Liberals are CELEBRATING woman for saying she’d abort a Down Syndrome baby

So a woman wrote an op-ed telling the world that Down Syndrome children should be murdered in the womb. And now all liberals are calling her “brave.”

Here’s a segment from the post:

I have had two children; I was old enough, when I became pregnant, that it made sense to do the testing for Down syndrome. Back then, it was amniocentesis, performed after 15 weeks; now, chorionic villus sampling can provide a conclusive determination as early as nine weeks. I can say without hesitation that, tragic as it would have felt and ghastly as a second-trimester abortion would have been, I would have terminated those pregnancies had the testing come back positive. I would have grieved the loss and moved on.

Notice how she frames the issue in her tweet:

See what’s she’s doing? She’s not just saying it’s OK to kill Down Syndrome children – she’s saying if anyone is OK with that, then they should be OK with killing any baby at all for any reason of inconvenience. Cuz let’s face it, kids are inconvenient. Killing them in the womb is less inconvenient.

That’s why liberals are applauding, even as the blood on their hands spurts out with every clap:

It takes “courage” to advocate for child killing when you know it’s wrong and kinda evil, I guess.

Brit Hume saw right through it:

Meanwhile, those of us who aren’t bloodthirsty baby-killers aren’t as cool with it:

Domenech can be pretty terrible about everything else, but he’s right about this:

I think the conservative logical response might be something like this – yes, we agree, there’s little substantively different between killing a baby because they have Down’s Syndrome, and killing them just because the pregnancy is inconvenient. So that’s why both should be outlawed, not why they both should be allowed.

The liberal spin on this is that it’s easy for the rest of us to make that decision for a woman who has to bear the child and perhaps go through the pain of putting it up for adoption. And you know what? They’re right. We have to acknowledge that we’re advocating for forcing people to do something that is really difficult. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. That means life is tough sometimes. Recognizing that life can be very difficult at times doesn’t mean killing children should be used as an escape hatch to make life easier.

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