LEVIN: Why DO the press hate the American people??

Mark Levin was on Hannity last night and he asked the question I think a lot of conservatives and Trumpublicans have been asking for a few decades now. Why DO the press hate the American people?

Levin doesn’t answer the question, he’s asking them to ask themselves, which of course they won’t. But he makes a great point just in the run-up to the question in this clip, via Newsbusters.

I would say this. You know, a lot has been said about the president calling fake news the enemy of the people. I have a different take on this. Why do the press hate the American people? Over 65 million people give or take voted for Donald Trump for president of the United States. I wrote this down. Various press outlets and reporters and hosts or their guests called millions and millions of Americans “Nazis,” “racists,” “deranged,” “cultists,” “deplorables” and even worse.

How do the press in this country justify calling tens of millions of people such outrageous names? And we conservatives have watched as the press have destroyed, they’re seeking to destroy Trump, Palin, Bork, Clarence Thomas, Ronald Reagan, the list goes on and on and on…

The D.C. press corps today is the least professional press corps in my lifetime. They think that their job is to make it impossible for the president to function, to sabotage him, and to advance the cause of the ideologues, to advance the cause of a rogue prosecutor by the name of Mueller.

And so, the press really needs to be circumspect, take a look at itself. It won’t. As long as they keep putting clowns like Jim Acosta out there, who is a drama queen of sorts, and who like to report on themselves and talk about themselves, as long as it’s impossible to tell a late night comedian from Jake Tapper, and Jake Tapper from the porn star and all the rest of it, this is going to be the reaction of the American people.

That’s quite a list, and an accurate one. You can’t ask “how do we get people to stop being angry at the press” if you don’t also ask “why are the press so angry with the people” too.

The answers are long and complicated, from the media’s role in advancing civil rights for all Americans, which put them at odds with a big swath of “regular” Americans in the previous two centuries, to their transformation from champions of truth into Democrat talking points distribution machines, as well as the corporate influences, the profit motives, and a million other factors that have put them at odds with the image of the pure and precious bastion of speech, the free press. As I said yesterday here at the Right Scoop, we have to talk about the existing press, the actual human reporters and their shows, and not just the ‘notion” of freedom of the press, or we aren’t being honest. Or productive.

And Levin’s question is a great one, from the great one. You have to ask why they hate Americans. They have to ask themselves. And equally as importantly, can they separate that bias from their duty to be truthful?

It’s a big question.

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