Levin: What the hell good is John Boehner? None!

Levin blasted Boehner for his Balanced Budget Amendment, saying that if it had passed it would have been the biggest spending and taxing tool in American history since it didn’t cap spending as a percentage of GDP or force a 2/3rds majority to raise taxes. Levin proclaims “Thank God the liberal Democrats didn’t vote for this and ram it through!”

He also talks about Republicans working with Democrats to increase the amount of mortgages they will allow for Fannie and Freddie, costing taxpayers even more money.

Here’s the audio:

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36 thoughts on “Levin: What the hell good is John Boehner? None!

  1. Sometimes Levin can be a little over zealous. He may disagree but hey…Boehner is not the bad guy here. Why isn’t he nailing people like Barney Frank to the wall when he goes on national television and tells bald face lies in attempts to push the blame for the Fran and Fred debacles onto Republicans. He needs to direct the influence of his voice toward the true enemies of America…like Frank, Dodd, etc. He is spending way to much time, not just disagreeing with, but trashing the team. Boehner has his faults but he has done a lot to put a stop to much of the BO BS. And, Boehner has gotten 16-18 budget and regulatory bills passed in the house. Who is blocking those…Senate Democrats…attack them! I can appreciate Marks’s frustration but maybe he should try to be a little more constructive (and selective) in his criticism. Getting rid of BO and the progressive left should be our first order of business…then we address the big government republicans.

    1. He does talk about the antics of the left….a lot. But when we have conservatives that don’t stand their ground while the left has the power, we lose. I think Boehner means well, but giving half of what the left wants is not good enough. They get the other half later. We need to put our foot down and say “no more”…period.

  2. Overall , the Republicans & Democrats have been destroying our Republic for over 100 years . It’s time to flat out stop voting for them . If Paul runs third party he will get my vote . Kook or not . I ‘d rather have a kook who wants to follow the Constitution than the Socialist Democrats or the RINO Socialists who want to destroy it for power and money .

    1. A wasted vote. He has as much chance of winning as I have of being the emporor of China. A protest vote doesn’t do anyone any good.

    1. I would think that is a question for the residents of Ohio’s 8th District to decide, wouldn’t you? For myself, nothing irritates me more than out of state interests from any party or group interfering in our elections here as to who will represent us in Congress.

      1. Don’t get your panties in a wad. I have the right to make a statement about other states and their election process. Maybe if Ohioans would do their due diligence?

        1. Their not in a wad. Yes you have a right to make a statement, however a recall of a particular State Representative is up to those that reside there, not to those who don’t. Perhaps you don’t care if someone from another State meddles in the electoral process in your State, but I happen to care. Which is a statement I have a right to make.

          1. Yes I understand that a recall is up to the voters of that state. I wasn’t born yesterday. Its not like I’m gonna bring together a recall group to decide your elections. Did you take it that way? I was making a statement that if he doesn’t do his job since he is the speaker of the house for the ENTIRE United States that maybe that would be something to look into. Pie in the sky? Sure it is. I was dreaming that citizens of Ohio might make some wise decisions. Obviously the state isnt doing well and won’t with their current leadership. Proof is in the pudding. Again, he is The Speaker of the House which kinda makes him our business also don’t ya think. Actually Ohioans seem to need somebody make some decions for them given how poorly that state is run.

          2. It’s not just about your state. His decisions impact all of us even if he thinks he’s doing what’s best for his state. Being so, quit being so small minded in believing that it’s none of our business.

            1. I’m against any out of state interests interfering in the electoral process of any State. That’s the whole point of the residents of a State being the ones who elect who they want to represent them. To campaign to have him removed as Speaker is one thing, to call for him to recalled is quite another. Perhaps it’s you that needs to expand your mind.

              1. Ok, I can agree with you that it’s up to the citizens of the state to determine whether or not he should be recalled. However, it is still our business what he does because he is leading the entire party. Being so, we are entitled to have an opinion over whether or not he should be recalled. We just can’t be the ones to do it. It is still our business, though.

  3. And now these fools are telling us to vote for Newt Gingrich who was WORSE than Boehner we better start paying more attention and start looking out for ourselves and our principles because these horse traders in congress certainly won’t do it.

  4. Speaker Boehner must be primaried. Why is he NOT being made an example of here. Tea Party Patriots and others need to run a massive online campaign stating “We endorse ‘First Name, Last Name,’ go to his/her website here and contribute $5 to oust Speaker Boehner. ” With enough money, anyone can win, as Harry Reid and Barack Obama taught us! This would send chills down the Establishment RINOs backsides and go a long way to putting an end to crap like this!

  5. Maybe Allen West can now understand why someone would vote no on BBA! The new 2010 Tea Party Republicans need to realize how entrenched the corruption is in DC and start demanding bacteria counts on these bills.

    DC, where a bill so often does exactly the opposite of it’s name.

    Thanks Mark! You really make me mad…in a good, informative way.

    1. RShill, you said: “The Tea Party Republicans need to realize how entrenched the corruption is in DC” and that has been my mantra for years now.

      And it’s the main reason why Cain continues to be my choice.

      First the media has succeeded to diminish Palin, Bachmann, and Santorem. They will now muster their efforts on Gingrich and they will finally narrow the field to the one candidate that fits their corrupt criteria once again.

      No matter what, Cain has to be the one. He’s is not going to be easily influenced to appease the “Machine” and will certainly make heads roll once in office.

      Hopefully they don’t succeed into convincing R. Paul to go 3rd party, that’s a dagger we don’t need no matter who the nominee is!

  6. Mr. Boehner is nothing but a TOOL of the Democrats,Mr.RINO,a total hypocrite, we can’t get rid of this FOOL soon enough!

  7. If we do not get true tea party leaders for speaker, senate majority leader, and especially president in 2012: then we are in serious trouble, and we will have to turn the “tea party” into the Tea Party. However, creating a real third party will take much too long and the statists (democRats and Republican-RINO’s) may just destroy everything before 2016. We lose if the democRats win in 2012, and we lose if the RINO’s win in 2012. It really is all on the line within the next year.

    1. Exactly. I got accused by a man 15 years younger than me that my “never Romney” protest vote was “childish.” I responded with…”I don’t see the actions of the Abolitionists prior to the Civil destroying the Whig party and forming the GOP as childish. Despite the fact that doing so helped Democrats in the short run.” He changed his tune.

      John McCain was my last RINO vote.

      Don’t Tread On Me

      1. I agree to a certain point. However, if Obama wins this next election we could be looking at total destruction before the next election rolls around. Normally I would agree, as in voting for Perot…which I did. But I don’t know if we have that much time before we are Greece or worse. Romney might at least slow down the process and give us more time. If Romney wins the primaries and you don’t vote for him against Obama, you’re letting the destroyer get more time to achieve his goal. We just need to make sure Romney doesn’t win the primaries by splitting the vote so much between the more conservative candidates….which is the only reason Romney is at the top. If Romney wins, though, a no vote for him is a vote for our demise even if he’s not the best choice overall. He’s the best choice between him and Obama, that’s for sure.

        1. You people keep bickering between each other and splitting your core party into sub parties, you will never win again. Democrats have one single cohesive party, republicans are now split three different ways; each having specific ideal candidates, pick one that will crevice for all.You talk about Obama being the blight that killed America, blaming our current financial problems on he alone, is delusional at best. President Obama was saddled with a near bankrupt country that was 1.3 trillion in debt day one of his presidency, his 2009 budget was decided and put into law by the Bush administration and if that wasnt enough Bush as a parting gift to all his cronies gave 800 Billion of free money to the very people that mismanaged the system in the first place

          Bush 2008 = http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/30/business/worldbusiness/30iht-30housing.14887401.html

          This country has been run by fools and idiots since 2000 and there is enough blame for both parties, its time for change and 99% of the candidates today are simply more of the same shat we have today that clearly NOT working.

          1. Nice accusation, but you don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t blame Obama “solely” for the situation we are in. It started before him, but if you think it was all Bush you’re just repeating the usual liberal lie. However, Obama was given the wheel and he is driving us straight into the ditch. Liberals had two full years of FULL control over the Congress, the Senate, and the Presidency but you still blame Republicans for not allowing Obama to nurse the economy back to health. Republicans couldn’t stop jack crap, yet it’s their fault. We do need better leaders and I’m sure as hell not going to take your advice on who to choose.

  8. Yep – just what the hell good is John Boehner? I’ve wondered that since day one. He’s a GOP establishment guy. In my eyes, that’s as low as the Democrats. They all stink.

    1. Right on!! Boehner is a closet democrat,liberal,progressive, socialistic puppet. With friends like him we can only sink deeper & faster.

      1. I disagree. I think he’s conservative, but he gives in when the going gets tough. All of these deals he makes gives ground ot the liberals and he calls them victories because Obama didn’t get all of what he wanted. Giving half is still a loss because they’ll just get the other half later. As far as what conservatives want, we get nothing. No balanced budget amendments, no real cuts, no government size or power reductions, no reductions in union power, and etc. How is this victory, Boehner? The problem is that we never move the country further to the right. It’s always in increments to the left.

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