Levin to Republicans: Go for the political jugular!

Last night Mark Levin decided to give Republicans some advice, noting that we have ALL the arguments on our side and the Democrats have none. This is why Schumer and his Democrat colleagues have to engage in lies and propaganda because they can’t tell us the truth about what they are doing. Otherwise we’d throw them out.

Levin implores Republicans, primarily the Republican leadership, to go for the political jugular:

Go for the political jugular! Kick them in the political you know what! Go on the offense! You define the issues and you can do it with the truth! You can destroy these leftists,if you give it a try.


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23 thoughts on “Levin to Republicans: Go for the political jugular!

  1. Levin is a God send!

    The only way the Republicans are going to be convinced that we want them to be Conservative is by voting them out and replacing them with Conservatives.

    Republicans have become the “blow-with-the-wind” party. Virtually Leftists-Light.

    In New York one can register as a Conservative, which I did many years ago….fellow Conservatives in all states should demand the same opportunity, and then send the RINO’s the message that they are going to be defeated in their primaries.

  2. Sorry! That’s simply not true! I wish it were. Just a couple of days ago, I forwarded some political emails to a couple of new friends and they both said they didn’t want to hear anything “political”! Many people tell me there are other things to talk about! Well, excuse me, but, what else today doesn’t have to do with politics? Too, how is it that BHO got elected anyway? What is the explanation for the re-election of Communists like Barbara Boxer and too many others to count? Explain Al Franken! Oh, that’s right….that was voter fraud! I wish someone would explain why the Republicans (when they had the opportunity) decided NOT to call the Democrat Party the Socialist Party! Where was the moxy then? Think they are gonna find it now? I wouldn’t count on it!

    1. Unfortunately I believe that could quite likely be the case… they (our conservative representatives) must strongly be encouraged to hold fast to the ideals of liberty they are there to maintain for the integrity of our constitution… after all, we get the government we deserve to which we are willing to make a stand for. We the people must be the backbone of strength and integrity.

  3. This is what drives me CRAZY about the Republican party, they just won’t make the case. It’s not a hard case to make, most Americans agree with it, but they simply won’t make the case.

    This is why I love Sarah Palin, because she’s about the only one with the spine to stand up and make the case of the Republic, she is our modern day Federalist papers.

  4. The Republicans are trying so hard to play nice and stay elected that they are not going to be in 2012. We need the right people in leadership positions and Boehner unfortunately isn’t it. Michele Bachman would have been much better. I just hope 2012 isn’t too late. We are going downhill at a fast pace, maybe too fast.

    1. Unfortunately I have to agree that Boehner doesn’t appear to have the right stuff for the job at hand…

  5. Unfortunately, the people who need to hear this the most would never deign to listen to Mark Levin. Alinsky was right.

  6. POl’s are no different than children; they measure their opponent in deciding what they can get away with. Time for a republic-saving, stern lesson from the GOP. SHOW the conservative people of America that you deserve to be called patriots in our hour of crisis…WE ARE WATCHING.

  7. POl’s are no different than children; they measure their opponent in deciding what they can get away with. Time for a republic-saving, stern lesson from the GOP. SHOW the conservative people of America that you deserve to be called patriots in our hour of crisis…WE ARE WATCHING.

  8. When will these “leaders” learn the lesson that if you are sent by the people to do a job then hyou better do it or you risk another 4 years of Democommie control and even more debt for out Grandkids to struggle with.It’s time-This needs to stop now.If they won’t come to the table then shut it down until they do.Do as Chris Christie said:Go have a pizza and a beer & call me when you’re ready to get serious.

  9. We are not fighting Dems anymore, it is Americans against Anti-Americans!!! There is no Dems and Repubs anymore. The white house is nothing but anti americans !!!!! They want us to fail. When is somebody going to kick ass and get them out!!!!!!!!!! Where is the lawkeepers!!!! These people in the white house is breaking the law everyday and no body is watching and doing nothing!!!!!!! Is the American people not listneing at all. Where are all the Amerians!!!!! We the teapartiers should start raising some hell instead of sitting back doing nothing!! Beck says oh dont say anything, thats not christian. Yeah sit back and let them take over the dam country!!! That is the problem we have set back and done and said nothing!!! There comes a time when you have to stand up for what is right!!! Get them out!! Repubs let your voices and good deeds for this country be seen and heard or you are gone!!!!!!!

  10. “03/30/11,I STAND WITH ISRAEL .” (period) As alway’s the Great One has hit the nail on the head , with his experience and knowledge I would pay to see him debate President Obama one on one.Mark would destroy him.”

  11. I’d like to have some pink slips printed up with the name and reason for termination left blank and when these republicans fail to speak up , fail to fight back , fail to do the job we sent them there to do send them one signed “WE THE PEOPLE” .

    1. Great idea!! Give em the Pink Slip. Here’s your Walking Papers chump, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. Ha Ha

  12. Republican ‘leadership’ doesn’t have the brass to confront the Chuckie Schumers in the Demoncrat party who are destroying our economy while supporting our enemies abroad. They must go in 2012. We need to give President Palin a decent Congress to work with.

    1. Palin is just a good looking RHINO! I say you should jhva99 check out congressmen Allen West of Fla. He would be a man with the testostorome and experence and the all American qualities the republican party needs. A man who calls the shots and hits a bullseye everytime. He is someone who confrontes our biggest ememy at home and abroad. Please investigate congressmen Allen West, and you will have a change of opinion on your 2012 candidate for CAC.

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