Levin rips Obama, says those affected should sue to challenge ‘recess’ authority

Levin tears into Obama’s statement from today where he said that he wouldn’t let a minority in the Senate stop him from getting his appointments, saying that the road to a dictatorship is paved with poisonousness language like this:

Levin later suggested to all those affected by the decisions of this new CFPB board and the NRLB, to sue them and challenge their authority because he says they are acting ultra vires:

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57 thoughts on “Levin rips Obama, says those affected should sue to challenge ‘recess’ authority

  1. “…he wouldn’t let a minority in the Senate stop him from getting his appointments…”

    Nor will he let a majority of the people stop him from doing anything he wants. This is no American. This is a tyrant.

  2. Levin is the best commentator. If you haven’t read Liberty and Tyranny, his book, make sure you do, it is great..

    Gingrich for president. The lamestream media is trashing Newt for “historical” baggage. All politicians have baggage if we did deep enough, but the lamestream/left socialists won’t expose democrats, they love the big zero/Obama. Newt has made his mark with his “Contract with America,” a contract he fulfilled that no other politician can match.

  3. This issue is a loser for the Republicans because it’s too complicated to explain it coherently. Already, the issue is all mucked up because of officials statements by McConnell and others. McConnell’s statement is full of past quotes deriding recess appointments. This is not about the Senate being in recess. It’s about the Senate NOT being in recess.

    Even Mark confuses the issue in the first segment because he misspoke. At 7:59 he says, mocking Obama, “well I’ve decided Congress is in session so I’m appointing you and you and you”. Mark meant to say “…Congress is in recess so I’m appointing…”.

    Presidents are allowed to make recess appointments. The issue here is that the Senate was not in recess.

  4. He is so right about it not being virtuous or noble. It’s a travesty to pretend it’s not going on.

    From someone who lived under Hitler.

    Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.
    —Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  5. The people clapping for him are just so ignorant it’s an embarrassment. Don’t insult seals Mark, but it is a good comparrison.

    I watched a documentary on NAZI collaborators on the Military Ch. one morning last week. When the NAZI’s invaded Russia, the citizens were giving them flowers, and blowing them kisses. They thought Hitler was coming to liberate them. All Hitler and the NAZI’s thought was how they could control or eliminate 44 million people. The NAZI’s hated them, and they foolishly believed otherwise.

    Before long Hitler was stealing their farms, turning one citizen on another, having one citizen killing another. It sent chills up my spine watching the people giving them flowers, just like the people clapping for Zero.

    This man needs to be removed. I will not listen to one damn thing coming from this regime. He’s a monster sociopath.

  6. I mute Mark or anyone else when they play him, just like I mute the propaganda spewing from the alphabet networks, from the top of the hour until six minutes after. I can’t take it. It’s like listening to a psychopath.


    Levin is right as usual. NOW, STAND UP, CONTACT YOUR CONGRESS MEN & WOMEN AND DEMAND IMPEACHMENT HEARING ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Levine is right on this one.

    Thank god we’ve got Republicans in the Congress Knowing John Boehner and those brave budgeteers are in there making sure that the interests of the nation are protected really make me feel good.

    Make sure you are taking advantage of, and taking responsibility for, your rights under the second amendment. Don’t wait.

  9. Call your reprsentatives TODAY. Main capitol number: 202=224-3121 I have been informed that it is better to call your local distric office. God bless Mark Levin and RS.

    1. Maybe we can get the Colombian Army to come and do the job ours won’t do… They did stop their guy from running for an unconstitutional extra term 🙂

  10. One thing I do is send money to groups who help elect conservatives around the country….senators, governors, and representatives….we need them all to get the job done. Senator DeMint’s group does a good job.

  11. We Texans have a long history of violence. We have fought for freedom, many times. Still we have people in DC, who are aiding and abetting Obama. Beware of man with 2 tongues.

  12. Are there any republicans that are in Washington saying anything about this? I have not heard a peep from a single elected official on this, which scares the heck out of me. Because that means , even if a republican gets into office perhaps the politicians in either parter are going to follow suit on Obama’s precidence and they do not want to wake up the general public as to what is really going on here.

  13. Is it any wonder why peace loving legal citizens are arming themselves at record numbers. People have that sixth sense that this is not going to solved peacefully. We can hope but wishing and hoping will not make it so. I agree with Levin do not follow any decisions of these appointees and sue the govenment on the consitutionality of the appointments.

    1. Mark is pitching. Do you have a emergency food supply? Try the local camping store. The enemy is many, and we are few, but we have God on our side. Do what you must.

  14. This is yet another example of the ‘unchecked intentions’ in this administration and its willingness to take advantage of us all when we are ‘distracted’ from the things he plans to do to undermine this nation.

    It’s unfortunate that we seem to be alone on our side in this all important game. Obviously MSM has and will be in the tank for the progressive whatever uniform they wear. It’s not just Obama and the crony/establishment were up against, but it’s the referees, too.

    Luckily we have the ‘coaching staff’ like Levin, Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity etc calling in the plays. Now it’s up to us to determine the QB who will lead us to the National Championship? By the way,,,,,,no showboating in the endzone!!!! One score doesn’t make the game!

  15. Ever wonder what i was like as dictators like Hugo Chavez take over?

    We now have front row seat.

  16. We have people who think this man cannot beat. Really? This man is a pathetic president! Get rid of the bum! SOB!

    1. Yes, I swing back and forth- getting angry, then asking forgiveness, then thinking that God will judge in His time, to praying for their salvations. I feel like a multi personality basketcase sometimes these days.

      1. Sadly, you will find all things worth while, are hard. Wait long enough, and all will be solved, they will just shoot you. You can be like Paul Revere, or Quisling.

  17. I heard the clip where he was speaking in a high school in Ohio and the crowd was clapping. Gosh, he picks places where they have the most ignorant dolts.

    I was watching a documentary on the Military Channel last week about NAZI collaborators. When the NAZI’s invaded Russia, and started tearing down statues of Stalin, the people on the street were handing them flowers, and blowing them kisses. They thought the NAZI’s were there to liberate them. The NAZI’S were all smiles in their jeeps taking the flowers.

    Little did these people know that Hitler’s only goal was to eliminate 44 million people. Just like the people in the crowd clapping for Zero. Pretty soon, the NAZI’S had turned citizen on citizen, stealing their farms, and having one citizen kill another. The Quislings that did the killing thought they should stay in Hitler’s good graces.

    Zero will face his judgement just like Hitler. It’s only a matter of time. I just don’t know how much damage he’s going to do, if someone doesn’t stop him, before people die. People have already died because of him. Brian Terry, the Ice Agent, 200 Mexican citizens, the Navy Seals, and about two thirds of the 1,864 American servicemen and women who’ve been killed in Afghanistan have been killed since Barack Hussein Obama became president.

    I for one, can’t wait until karma catches up with him. And to those in the old media who’ve aided him by your silence, and mocking, etc, life will get you too. It always does.

    1. The Quislings that did the killing thought they should stay in Hitler’s good graces.

      Just like those in Congress and the media.

      1. never know, the devil and the thieves would never send a warning memo ahead to let us know they’ll stop by to rob & destroy us.They can get comfortable and do their damage in daylight, but most likely in the night as it take place in the DARK ( White ) House – backroom locked door arm twisting buy out deals that is to many of our reps is a do or die with no other choice
        It is upon” we the people” that can build a glass house to keep all 3 parts of gov. in

      2. Make no mistake, he has no problem killing. He’s a textbook sociopath. The guy has no concience. He has ice water running through his veins. I never thought those in the agencies who are supposed to be looking out for the citizens, and the country would ever follow along with someone like him. I just fear he’s going to set up a Reichstag type event, before November.

        I hope they’re watching him. I still believe in my gut that he and his henchmen are responsible for recruiting the mentally ill young man in AZ to shoot Gabrielle Giffords and murder the judge. That judge was going to rule against him the next day.

        It all seemed way too orchestrated, with the blaming on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. The let’s sit together, and wear little black ribbons crowd. Remember that the same attorney general in AZ was also part of Fast and Furious. He’s now resigned. Who else was there for both of these situations, Dupnik.

    2. Sadly, I rebuke your surmise. Most tryants die in bed. Hitler died an old man. Stalin died in bed. FDR died in bed. If you really care about freedom, you will act today. Call your elected representatives, and tell thme the recall looms. If you must, run for office. Print a newsletter. Open a website. Do not rely on fate, it ain’t agonna happen. If you must, join the militia, arm yourself. Millions have died for your freedoms, better use them, while they still exist.

      1. Hitler died an old man, huh?? Not all tyrants have peaceful endings, Mussolini, Sadam, Gaddafi…

  18. I heard the great one on this, and while I hated having to listen to one second of dear leader- it was a great rant from Levin. I had to repeat my Psalm 37 out loud over again to keep my eyeballs from exploding. Listening to his interview with Rick Santorum now, and Levin just brought this up. Loving Santorum’s remarks on this too. I have to ask the same thing I’ve been asking for the past 3 years- what the he!! is it going to take for our congress to start impeachment proceedings? Is there not more than a dozen spines in all of the sewer that was once known as Washington?

    PS- go to RickSantorum.com if you’re inclined to donate to his campaign.

    1. Hi, ABC. I hope you have a happy and prosperous new year. Today, as each previous new year, I pause to reflect. As a teen, I tried to change things. I just knew, if i proved to them, the USA was going wrong, they would see, and act accordingly. They didn’t, and I began my life long heavy involved in politics. I knew never to run, as if someone called me a liar, to my face, I would punch him in the nose. Decades passed, and as I saw the USA on a slippery slope, I upped my efforts to stop it. Instead, I just saw it getting worse. The RR ran, and all I hoped, was a decrease in the slope, and it actually happened. Then after, the USA went into freefall, even electing Obama. I opine about 50% of America wanted the USA, in 1776. I now guess about 70/80 % do not want the USA. IN 1776, a vicious empire treated the USA like a slave. Even importing 165,000 African slaves to work along side of us. The Lords were very happy with this. Now many Americans want it, thinking they will be the masters. There are still a few of us, on RS, that understand what is happening. The time for praying, and wishing are gone. Our screams die in the emptiness. Get involved, join a party, and work. Impeach the traitors, while you still can. Educate the young, of what real freedom is. Please, America, do not let this dream die.

        1. James 2:17
          “Faith without works is dead”

          about sums it up.

          And with all this going on, and we see it here at RS and other sites, yet in the MSM… for example NOTHING. The sky IS falling, but not on the MSM.

          I just heard a Canadian d*#khead pseudo journolist on the CBC interviewing Tom Brokaw on his new book. Brokaw, waxing nostalgic and elderly, compassionately covers for Obama because Zero, sniff… sniff…just did not understand how bad the economy really was… that’s why he’s having such a hard time… and remember, says Brokaw, remember TARP came in under Bush not Obama. How convenient Brokaw! You idiot! How convenient not to mention 1T stimulus, or 5T added to deficit and debt… on and on I could go. Yet the puffpiece jornolister from Canada’s CBC just lapped it up all starry and googly eyed over Brokaw.

          My pool of spit around me deepens.

      1. Hi Allen- I hope you have a Blessed year also. I agree with all you’ve said here, except the praying part, as I will always do that, no matter how defeated things seem. As for the rest, as a legal alien, I do all I can (within the law) to do for our political fights.. and I will always be involved and work to teach my son and step kids about the truth.

    2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT HOME FROM WORK AND READ THE NEWS ABOUT ALL THIS AND MY HEAD LITERALLY WANTED TO EXPLODE! I started to write my congressman and tell him that if they (the republicans, tea party members and all those who PROMISED to uphold the constitution) don’t start impeachment proceedings, I WILL HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE! WHY won’t the people in washinghton STAND UP TO THIS TYRANT????

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