Liberals go FULL MELTDOWN mode over NYT fact-check on Schumer LOL!!

You know, when I get depressed at the state of politics in this country, all it takes is a good wacky liberal meltdown to cheer me up! Here’s a really good one.

Yesterday when the Democrats had their response to Trump’s speech, the New York Times hit Chuck with a fact-check.

OK. That makes sense. It’s not even that much of a fact-check – it adds context to the claim. It doesn’t even say it’s false!!

But that doesn’t matter to the batcrap liberals who went into full meltdown mode over this audacious atrocity!!

LOL! BROKEN! Because of one fact-check on their leaders! Now that is some fancy snowflakin’ right there.

It cannot be fact-checked!!!

Ah, so good. Love it when they freak out over the smallest more ridiculous thing. Glad we don’t do that. Ahem. *cough cough*

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