Liberals are FURIOUS the media is covering helicopter crash instead of John Dean hearing…

As you have no doubt heard, the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have brought in convicted felon and Obama/Hillary supporter John Dean to ‘explain’ why the Mueller report is reason to impeach Trump.

Dean was disbarred for obstructing justice and defrauding the United States during Watergate.

But while the hearing was taking place, or thereabouts, a helicopter crashed on top of a building in Manhattan killing the pilot. Reports are now that the helicopter malfunctioned and the pilot was trying to land the aircraft:

In any event, this helicopter crash has been the focus of all the media coverage since the news broke, preempting the Dean hearing that Democrats had hoped would be a TV spectacle:

Liberals on social media are furious about the coverage:

One tweeter actually suggested a conspiracy theory that the helicopter crash was to distract from the hearing:

Anyone else think it’s an odd coincidence that a helicopter in NYC came down and took over all of the news channels RIGHT as the Congressional Hearing and testimony from John Dean on the Mueller Report started…

She deleted her tweet after it started going viral. Of course.

There are a ton more tweets where these came from but this gives you a good idea how much liberals are hoping this hearing will take down Trump.

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