Liberals’ heads are exploding over what Trump said about white people in Herridge interview

El President offered a fact that goes against the Black Lives Matter narrative in an interview with Catherine Herridge and people are imploding online. Check out the short video:

Oh boy. Now, technically this is correct. But that won’t matter to those poor souls afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome. On the other hand, if they say that blacks are killed by police disproportionately, they might have more of a foot to stand on.

They’re still freaking out tho:

El Presidente also said this:

This one I’m a little iffy on. I think local governments should figure out what’s good for their constituents, let them figure it out on a local level.

And this:

Also, technically correct. Of course it’s about free speech. But also, people have the free speech to object to its display, and local governments will respond when there’s enough political pressure to do it. It’s idiotic, of course, to do it just because of a mob of BLM morons. But when you elect morons, they do moronic things. Easy peasy.

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