Liberals are MELTING DOWN because Chuck Todd called out AOC on her Nazi comment!

There is a liberal meltdown going down because Chuck Todd had the temerity to stand up to their newest political demi-god, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

And boy is it delicious:

Remember Carlos Maza? He’s still licking his wounds from screaming at YouTube impotently.

This guy is a Democratic political strategist:


Even AOC is pissed off:

But that is dishonest – she said “never again” and we all know that refers to the Nazis, so she’s lying again to cover her AOC after looking like a moron.

And here’s the stupidest man with a modem:

Ahhh, now it doesn’t matter anymore. You know they lost an argument when they start whining that it’s just semantics.

This is too fun:

BUT, you know what? Kudos to Chuck Todd. We call them out when they are hypocritical and unfair, let’s be intellectually honest and praise them when they are fair and reasonable. Good job, Chuck.

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