Levin: These are very dangerous waters

Levin wrote last night that he sees too many praising Boehner and suggesting that these are big cuts when they are in fact pennies. All the while the Democrats are preparing for the next big battle that could blindside us again if we don’t get our heads out of our …

These beltway folks are blinded by their camaraderie or something. Obama is not playing catch up and the GOP is not united. The Tea Party is very disappointed, and rightly so. And without the Tea Party the GOP cannot win majorities.

While these Republicans are doing a victory lap and praising Boehner, and dumping on conservatives for not partying with them, the smart Democrats are plotting. They’re purposely framing this deal the same way as Ms. Rubin, et al –as a win for the GOP and Boehner. They’re agreeing that these are big cuts when they’re not. Why? Because Obama’s about to propose his own budget and deficit package and he’ll attempt to outmaneuver our celebrants. He will raise hundreds of billions in taxes (on “the rich” of course); he will slash defense spending; he will play with the numbers and claim to be cutting other areas; he’ll put out phony numbers on Obamacare again claiming it will save hundreds of billions; he’ll come up with more smoke and mirrors pretending to reform Medicare and Medicaid, and he will attempt to obscure the Ryan Plan, insisting his approach is reasonable, serious, and fair. Meanwhile, Obama will be fighting to protect trillions in spending while the GOP is proudly touting its $38.5 billion (if that) victory.

These are very dangerous waters. And the poor judgment of some, who seek to read conservatives out of the conservative movement while now promoting the cult of Boehner, is truly stupid, particularly since so many of them have contributed little or nothing to the movement over the decades.

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20 thoughts on “Levin: These are very dangerous waters

  1. There is absolutely nothing praiseworthy about Boner. He is not a Constitutional Conservative, and he is gutless. The nation is spending itself into insolvency and utter bankruptcy over un-Constitutional social programs, and stupid things like funding Sesame Street in Pakistan:


    If he was a True Conservative, he’d be working on eliminating each and every one of these spending programs (and I’ve shown you the list of hundreds of agencies he could kill):


    …all the while, working with the Chamber of Commerce on a HISTORIC program to replace these government cheese programs with private sector commercial alternatives. Instead, he’s shown himself capable of nothing but knuckling-under and rolling over on his belly and asking for Obama to stroke him, while he deludes himself into believing cutting a few million, here, and a few billion, there, will make a difference when looking at a deficit of TRILLIONS. Boner, and the rest of the Establishment Republicans (i.e.: RINOs) are utterly despicable examples of why the stupid believe there is no difference between the parties, and why others are even dumber to believe that at some time in the past (that no one can seem to pinpoint), the Republicans became the democrats, and the democrats became the Republicans. Boner is weak, and has absolutely no positive or leadership qualities, whatsoever. This is a petty, Tea Party-hating politician that needs to see a special primary and election held in his honor, real soon. This is also precisely why Congress needs to man up and pass a Constitutional amendment that stipulates that they can be recalled by their constituents, and that it is illegal for Congress to take it upon themselves to “appoint” Representatives, which is a clearly not one of their enumerated powers. However, naturally, this is something the cowardly Establishment Republicans and democrats would never do, because they know it’s an amendment proposal that would sell like hotcakes from coast-to-coast, and result in a lot of them being booted from office within months of it’s passage.

    Watch your ass, Boner.

  2. Mr. Levin is correct. Those of us who are Tea Party conservatives do not take kindly to being talked to as the black sheep of the GOP. We also do not appreciate being told that what the GOP did last week was some great triumph. It clearly was not. It was a cut and run, like it always is with these people. There were promises made by the GOP, and it was because of the Tea Party conservatives that Boehner now sits in his leadership position. We got the majority put back into the House. And this is the thanks we get? Don’t think for one moment we will forget, and don’t look to us in 2012 to come rushing in to support these lightweights again. Not gonna happen.

    1. That’s good.
      Get mad….and stay mad.

      The Dems want us to to be demoralized.
      They want us to go back to being silent and going about our daily lives.
      They also want us to burn up our energy on…fighting each other.

      The Dems set our beloved Military on fire.
      They cut their pay, in advance of the ‘shutdown’.
      They knew that this would horrify the Republicans.
      It was like setting fire to a basket of kittens.
      So….Boehner caved.
      He put the fire out.

      And, in case you didn’t see it….Boehner was on Fox this morning praising the Tea Party and blasting those who continue to try to demonize us.
      He also fully acknowledged that the only reason Republicans have control of the House, is because of the Tea Party.
      He needs to keep doing this.

      We need to stay mad…and direct our anger at the source of our Pain…the Dems.

  3. Mark does seem to be tempering the GOP message. I try to keep in mind that the message we hear on TV is the one the Progressive run media wants us to hear. They would like a “cult of Boehner”.

    The Tea Party freshman had an effect. Not as big as many of us would like.

    Obama may co opt this by pulling a Clinton like shift to the center with the help of this Kumbaya media play. If the the Elephants are not careful he then will pivot it against them in 2012.

    Soros this weekend: “The country could, actually, absorb some more debt in order to get the economy going. The U.S. should spend money on building infrastructure or improving productivity.”

    Dangerous waters indeed.

    (george and the dummy) http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-v0JUTjSHeq0/TZ_-aGNNS2I/AAAAAAABASA/j7eXurVU9V4/s1600/Obama-as-Soros%2527s-Dummy.j

    1. I’m glad you mentioned Clinton.

      I lived through the nightmare of the Clinton years…watching him change the rules of engagement in politics.
      And those rules are still in place!

      The rules of engagement are now ‘SmashMouthSmackDownCrucifyYourEnemies’ Politics.
      — Any casualties are blamed on the opposition.
      — Sound Bites are manufactured daily and distributed to the LiberalMediaMachine.
      — Reason is ridiculed.
      — Anyone who refuses to be assimilated into the Collective is ridiculed.
      — Thuggery is deployed, and the ‘compassionate’ LiberalMediaMachine ignores it.
      — Hypocrisy?…what hypocrisy.

      This is the Clinton Legacy.

      Conservatives continue to comport themselves as though these ‘rules of engagement’ do not exist.
      This leaves them disarmed in the ongoing battle.

      1. yup. You gotta wonder if the Elephants are stupid, complicit, or just “always forget”. Levin seems to remember.

        1. Its the conservative way…
          Its that ‘stiff-upper-lip-take-the-fight-outside-don’t-let-the-innocent-get-hurt’ thing.
          It is admirable.
          But it doesn’t work unless you TELL THE WORLD that’s what you did.

          And in today’s world of JerrySpringerPolitics…it leaves them disarmed.

          They should have come out blasting…with outrageous sound bites that even the LiberalMediaMachine could not ignore.

          “The Dems were ‘Burning Kittens’ to get what they wanted!”
          —That is an example of the sort of outrageous sound bites that the idiots in the liberal media would not be able to ignore.

      2. Yes – I saw it too and felt like I had been kicked in the stomach when it hit me that the respectability level of POTUS had taken a sharp nose-dive down – that was way before Monica. The Chi-town thugs have taken it down to a much lower level on the same path.

        We need to do whatever we can to turn that around!

  4. These are not just “dangerous waters”…it is more like Quicksand.

    Our ship of state has sailed into Quicksand, and is sinking deeper every day.
    And the Tea Party and some Republicans, have thrown grappling lines across it…and are trying to pull it out.

    But the Democrats are kicking us in the shins, beating us with clubs, burning kittens to horrify us…doing everything they can to thwart any efforts to pull the ship to safety.

  5. Nice smackdown Mark. the Gop leadership needs to understand they have three options when it comes to the left/MSM/dems see them. They can be loved, they can be feared or they can be laughed at. Right now they aren’t feared nor loved…..just saying.

  6. As usual, liberals are laying the premise for the next “budget battle talks”.
    Levin is right of course, most of us can see how the liberals/media are setting up republican leaders (Boehner, the great negotiator ?) for a whooping. The republicans really can’t be this dumb, can they…really?

    1. The republicans are worried about winning in 2012.

      They’ve seen how conservatives get blamed…for everything.
      While the libprogs get away with everything they do.
      It’s demoralizing.

    2. It is not even a matter of stupidity. It is timidity and a failure to be principled. We need to vote them all out and replace them with citizens who care about this country. We need more Tea Party Patriots in office. This is going to be a process. We have a wound that needs to be thoroughly disinfected.

  7. I wish Mark would go on TV more. He’s such an articulate conservative and such a passionate and plain speaking man he’d do so much to get people to understand what’s going on.

    I’d love to see Mark Levin on O’Reilly. Now THAT would be a treat. Bill doesn’t have the balls, though.

    1. Yea, there is no way on earth O’Reilly would have Levin on. O’Reilly would clearly be the smaller man in that debate, and he does not allow himself to be seen in that light.

  8. If we are serious about changing and fixing the culture of corruption, political party bickering,

    tax and spend attitude that brought us this unbalanced budget crisis in DC just repeal the 17th

    Amendment and put the power of the Senate back in the States hands. Waiting for Senators

    to have common sense and political backbone is rediculous and damn near impossible. Asking

    Senators to stand up against the special interests, media, and social forces is just asking too

    much from anyone. The American taxpayers deserve better.

    Right now States have no voice in how our Republic is run. When was the last time a Senator

    voted the way their State wanted them to. Senators always vote for their own personal

    idealogy or along party lines. Senators basically answer to no one and are not accountable for

    how they vote. They get lost in the shuffle.

    Governors and state legislators are irrelevant right now, they have no say in how this nation is

    run. The Senate was originally an appointed position by the State they where from and voted

    the way that State told them to, a Senator was a glorified clerk. That is why it took a 2/3

    majority to pass a bill that had enough common cause for the good of the States. A simple

    majority was not enough, 7 states would not be allowed to impose their will on 6 states who

    refused to go along. I wish for the day when a Senator stands up and says “The State of

    Florida votes for/against the proposal.” Currently, with the 17th Amendment in place, we have

    hamstrung our States and promoted corruption of our system by the political parties.

    For some reason the Senators think they run and know what is best for their State. Recently,

    a Florida Senator challanged the Florida Governor in court to make the Governor accept

    Federal dollars to build a high speed train. Last time I checked, the Governor was elected

    and is responsible for the budget and welfare of their State, not the Senator.

    I see no reason why we should have any problems with posting proposed bills online,

    (compared to the horse or train, the internet is way faster), that each state could then debate

    and send the Senator a decision on how to vote on each proposal. Putting the power of the

    Senate back in the hands of each State will then also make it more important who we vote into

    office in our local State elections for Governor and House/Senate.

    If a Senator is appointed and directed on how to vote, they can no longer “sell” or “trade” their

    vote for favors. A State has to decide that vote. Good luck trying to bribe a whole State

    legislature. Common sense will again rule the day.

    Keep in mind that we did not elect Senators to be Dukes/Earls/Counts or the President to be

    King. Elected Politicians do NOT RULE the American people. We do not need them to give us

    anything nor will we beg for anything, we earn everything we have and do not live by the wimb

    of those we have elected, they work for us and are just caretakers. Right now we are subject

    to 100 Senators and the party they belong to. Wild guess here, but if the States directed the

    Senators on how to vote for a federal budget, we would never be in this budget deficit mess

    nor would we have a socialist nanny state. Time to Repeal the 17th Amendment.

    Educate yourself, do your own homework, no one to blame but yourself. I am not trying to

    promote a website, but this site has the issue correct:


  9. Mark is wonderful but I do not agree.
    We had to move on.
    It was not what we wanted but time is flying.
    There is work to be done.

    1. we should have shutdown the government, no spending is better than that deal that was cutting 38bil. Mark was dead on, and, paul ryan is still aiming short in my opinion. we need to cut spending in half, if not more, just to keep from getting further behind on paying back what we have borrowed. i live in a major military area, but, i would rather us cut off spending, until there is a reasonable spending bill, if we dont have it, cant spend it, and i dont mean by the ability to borrow it either. we need it physically from our own country, nowhere else.

    2. Sorry, but you do not understand.
      Stopping the over-spending WAS THE WORK to be done.
      There is no more immediate danger to the country that this unprecedented debt.

      It cannot be delayed. It has to be dealt with and this was the time to do it.

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