Liberal CNN host drops “truth bombs” on radicals Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, and more!

This is amazing.

A liberal CNN host with his own Sunday show, Fareed Zakaria, openly condemned AOC and her policy ideas for being too radical. Now of course he didn’t use the word ‘radical’, but when you watch it you will see this is exactly what he means.

But it wasn’t just about her radical policy ideas. He also slammed AOC for not caring about the facts, as she explained to Anderson Cooper earlier this year:

Zakaria doesn’t just go after AOC and her radicalism.

He also goes torches the Medicare For All proposal being pushed by Democrats running for president, saying there is no way it can happen. He points to the studies that show its enormous cost and says there’s nothing that will raise the kind of money.

And…he rips Elizabeth Warren for pushing a billionaires tax that was quickly repealed in 9 of 12 countries that it was tried in because it didn’t work.

The bottom line criticism running throughout Zakaria’s monologue is that Democrats are ignoring the facts as they push these radical programs and ideas. He believes, instead, they should dial it way back and support Democrat ideas that actually work.

Heh….none of these ideas actually work, which is why I put “truth bombs” in quotes. But it is very interesting to see the left become so radicalized that others on the left are openly criticizing it.

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105 thoughts on “Liberal CNN host drops “truth bombs” on radicals Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, and more!

  1. You figured as much time as these dummies spends broadcasting from their kitchens, they would get the hint that they’re raising the temperature on the pot of water too fast and the damn frogs are starting to jump out! You can’t push society…you have to “nudge” it in the leftist’s direction, because their ideas would be rejected outright if implemented in full. Don’t they read their own operations manuals!?

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    1. Ditto. Lesson learned. Pin anyone in debate with evidence except a certain class, specifically a certain individual.

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  5. Are you kidding me……described the libs and pinned it on the Rs! But at least he got it right, it doesn’t work!

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  6. The problem isn’t that they are too radical, the problem is that they’re discussing their radical views in public.

  7. Funny how he accuses the GOP of being what the DP has always been. But at least his fundamental premise is correct.

    He’s in the Clinton wing of the party. And I think these folks are beginning to realize that their revolution is getting ready to consume them. They are probably worried, for example, that they may be forced to actually be on the Medicare-for-all plan instead of leaving that only to the masses. Or perhaps they are worried for their wealth after seeing what happened to Amazon. They figured they could use these pie-in-the-sky ideas to get votes without ever having bake the pie, but now AOC is heating up the oven (with solar, of course). I think AOC is a Green Party infiltrator. The Greens and Berniebots have finally realized they can’t compete with the DP unless they take it over.

    Also, it’s interesting how they are going after so many of the DP candidates for president. I think their horse in this race is McAuliffe, who’s been biden his time.

  8. Don’t for a second think the left is criticising AOC on policy! His criticism may have the facade of erroneous far-left policy, but let’s be honest, AOC’s views are mainstream Democrat and in fact many fellow Democrats signed on to her crazy plan. The real issue the left has with AOC is that she’s uncontrollable and working outside the DNC machine. And that’s a no-no for Democrats –they require everyone in the party to walk in lock-step!

  9. Fareed Zakaria was too clever by half in his comment regarding “…One party already resorts to lies, distortions, [etcetera, blah, blah, yada, yada]. Now if the DEMOCRATS start doing this….”

    What a load of crap. The Democrats lie about everything even in the face of overwhelming evidence that they are lying. Zakaris is no more of a “Journalist” than the worst hacks on ANY of the networks, including Fox. He’s a liberal Democrat to his core and will not truly challenge them on their lies.

    AOC should have been skewered by Anderson Cooper who just heard tell that whopper about Amazon and then allow her to “‘splain that lie with additional lies.

  10. I think democrats are desperately trying to rein in the out of (their minds) control socialists who are no doubt, scaring away voters. Damage control.

  11. When those on your team start beating on you, you just might want to stop, reflect for a minute, and really consider that maybe you’re headed down the wrong path.

  12. I saw Bernie said something bad about Maduro. What he didn’t say is that Socialism is murder.

    How many have to die before someone points out that in Capitalist countries with safety nets, people don’t die? Nobody starves in America from a lack of food, food might be withheld, starving might be a choice, but food stamps buy enough food to keep you healthy.

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  13. AOC is a thorn in the Dem’s side, not because of her ideology, but because she actually says what they want to do. Until the recent reports about her lavish DC condo and questionable hiring of lobbyists, I almost respected her for sticking to her principles, albeit ones I completely disagree with. As it turned out, she was a swamp creature all along.

  14. AOC thinks people should hesitate to have children because climate change could end up making their lives harder.
    Lol…. wow.

    Maybe her & her supporters should lead by example on this one!

  15. I have neighbors who are democrats. They know the party left them years ago. Some of them sat out the 2016 election. The rest of them voted for Trump.

  16. Hard as it may be to be believed there are a few Democrats who aren’t nuts. Or evil. A few “mainstream” Dems who wonder what in the world has happened to their party.

    Most of them don’t have a television show and most of them aren’t wanted on any liberal television show.

    Media of course has done such a number on itself that they may start to pull back a little in self-preservation. They’ve been sowing the seeds of their own destruction for so long I don’t know if they can stop.

    1. The biggest problem is that Democrats are collectivists. Even the ones who look at the new upstarts with skepticism aren’t going to fight the will of their party when they try to enact these insane policies.

      Democrats are little goose steppers when it comes to getting in line.

      In contrast, Conservatives have always had the problem with being individualists. They don’t all vote together and work together consistently enough to maximize their power. It’s a paradox, though, because the very feature of being somewhat independent is what helps them to not be leftists.

    1. Yeah, he’s hardly pitching Conservatism. He’s just taking a rare moment to criticize the lunacy of the left.

  17. Cortez is a Freshman who hasn’t paid her dues. The DNC will be telling her “get to the back of the bus” where you belong. And shut up.

    1. We’ll see. The kids might take a fancy to her because she is “speaking truth to power” and “takin’ it to the man.”

    2. We all thought we were a lot smarter than we are when we were young. But she’s almost 30 so she should be on the way to knowing how much she doesn’t know. Sadly, I doubt she ever will.

      1. She’s almost 30 and she was a barista and bartender before this HR gig. What a failure – but the Democrats are flocking to her. Should tell you something.

    1. I think the left has seen in the last year or so that when those in their party don’t follow the yellow brick road they will be assaulted by twitter-mobs. They now fear what they created.

      1. Doc, in this new system I see descriptions of, Member, Active Member and you have Trusted Member. What did you do, go over to Scoops house and wash his car : )

    1. Fear not, he made sure to slam a heavy ball-peen hammer onto Republicans in his closing sentences by claiming that the Democrats are following the Republicans into being not fact-based.

  18. When Fareed Zakaria sounds like the LEVEL-HEADED adult in the room, you KNOW your Liberal Ideas are BAT$*** CRAZY.

    Naturally, Fareed chucks the miniscule bit of “cred” onto the floor and does a Ghoomar two-step on it at the end of his monologue when he suggested it was the Republican party “making stuff up,” when it’s the Democrat party that LITERALLY, not ‘figuratively,’ but LITERALLY DENIES SCIENCE when it comes to those suffering from Gender Dysphoria (denying a biological male is a male and visa versa) and the scientific evidence contradicting Global Warming.

  19. When someone like Fareed points out how ludicrous the Dems’ policy proposals are you know the Party is in trouble. Today’s Democrats have become a caricature of what the Party once was. People like JFK and Harry Truman must be rolling in their graves.

  20. “We already have one major political party that now routinely twists facts, disregards evidence, ignores serious policy analysis, and just makes stuff up to appeal to people’s emotions and prejudices. If the Democrats start moving along this path as well…..”

    The guy’s a moron.

  21. Though this is interesting and seems to be gaining some steam in confronting the extreme, it still doesn’t answer their main problem…..REALITY. Glad Scoop mentioned that none of their policies work.

  22. It rained a lot at my house. So much so the backyard flooded causing small pockets of land to become “islands.” I’m going to move to one of those “islands” and declare myself a sovereign nation to try and protect myself from this stupidity.

    1. You’ll have to check with the EPA because that water is now protected lake water. You better hope it doesn’t recede because they’ll charge you for destroying a natural habitat. Of course I’m joking, but it’s getting that bad.

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