Levin: These are very dangerous waters

Levin wrote last night that he sees too many praising Boehner and suggesting that these are big cuts when they are in fact pennies. All the while the Democrats are preparing for the next big battle that could blindside us again if we don’t get our heads out of our …

These beltway folks are blinded by their camaraderie or something. Obama is not playing catch up and the GOP is not united. The Tea Party is very disappointed, and rightly so. And without the Tea Party the GOP cannot win majorities.

While these Republicans are doing a victory lap and praising Boehner, and dumping on conservatives for not partying with them, the smart Democrats are plotting. They’re purposely framing this deal the same way as Ms. Rubin, et al –as a win for the GOP and Boehner. They’re agreeing that these are big cuts when they’re not. Why? Because Obama’s about to propose his own budget and deficit package and he’ll attempt to outmaneuver our celebrants. He will raise hundreds of billions in taxes (on “the rich” of course); he will slash defense spending; he will play with the numbers and claim to be cutting other areas; he’ll put out phony numbers on Obamacare again claiming it will save hundreds of billions; he’ll come up with more smoke and mirrors pretending to reform Medicare and Medicaid, and he will attempt to obscure the Ryan Plan, insisting his approach is reasonable, serious, and fair. Meanwhile, Obama will be fighting to protect trillions in spending while the GOP is proudly touting its $38.5 billion (if that) victory.

These are very dangerous waters. And the poor judgment of some, who seek to read conservatives out of the conservative movement while now promoting the cult of Boehner, is truly stupid, particularly since so many of them have contributed little or nothing to the movement over the decades.

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