Liberal Chris Matthews goes on an amazing rant against socialism on MSNBC

This is amazing. Chris Matthews is so alarmed by the commies getting close to overtaking the Democrat party that he went on an awesome rant that clearly rattled the other MSNBC commentators:

Wow. Matthews is one of those old school liberals. He’s for unions, he’s for the social safety net, but he’s also one of them JFK anti-commie pro-American Democrats. And he is not happy with the far left commies taking over his party.

Here’s a larger portion of the clip – you can hear that he actually gets people in the MSNBC audience to clap when he says socialism doesnt frickin’ work!

Wow. And he specifically cites Vietnam and Cuba, which the more insane liberals now blame the US for.

There’s a second longer, even better clip where he really goes off:

You can tell that they’re laughing about it, laughing it off as if he’s joking, and then it gets reeeeal quiet when they realize he’s serious. Pretty awesome.

I have to say, I definitely disagree with Matthews on most political policies. BUT, I am often impressed with how he just tells the truth, even when it hurts the Democrats. He’s honest. Even when he’s wrong. And he’s smart enough to be anti-socialism. Those are pretty big things in my book. And the MSNBC audience definitely needs to hear a voice they respect actually tell them to STFU on all that socialism crap.

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