Libs FLIP and attack national HERO Buzz Aldrin for appearing with U.S. President to celebrate 50th anniversary of MOON LANDING!

Their insanity is without end. The left’s derangement is beyond all proportion, it is past all reckoning. It is madness, unreachable by reason, untempered by perspective, unequivocal in its fanatic devotion.

Basically everything that was said about MAGA (and a lot of it true) in 2016 is 100% true about the left, then and now. Rather than putting their whole unearned faith in a single man, however, they’ve put their whole vicious hate into destroying anything that man touches, be that touched thing good or bad or indifferent.

Twitchy pointed this latest example out, which is that the liberals on Twitter are lambasting BUZZ DANG ALDRIN for the disgraceful act of being a national hero and participating in a ceremony honoring a great American achievement at America’s First Residence the White House, presided over by the President of the United States.

Look at these NUTJOBS:

By the way, no moon conversation would be complete without at least one of these tweets:

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