Levin on Pelosi: We’re being ruled by the dumbest people in America

Levin says that when it seems like stuff the Democrats say can’t get any stranger, it does. And this time it’s Nancy Pelosi arguing that ObamaCare fulfills the Declaration of Independence. Yeah, she really said that.

Here’s Levin:

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54 thoughts on “Levin on Pelosi: We’re being ruled by the dumbest people in America

  1. Wish she would just retire and go away,far far away ! Most elderly people can recognize dementia, her I don’t know,maybe senility has totally taken over ?

  2. I which she was on the floor face down. Could be the dumbest person in the history of this country.

  3. She not only drank the Kool-Aid, she’s obviously had to have been poppin’, smokin’ and snortin’ something. It’s almost as bad as Obama taking credit for the southern end of Keystone (which DC has no say) or him taking credit for the new oil drilling (once again not due to Obama. Some actually from Bush’s time.) Congress, push H. Con. Res. 107 and Impeach Obama.

  4. She is a liar- esp about being able to change careers or start a business. With what- magic beans?
    This insurance mandate not only forces us to be bled for “insurance” that many will not be able to afford to use, it destroys access to healthcare- Period.
    Here is why. A “quackshack” (neighborhood urgent care clinic with x rays & meds= $400), many people can manage. The same “care” from a hospital ER is between $3000 & $10,000). If you’ve been forced to spend any hope of a disposable income on these mandated premiums, you’re just outta luck. These clinics require payment at the time.

    *these figures come from 4 accident insurance claims where 1 person went to an Urgent Care Clinic & 3 went to the ER, last November & in January, and received similar diagnostic procedures. This has been my past experience as well. Even the “county hospital” (med school) is significantly more expensive. (They do not bill “indigents” at a medicaid rate. They go for the whole enchilada. Unnecessary treatments & diagnostics are common because they are teaching hospitals)

    This is why I say that it’s a bailout for ins companies, medical corporations, & PhRMA. They’re bleeding the taxpayers for it.

  5. I doubt this harpy ever read the Constitution, let alone understands this precious documents. If we are to survive as republic, we must get rid of creatures like her and her ilk. they are truly a clear danger to our country.

  6. This ranks right up there with Rep, Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) wondering if Guam could “tip over and capsize” due to overpopulation.

  7. Does Congress perform random drug screenings? If not, I will be willing to pay a little more in taxes for the service.

  8. I would argue that the overwhelming vast majority of people, including Mark Levin, don’t actually understand what individual rights imply and how they are sourced.

    Conservatives can scoff at the liberal understanding of individual rights, but I scoff at both the liberal AND the conservative understanding.

      1. If I outlined the conservative and liberal views regarding the nature of individual rights, said people would inevitably complain that I’m putting words in their mouths, so it’s best if they dig a hole for themselves, and then I respond to their efforts.

        The right to life implies:
        The right to liberty implies:
        The right to the pursuit of happiness implies:
        The source of individual rights is:

  9. These creeps say and do any and everything they think it takes to gain, maintain, and increase their power over us. I’m not sure they actually believe the words that come out of their mouths but know that there are way too many people who take everything they say as ‘gospel truth’. Because the liberal philosophy is their ‘religion’.

  10. How could people vote for this numbskull? She constantly makes a fool out of herself. She doesn’t make any sense. Maybe she is getting to old and is getting dementia. Time for someone to run against her in the primary or general election. Pelosi needs to go!!
    Mark you always tell it like it is, you are the best.

  11. quoting Madison Billy on whatever obama and the left say i.e. “what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things i have ever heard at no point in your rambling incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul”

  12. Plasic Nanny is definitely one of the dumbest libsticks in the Congress. You gotta wonder how someone as dense as her got through school.


  14. The inmates are running the asylum. It’s stunning how many stupid people walk among us. The liberal socialist indoctrination has obviously worked. In their minds Government is the solution to all of their perceived problems. We are witnessing the collapse into complete moral decay. The majority wants a handout instead of working hard to achieve personal success and wealth. We now live in a culture of mob mentality rule. The left wants chaos, violence, and civil unrest so government has to impose a total takeover of our society, as always, like everything they create, in the name of protecting our society. Everything happening today is by design. Saul Alinsky would be very proud of his star pupil Barack Hussein Obama “The Marxist Divider in Chief”

  15. Well it looks like people are going to vote for a very liberal democrat as the republican nominee for president,further packing the Hill with more liberals, I guess its “Whada ya mean the boats sinking we gotta have an orchestra to play for tonight” ” Life boat?? whats that?”

  16. The next administration needs to have Mark Levin onboard. As much as I enjoy listening to him, he is wasted on the radio.

  17. He is wrong !

    I sincerely believe they are mentally ill

    I really mean it – They are all sociopaths and corrupt to boot!

  18. It may seem dumb to Conservatives, but it makes perfect sense to Liberals that have been educated by other Liberals.

  19. Just a matter of time before these people in DC are gonna hear from us! And that day could be ugly for them!

  20. Anyone have some idea what it is that motivates this woman? Money? Her net worth is like $60 million, she and her husband likely have their kids and grandkids set for life with trust funds.

    Power? she cleary hit her peak as Speaker. At 72 years old, just exactly how much iron fisted power does she expect to regain, with her time left?

    Lifestyle? Does she really need a flock of sycophants at her heels?

    Why is she still in Congress screwing with our lives and spewing this idiotic garbage? I really do not get it.

  21. Rigth Scoop check your archives. Pelosi said this same thing before can’t remember the exact date

  22. Not to be unkind but I’m really beginning to think Nancy Pelosi is losing mental accuity because her statements make less and less sense.

    1. Doesn’t matter, her brain dead followers understand her perfectly.

      (Man, we are so scre……)

      1. Actually, if she keeps making statements like this it only makes it better for us because she does the Dems no favors when she opens her mouth.

      1. Good question and one which I am about to research. I’ll let you know if I find out anything.

      2. The answer is yes. Just read about Botox and you would not believe what it can do to the body, including the brain.

  23. Princess Pelosi is senile and totally demented.

    She needs to start drinking or something… then she’d have an excuse for spewing absolute nonsense like this. She only talks because she has lips…

    1. Play the Pelosi card game. Take liberal talking points. Take a stack of blank cards. Write one talking point on each card. Shuffle the cards. Deal out the cards face down. Five cards is good. Now, turn over each card and say the talking point in order. Doesn’t matter if they make sense. Just say them. Put the cards back in the deck and shuffle again and repeat. And now you have played the game! 🙂

  24. What the hell does that mean?‘ – Levin

    Every time I listen to Pelosi speak, I find myself asking that question. ‘What did she just say? Did she really spew that? Who elects this wicked witch of the northwest? Oh, San Francisco. I see.’

    1. Well at least she got multiple millions to save the ‘Salt Marsh Mouse’. We all can rest easier now, NOT! Liberals get dumber and dumber and increase their lies more and more in hopes of bringing the lemmings (useful idiots) on board for another election victory. I have lost faith in our average citizen to be a common sense thinker. I fear it is too late to save our nation from the inevitable collapse of the dollar. No one gives a damn about the incomprehensible debt we are piling upon our future generations. Who is going to help a nation that is Trillions in debt? No One That’s Who. People pretend it’s nothing to worry about but the fact of the matter is we are doomed. Buy silver and prepare yourself for civil unrest like you have never seen before. Buy firearms to protect yourself, your family and your personal property. God bless you all and God Help us.

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