Levin talks with former Special Ops caller about bin Laden raid

This caller who seems to be well versed in how these military raids go down (he says he’s been in airborne raids, seaborne raids, and heli-borne raids) and he seems to think what happened in the bin Laden raid didn’t go as planned and now the administration is covering it up. It’s a very interesting phone call, the longest one I’ve ever heard Levin take on the air.


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18 thoughts on “Levin talks with former Special Ops caller about bin Laden raid

  1. What bothers me is the quick burial ar sea and the explanation that it was “in keeping with Islamic tenets”. Which is absolutely false. The other issue is: as a former homicide detective involved with forensics, I did an overlay from the 1 picture that was posted to several other pics of bin Laden. The skeletal structure wasn’t even remotely close. ONE bullet would not have changed the skeletal configuration. Also, distance between eyes, nose and mouth were different.

    Being the cynic I am, I don’t believe what little evidence we have been shown passes the litmus test. After listening to the caller, I am even more convinced this entire scenario is a farce.

    Remember, very graphic photos were shown of Saddam’s sons and of Saddam. I am not saying Seals are lying, but rather sent on a fool’s errand.

  2. You people are unbelievable. As long as something confirms your beliefs you don’t care if it is reliable or not. Your hate for President Obama blinds you and that is sad.

    1. @dgsanangelo:disqus This from someone from Palingates? Thank you for your fine example of hypocrisy.

  3. My take: Obama’s worst nightmare would be to capture bin Laden alive and have to turn him over to Eric Holder — Miranda rights, attorneys, civilian trial. That little nightmare right there could be the source of your “fog of war.”

    1. you know…..that actually gave me an idea about what may have happened. If you listen to the caller, he said (as others on this site have stated) that we, as a nation, are not allowed to assassinate. In one of the earlier statements made by the WH, the said Obama ordered the kill, possibly in their zeal to sound tough.

      If the caller is correct, then that is likely what they are trying to dissolve. They knew it was a big mistake to claim that we ordered a “hit” as a nation, and decided to cast blame on the seals by claiming that they had to make the call to kill-

      still mulling this one so I’ll edit my post if something comes into place.

  4. With all the stories and weird details about Osama’s death, you would never think to consider that Osama died in 2002, would you? It is usually pretty simple when they are telling the truth.

  5. I think he’s right about the bodyguard killing Osama. I also think any credit the Obama administration gained from successfully bagging Osama Bin Laden is now out the window. All of this bungeling has erased all the credit he gained. And where is our press?

  6. The caller may be on to something. The damage apparently done to Binny’s head would seem of a different order than the dead guys in the Reuters pics. They seem to have been shot with small caliber, high power weapons SO’s might have used. Effective, but not extraordinarily gory. Massive damage could be associated with close range use of a high caliber, low velocity weapon like an AK. Maybe his bodyguards did him in after all.

    1. I had asked somewhere else how it could be that his face was so gruesomely damaged as the administration had claimed. Having seen the other pictures, it would not be consistent. What I was told is that the damage on the other guys was could be all in the back, as the bullet would deform inside, and blow out the back.

      If the face was wrecked on OBL, it would mean he was shot from behind…. to me that didn’t make sense (neither did the change in position that the Seals decided to ‘whack’ OBL). If OBL was killed by his own bodyguard according to a Muslim honorable death—then I wonder what that ‘honorable’ death entails. It would be interesting to see if it is a gunshot to the back of the head- like an execution.

    2. Given the nature of the unit that carried this out,the weapons used could be anybodies guess. Standard SEAL weapons are the H&K MP5 variants using 9mm FMJ while their issued sidearm is the SIG Sauer 226 Navy using a nasty 147gr JHP round, with this unit it is highly likely that there were more than a couple of 1911 variants along for the ride, quite possibly explaining the watermelon head syndrome.

  7. I am really not happy about current ROE. I feel that we are fighting these battles with our hands tied. It’s ridiculous.

  8. Obama is acting stupidly. We may have been better off electing an 8-year-old to office. He has no common sense and really only cares about staying in office to get another 4 years of Air Force One rides.

  9. The Fog of News.
    Obama and the college interns at the White House have botched this so badly. This is clearly the most transparent president since Richard Nixon. Does anyone have any idea what REALLY happened in that compound?

    Al Qaeda operatives are on the run because they KNOW we have all that intel. They are changing locations, identities, courier routes and contacts. They may even be moving al Qaeda’s nukes.

    Pakistan has to deal with its radical population and try to keep the country from falling apart. Oh. Did I mention that the Paks have nukes and they work really well?

    The Muslim Extremists have a new shrine to visit on their pilgrimage to becoming jihadists.

    We have Senators being shown fake death photos of bin Laden and going on TV and making complete fools of themselves.

    Half the Muslim world thinks bin Laden is still alive and half think he’s dead. Bin Laden has gone from holy warrior to mythical spiritual legend.

    And our president is busy trying to milk this for all the political advantage he can with total disregard for national security and military protocol.

    This is like a bad movie.

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