Liberals OUTRAGED over ad that showed AOC photo burning, but ad creator RESPONDS

Last night during ABC’s Democratic debate, a new ad aired that showed a photo of AOC with a hole burning in it to reveal the reality behind her dangerous socialist ideas.

Watch the ad below:

Here’s more from DC Examiner:

The 30-second ad, from a Republican-affiliated PAC named New Faces GOP, features its founder Elizabeth Heng, a former GOP congressional candidate in California, warning about liberal politicians who embrace socialism.

“This is the face of socialism and ignorance,” Heng says as a photo of Ocasio-Cortez catches fire and burns away to show harrowing images from the Cambodian Civil War in the 1970s from which her father fled.

“Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know the horrors of socialism?” Heng continues. “My father was minutes from death in Cambodia before a forced marriage saved his life. That’s socialism: Forced obedience. Starvation. Mine is a face of freedom. My skin is not white. I’m not outrageous, racist, nor socialist. I’m a Republican.”

The ad quickly caused outrage by liberals:

Even AOC chimed in, and then somehow turned this ad exposing socialism into ‘white supremacy’:

Elizabeth Heng, responsible for the ad, hit back:

Oh yeah she’s totally there to tweet out ridiculous ideas. Non-stop!

Here’s Derek Hunter’s response to all this ‘outrage’:

He’s right. Democrats have constantly compared Trump to Hitler and Stalin, blamed him for mass shootings all over the world that have killed many people, and accused him of being an evil White Supremacist.

But hey, a burning photo of AOC as a transition in a video is going TOO FAR.

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