‘LIARS AND HYPOCRITES’ – Mark Levin EXPOSES specific Dem duplicity on Jan. 6. That party is ‘POISON, A CANCER’

Democrats are the worst thing that ever happened to America, said Mark Levin talking to Glenn Beck this week. Every time there is something terrible, that’s who it came from, from slavery to Jim Crow to socialism and more.

And even worse, their utter hypocrisy is blatant and easily demonstrated, and the media never says a peep about it, as any Right Scoop reader knows. It’s especially true when it comes to the maudline and overwrought coverage of the Jan. 6 “anniversary” this week, with made up death tolls and musical guests.

Mark Levin absolutely SHREDS them over it.

The Blaze has some transcript.

“They cannot handle losing a single time,” Glenn said. “And they’re now blaming the ‘insurrection’ on this president [Trump] for questioning the outcome.”

“There’s no question about it,” Levin agreed. “When their people blew up the Capitol building in 1954, Jimmy Carter ultimately pardoned them. And when the Weather Underground, blew it up in 1971, Clinton ultimately pardoned them, and one of the ringleaders was Obama’s buddy, Bill Ayers. They attacked the Pentagon and blew that up. And they blew up the State Department. And they circled back in 1983 and hit the Capitol building again….”

“They’re liars and hypocrites. The greatest problem we have in this country is the Democrat Party. Whether it’s slavery, or segregation, or Jim Crow, or now it’s ‘democratic socialism,’ they never embrace Americanism. This party has been a poison, a cancer on the groin of American politics.”

SO, so, so good.

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