Liberal CNN host drops “truth bombs” on radicals Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, and more!

This is amazing.

A liberal CNN host with his own Sunday show, Fareed Zakaria, openly condemned AOC and her policy ideas for being too radical. Now of course he didn’t use the word ‘radical’, but when you watch it you will see this is exactly what he means.

But it wasn’t just about her radical policy ideas. He also slammed AOC for not caring about the facts, as she explained to Anderson Cooper earlier this year:

Zakaria doesn’t just go after AOC and her radicalism.

He also goes torches the Medicare For All proposal being pushed by Democrats running for president, saying there is no way it can happen. He points to the studies that show its enormous cost and says there’s nothing that will raise the kind of money.

And…he rips Elizabeth Warren for pushing a billionaires tax that was quickly repealed in 9 of 12 countries that it was tried in because it didn’t work.

The bottom line criticism running throughout Zakaria’s monologue is that Democrats are ignoring the facts as they push these radical programs and ideas. He believes, instead, they should dial it way back and support Democrat ideas that actually work.

Heh….none of these ideas actually work, which is why I put “truth bombs” in quotes. But it is very interesting to see the left become so radicalized that others on the left are openly criticizing it.

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