Libs CHEER and CELEBRATE man abusing women for money. (No, not Cuomo this time.)

Liberals always find a way to go against their own stated principles, and the one they like to transgress against the most is their supposed feminist ideals. Whether it’s letting Cuomo off the hook, as they’re already trying to do, or excusing Ted Kennedy for leaving a woman to die, or pretending Bill Clinton isn’t a serial harasser and abuser, they just can’t get enough of cruelty to women.

It’s one of the reasons they so vehemently endorse “transgender” sports interference. Oversized male bodies dominating in a female sport but it’s fine because he “feels” like a woman.

Take this, for example, via New York Post.

Alana McLaughlin, the second openly transgender woman to compete in MMA in the United States, won her debut Friday night via submission at the Combate Global prelims in Miami, Fla.

The 38-year-old used a rear-naked choke against Celine Provost to end the match 3 minutes, 32 seconds into the second round.

McLaughlin, who began her gender transition after leaving the U.S. Army Special Forces in 2010, said she hopes to be a pioneer for transgender athletes in combat sports.

This was a man in the special forces. Now the media demand you say “they” instead of he while the punching of a SHE takes place.

Well you can use whatever pronoun you want, but you are denier of science if you say that’s not a male beating up females.

The world is given over to madness. But at least Joe Biden got booed yesterday so that’s something.

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