Levin reads insider email from retired union cop

Levin got a very enlightening email from a retired police officer in California who is currently receiving his very buff pension that was based on 90% of his salary in his last year. The email is full of details that explain how the unions are in bed with the Democrat party and makes it very easy to understand why we must break the back of these unions if we want to get back to fiscal health.

I’d call this one a must listen:

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14 thoughts on “Levin reads insider email from retired union cop

  1. The Unions can threaten and beat up as many people as they want to but their actions will not bring them the money they are demanding.

  2. The Unions can threaten and beat up as many people as they want to but their actions will not bring them the money they are demanding.

  3. The retirement benefits sound like the ones our federal congressmen get. And you glossed over, very quietly and quickly, the fact that the unions, the teachers, in Wisconsin, have gladly said they would be part of the solution and had already taken cuts in pay and retirement, only to find out that that wasn’t what was wanted. What was wanted was to bury the Unions. Now granted, some, and only some, Unions, have done too good a job of getting wonderful pensions and benefits for their members, and perhaps that is what should be recognized at this point in time. Instead, you focus on those actual numbers from one person in California and say how scandalous it is, leading people to think that this is the way of the Unions – fabulous retirements far beyond service and extraordinary benefits in the way of healthcare. Perhaps you could focus on the men and women in our congress who reap far greater benefits and do much less. At least a policeman, fireman, or public worker begins at a relatively low salary and has to work damn hard (remember our aforementioned policeman from California who worked for thirty years!!! in the rather unsafe job of upholding the law) in order to reap what we all, including himself, would agree is a very generous, too generous, retirement package. Perhaps recognizing this at this time by allowing the Union members to take pay cuts and retirement cuts and allowing them to be part of the solution would be the sensible answer. Instead, a very short-sited “they are the enemy – kill them” (the Unions), has made it a black and white, good guys vs. bad guys, brother vs. brother, just in the name of politics. Stupid.

    1. When Indiana governor Mitch Daniels ended collective bargaining and the automatic collection of dues in 2005, the number of members paying dues plummeted by roughly 90 percent. In 2007, New York City’s Transit Authority briefly stopped automatically collecting dues for the Transport Workers Union, and dues fell off by more than a third. Without these dues, the ability of public-sector unions to influence elections — what they care about most — drastically diminishes.

      This is why Wisconsin Senate Democrats preferred to flee the state rather than stay and vote on a proposal that would curtail their fundraising and organizational base. They can dress up their opposition in the rhetoric of workers’ “rights,” but even if all collective bargaining were stripped from all Wisconsin public workers, they’d still have extensive civil-service protections. For Democrats, the issue is whether they can continue to rely on state government to grease an essential cog in their political machine.

      Public-sector unions are a creature of government, and the Democrats are the party of government. The two of them have identical interests and worldviews, and both want to leverage government to swell their campaign coffers. How to characterize this? The word “shame” comes to mind.

  4. never knew before tonight, that the federal employees union does not have the right to bargain for salary increases or benefits.. Since the days of carter and the democratic legislators

  5. Mark used the correct word for what is going on with people in TP’s etc – REBELLION! Absolutely rebellion against financial ignorance and free for all give away’s. Those of us that want to hear other viewpoints listen to these shows and look for information from other sources but let’s face it the leftist are not interested and could not make sense of any of it.

    Well done Mark, this needs to be shared with others so even if it wakes one of them up it will be a good day.

  6. Funny story about unions. The company I used to work for, Cardinal Glass, is independently owned by a guy named Roger O. Well, one of the plants up in Minnesota had an issue.

    All of the employees, sans supervisors, in one of the plants up there got together and tried to unionize because everyone had been there for about 10 years or more on average , about 1100 employees total.

    Roger O, shut the plant down, laid everyone off and transferred all the orders to my old plant…. I felt good the rest of the week after I heard that.

    Might I add, the company was great to work for. Pretty much unlimited overtime, bonuses of around $1500 a month if the plant did especially well, and benefits 401k and health. The health kinda sucked but other than that, it was a pretty lax gig.

    Just thought I’d share the good news, and if you’re in the market for new windows, make sure to support Cardinal Glass.

    1. The employees were just mad because there was very little upwards mobility, so they decided to unionize to force the pay up. BTW, left that out.

  7. My little union was taken over by SEIU about ten years ago. No vote or discussion or anything. To be part of SEIU was just so much better for us, that our union bosses skipped that part. I haven’t worked for them in a few years, but I still get mail on occasion telling me the right way to feel about issues and how to vote.

    We have to diminish the big unions power over elections and politics in general. Or they will ride us into a pit that hurts all of us.

  8. Everyone buy the book “The Devil at My Doorstep” by David Bego. He describes his 3 year hell with unions when they targeted his company. These people are ruthless.

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