama is the root cause of this movement, give him all the credit, he’ll be left in the wake 2012.

  8. Ahh, just another bunch of smelly hippies who know all the 4-letter words except ‘soap’ and ‘work’. Soros can’t afford to pay them much longer. They will fade away.

  9. I agree that the more these people show themselves the bigger the landslide in 2012. So let them stay in the streets and disrupt working people’s lives and our margin of victory in the House and the Senate will just get larger.

    1. Don’t you think at least some (if not all) the dims know this OWS et al, is not going to get them any kudos except with their hard-core base? Watch the other hand!!

      1. You are absolutely right that there is more going on behind the scenes. There are people all around my community preparing for the worst. I hope it does not get too bad but I will not be surprised at anything. Luckly I live in a rural area and do not have to worry about demonstrators. I was not so lucky in the 70s.

      2. The ONLY thing that worries me, is obama has ONE Nuclear trigger to use, to prevent losing the White House in 2012. If enough people, in several States start to Riot and the Riots are as big as the Los Angeles Riots that lasted weeks, obama could Declare “Martial Law” and ( I REALLY hate to say this) suspend the 2012 Election, obama could make himself a PERMANENT Dictator of the United States. and IF you think that obama is not in touch with the OWS idiots, remeber that some of the Nations top UNIONS are involved with this and that Many Democrats are supporting OWS – Nancy Pelosi is one of them. I am PRAYING hard that this is STOPPED before it goes to far.

        1. Yes, he could. That is one of my nightmares too. But there would be consequences. That’s one of the reasons obama has not brought the troops home: he knows they’re not on his side, except for the Muslims among them.

          My biggest concern, though, is that America, as a nation (certainly not all of us) has turned too far for too long away from “the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation”. Because it wasn’t military power that established America. It was the God of the Bible, and if we have been abandoned by Him (as a nation, we’ve given Him every right to abandon us), then the only hope is for the next life, for those who are believers in His Son.

          My advice to every concerned American is to settle this question before worrying about political threats and solutions: did the man known as Jesus of Nazareth rise from the dead after three days in the tomb?

          Jesus said, “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.” (Matthew 7:24-27)

          The storm is almost here. The winds are rising, and there’s no avoiding it. All of us must be certain of our foundation, or suffer the consequences.

  10. OWS is like gum on our shoes. Good thing is they are revealing themselves so we know where to step. Time to peel ’em off our shoes and off our dime.

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