LIKE A BOSS: Dan Crenshaw totally SCHOOLS Democrats on border security and illegal immigration [VIDEO]

This is an impressive showing by Rep. Dan Crenshaw from Texas today from the House Homeland Security Committee with Kirstjen Nielsen.

In his 5 minutes of questioning Nielsen, Crenshaw absolutely schools Democrats on the need for a wall, destroying their phony arguments on the wall, drugs, and illegal immigration.


I love how he starts by asking Democrats why they aren’t talking about people being trafficked into the US, like a girl from Mexico he met yesterday who was trafficked into New York City and subsequently raped 30 times a day for five years.

He also explained why the Democrat argument of just having ‘technology’ at the border, instead of a wall, is ridiculous. He points out that while agents will be able to see people coming, they’ll still have to chase them around without a wall to prevent illegal entry.

And that’s just some of what he discusses in this five minute video.

Be sure and watch it for more…

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100 thoughts on “LIKE A BOSS: Dan Crenshaw totally SCHOOLS Democrats on border security and illegal immigration [VIDEO]

    1. This kid is from our area and I would have voted for him in a New York minute. He will be a person to be reckoned with in the near future. THIS is and SHOULD be the Republican Party as soon as those like Rep. Crenshaw remove the RINO’S and Elitists OUT and put them out to pasture to count their millions made on the taxpayers backs by getting relected time after time!!!!! 😡

      1. I can definitely see him as the next rising star in the Republican party, if you’ll pardon an overused cliche.

  1. Irony is when is when liberals investigate Trump and democrats keep getting implicated in crimes.

    1. The hypocrisy being displayed by the marxist democrats over building the wall is palpable. In 2013 the democrats were calling for the building of 340 miles of wall. Trump makes building the wall a major campaign issue during the run up to the 2016 election and from the day he first declared that he will build the wall the democrats have engaged in an all out anti wall campaign. Their reason has nothing to do with claims that it’s imoral and unjust. It has everything to do with them losing the hundreds of millions of dollars they were making from the human trafficking, the Mexican cartel drug lords, the children to sell to satanic worshipping pedophiles, the MS13 gang members that Nancy Pelosi thinks are misunderstood and the hundreds of thousands of votes the illegals would give them.

      The marxist democrats know that they are despised by the vast majority of Americans. They are in full panic mode because they are seeing their decades long strangle hold on the minority vote vanishing. The #walkaway and Blexit movements are growing exponentially. The marxist democrats are pro open borders because without illegal’s votes they can not win elections.

  2. We’re having a fundraiser for Dan Crenshaw here locally on April 15th. Really, really looking forward to it.

  3. That’s why we need more warriors that faced real life threatening events, where they brush off the paper tiger threats of the media and the left. We have too many spineless weasels that wilt at a little pressure from the media or the left

    1. Warriors, yes. Generals, no.

      In my experience the modern day general is a perfect example of a useless political climber who’s only real talent is in Powerpoint and wasting the valuable time of those of us who actually fight the war.

      There are some exceptions: Schwarzkopf, McChrystal, Butler… But not many.

  4. Dan Crenshaw ROCKS! Praying the words he spoke have not fallen on deaf ears. He is Proof that God has a bigger plan for each one of us. Representative Crenshaw did not allow the evil of war to take center stage in his life and define him. He rose above the circumstances to create a better life for he and his family. And, now he is working on OUR behalf to create a better America by defending the President in support of a border wall on our southern border. He should be commended for his efforts to knock down the LIES from the left.

  5. Heck yeah. This guy from Florida knows much more about the border than that Will Hurd(R) guy from Texas. MAGA!

  6. I’m really liking the way that Crenshaw thinks and then expresses those thoughts. He uses the language of logic very casually without sounding like he’s making an overly technical argument. Good stuff.

  7. Wow, Texas, y’all are so lucky to have such powerful conservatives. Too bad the pathetic Republican Party is too stupid to see easy Presidential victories with this guy and Ted Cruz. I wish I could move to Texas. :envy:

    1. To be fair, like many other deep red states, they’ve got some craptastic RINOs as well, such as John Cornyn.

    2. I envy Texas citizens. We conservative NYS residents have Nazi, Andrew Cuomo for a governor, AOC, Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer leading an army of like minded marxist criminals.

  8. Too bad more states aren’t electing people like him rather than re-electing people like McConnell and Ryan. Quite frankly it’s our own fault that the Republican party is spineless and won’t fight back. That’s who we put in Washington instead of kicking them out. I mean, there was no excuse for us keeping McCain in office for 85 years.

      1. There are pros and cons to that, and they will never vote themselves out of a cushy job with kickbacks. There are states that will always give us crappy legislators to replace the lifers.

        To me the problem is with the voters and the ideology of the voters. IMO the media shapes public opinion so that’s the place to win. If we win in that arena the voters will put in different representatives. Unfortunately the media is out of control with misinformation and flat out lies, and it heavily favors the left. Then there’s the problem of indoctrination.

        1. We must first get rid of the marxist control over our education system. The Common Core K-12 shool curriculum must be eliminated. All pro communist college professors must be removed from our colleges and unversities. Once we accomplish that the communist controled MSM will no longer have a steady supply of marxist indoctrinated sycophants to hire.

          1. That’s a very tall order and a lot of work that will take a long time. I agree it has to be done one way or the other.

    1. This is a general question for everyone on TRS, in other words, it’s not directed at anyone person – How many times a month do you contact your representatives? House? Senate? Assembly? Governor? I contact my LIBERAL representatives at least once a month, usually more because, hey…I live in California and there is a lot to complain about here.

      Making comments on blogs will make us feel better (or not), but they don’t do anything compared to what a call or letter to our representatives can do to chart a new path. Mine don’t listen to me. I get “canned” responses to questions and comments I never even voiced, probably just so they can say they responded. But, I respectfully remind them every time I call, especially the office staff, that they work for me. And my opinion should matter.

      So, don’t just leave comments on blogs, voice your complaints and/or compliments to your representatives directly. Our representatives need to hear from us. If they don’t, I assume they probably believe they are doing what we want them to do.

      1. I commend you for contacting your reps, but you followed up by saying they ignore you. That’s the vibe everyone already gets. The Tea Party was huge and they openly gave us the middle finger and said they would crush it. They didn’t attempt to learn anything and some helped with the IRS scandal.

        IMO reaching out to them doesn’t work.

        1. Grassley returns my emails, and although they sound personalized, I suspect that it’s a sophisticated computer system.

          1. I always get a reply from my RINO Congressman, it always starts out the same way, with a long winded explanation of the issue I wrote to him about. I don’t need to have that crap regurgitated back to me, I already stated my opinion or opposition to whatever the issue was. He just blathers on about a bunch of nonsense but always, always values “my” opinion. Yeah right. Summing up every letter he’s ever written to me usually ends with a basic F U, I’ll do what I want. Term limits is the only answer to end the useless, endless RINO clown car parade.

            1. That lying sack of durbin was the worst, explaining to me how killing babies was important to women’s health.

              1. That’s the most appalling and bogus argument ever. I apologize for being graphic, but when they drill a hole in the baby’s skull or cut it up into pieces the argument cannot be made that it’s part of the woman’s body. Additionally, as far as I know it’s a rare case where the mother’s health is in jeopardy and I believe the law already considers that.

                1. I always wondered, when they suck the baby’s brains out, does it become a Democrat?

            2. I suspect a lot of them become politicians because they think they know better than anyone else.

              I used to be for term limits but I’m 50/50 now. The worst part of it is you’d automatically be losing the good legislators and when they leave the odds are we’ll get someone that sucks. At the same time, because of gerrymandering , name recognition and other things it’s very tough to get someone out without term limits.

          2. I should probably revise my comment. I’m sure some of them do the best they can to listen to their constituents, but as a whole….IMO you’re pi**ing in the wind.

      2. Calling and e-mailing them doesn’t work because your complaints fall of deaf ears. Calling them out via social media is the most effective form of communication because millions of like minded people see your comments.

  9. Democrats aren’t talking about the trafficking because they don’t give a damn. Their power is tantamount to any human suffering and any crisis imported into the U.S. such as MS-13, drugs, and human trafficking. They go on and an and on about children trying to make themselves out to be the compassionate party, but there are children getting raped, mutilated, and killed and they don’t want to put a stop to the problem because it doesn’t help their goal of importing an ever expanding voting bloc.

    Democrats are evil.

    1. Two things:
      1) It’s not about the wall, efficacy, or need. It’s about Democrats denying Trump a campaign promise fulfilled. Period.
      2) BP has to give every female over the age of 10 a pregnancy test at the border. They’ve all been raped. 10 years old.

      1. 1) Focused around the same point I made about their power. They care more about not giving Trump a victory which is related to their power….especially next year.

        2) All of the girls are raped? In any case it’s horrific.

  10. This is an effective and persuasive defense of the need for tightening the border and reforming the badly abused asylum process.

    It’s also an illustration of the value of the media covering for progressives, because the majority of the public will never see this video of Crenshaw, and will never hear this presentation of why a border wall is needed, why reform of the asylum process is needed, and why the current situation really does represent an emergency.

    1. We need a massive overhaul of the news networks. They have a huge impact on public opinion and the left controls the majority of the MSM.

      1. If the U.S. Government can give us the “crying Indian” commercials, why can’t it make commercials and broadcast them on the networks showing a crisis far greater than our 1970s pollution (although it was bad back then…)?

        1. I don’t know why it would do that when I don’t believe either party in Congress wants to do anything about it.

      2. IMO, exposing who owns the networks and their backgrounds will go far in changing public opinion. I’d like to know how many of our TV networks are foreign owned. I wonder how many people remember when Al Gore sold his “Current TV” cable channel to Al-Jazeera for $100M.

  11. How many demonrats stayed to hear him? Common sense references are not facts that interest them and it is far from their narrative in life! I am sure Crenshaw is on AOC’s destroy list, along with any blue dog dems (if there are any left) who would agree with him. Demonrats are the enemies of the American people; they hate the president because he is correct, exudes common sense and vibrancy during rallies, he easily beat Hillary because, despite being the best candidate they have, the people hated her enough to toss her over yet again. Trump put a thorn in their agenda by convincing Americans to elect him POTUS and by actually making good on most promises (despite demonrats AND rinos working against him), thus demonrats also hate the American people. Giving demonrats power in the House is stupid. Just plain stupid.

  12. Some on the left have accused ICE of forcing illegal alien children to take psychotropic drugs. Its an easy way to control children who are seized by the government. They want to go home. These drugs are dangerous and used as a chemical restraint. But this is nothing new to the government. Its sickening that the left only cares about illegal immigrant children when the foster care industry has been shoving these drugs down American children’s throats for decades.

    1. The GOP needs to toss out the RINOs and bring in more tigers, like him, who have actually served in our military, understand the danger in the world today, and who have actually WORKED HARD for the American people. BRAVO CRENSHAW…a true hero!

  13. I love Dan Crenshaw. He speaks eloquently, yet in a simplistic, no uncertainty-type style to get his point across. And (unlike the beast) he’s the same man, with the same principles no matter where you see him. Whether it’s on Fox, or in the House, he’s the same guy!

    1. Yep, he is from my state and we are very proud of him….not like fake beto, whom the press keeps insisting Texans love – we don’t. He’s a putz. BRAVO DAN!!!

  14. Once again, we are ALL Americans… and we shouldn’t even have to discuss this because it is simply the RIGHT THING TO DO! BUILD THE WALL! To that point, Dan Crenshaw exposes democrats (and RINOs) for their lawlessness by letting this crap continue.

  15. I’m still convinced (until someone proves me wrong) that Obama and a few of his high-level friends cooked up the scheme back in 2013 and 2014 to have children begin migration in large numbers upward through Mexico. It was a way to try and break America’s will to repel border jumpers.

    The idea was get citizens to relent, via hours and hours of video footage of, “All of those poor children at the border,” and the Death Train to el Norte, and the rapes so common that parents sent young girls with birth control pills, and all of that… All. of. that. cruelty put on those children so that your Christian charity would get you accept them warmly.

    And then, of course the chain migration rules would mean each of their extended families were admitted.

    It was Obama at his most racist, exploitative, and ruthless moment, and it was all aimed at reducing so-called white privilege and American greatness. Those kids paid for it and the left doesn’t care.

    But it wasn’t just the left. Every single person claiming to be a conservative who lambasted Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck, and others for going to the border to showcase Obama and the left’s cruelty owns a piece of this current crisis.

    Trump supporter or not, anyone who flooded comment sections and other social media with accusations that Cruz was merely “handing out teddy bears” owns a piece of each child’s suffering. And those who feel no shame over it are not conservative in any way, and I’d tell it to their face right now.

    Some of them are my friends.

    I don’t care. They need to apologize.

    1. That’s a really interesting (and I suspect accurate) depiction, k-Bob. It’s interesting that Dems concern themselves with ‘saving the children’, but pay infants no-never-mind. It’s apparent the Dems don’t view people as human, but simply pawns to be moved around, exploited and used for their own pursuits of power. And it makes me physically ill.

      1. @hidyho I hoped the ploy would fail, but all that happened was newer and worse abuse of children. These masses of people bum rushing our border are being pushed into it by the same people who pushed the children back in 2014.

        By the way, apparently Steve Bannon flipped on Ted Cruz at about the same time, because he insanely saw the “teddy bears” trip as capitulation, instead of the “expose Obama” moment it was, and he turned Breitbart from pro-Cruz to anti-Cruz overnight.

        So Bannon owns a huge part of this children’s crisis, and deserves an extra warm place as a guest of old Scratch for it.

        Starting 12 or so paragraphs down is the description of what I’m pointing out here:

        1. Thanks for posting this. Never paid much attention to Bannon or Brietbart, so didn’t know any of this background.

        2. It’s similar to the foster care industry that began with cps removing children for abuse and escalated into children now being seized for neglect with no crime being charged. Missed dental appts and homeschooling have resulted in termination of parents rights. These children are traumatized for life. Drugged by the state and face homelessness, drug addiction, suicide and unemployment at a far greater rate than children not removed from similar “neglectful” homes. Children are more likely to be killed, sexually assaulted, bullied ostracized and turn into school shooters if in foster care or forced adoption than if left in marginal homes. Its a big money racket… From social workers to therapists psychatrists treatment centers group meetings shelters foster parents and on and on. Federal law requires that reunifucatuon services must be given except in severe abuse cases. This rarely happens. Families are set up to fail. I really wish someone would expose this

          1. @nece9 Something about a millstone hung ’round the neck before going swimming seems to be appropriate here.

    2. @k-bob :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

  16. Democrats and RINOs DON’T want this tragedy fixed. And imo, they don’t care about keeping American citizens (let alone the so called “asylum-seekers”) safe.

    1. Some men are attracted to AOC’s ” assets ” too the last thing we should be thinking about is looks.

      1. Lighten up Ruthie. There’s nothing wrong with him being a handsome man, macho combat vet…..
        I got a bro-crush on Crenshaw myself.

      1. @sheerpolitics Thank you for sharing this wonderful video of Tara Crenshaw. It’s over 12 minutes but worth the watch. She really gives insight into the man. And yes, she’s lovely, inside and out.

  17. #1 – That strapless eyepatch is just…holy crap that’s just awesome looking!

    #2 – Crenshaw needs to run for POTUS one day. Future of the party right there

    1. I was thinking the same thing, listening to him. Not sure I’d wish that on him, tho. I like him too much.

    2. #1 – Exactly!

      #2 – Let’s give him time and make certain he really is who he seems to be. If so, it’s on for President! Wouldn’t it be awesome to watch him stare down an opponent with only one eye? “Yeah, I’m a [email protected], I only need one eye to stare you down!”

  18. He makes excellent points but it is falling on deaf demonrat ears.

    They. Don’t. Care.

    BTW, he is rockin’ that eye patch!

    1. He wasn’t saying it for them. He was saying it for the spineless RINOs and those watching at home.

  19. Kudos to Dan Crenshaw but the Dems know there is a border crisis. That’s why they’ve refused to go to the border. They don’t care about the migrants or the American people and it’s about time people woke up to see it.

    1. @sjmom They know it’s a border crisis all right, for everyone except them.

      1. Except it WILL turn out to be bad for them too when the diseases the migrants are bringing with them hit their families or someone they love is killed by an illegal drunken driver etc. Not wishing it on them but karma has a way of smacking people upside their head.

          1. They will definitely try to blame it on Trump. They’re trying to blame Omar’s anti semitic comments on Trump

  20. I repeat once again, why would the Democrats care about child trafficking when they’re for infanticide?

    1. @ciceroni-excogitatoris

      That’ one of the “nuclear bombs” that diffuse the evil democrats’ (and RINOs’) stupid argument that they “care about the children”. It’s DEVASTATING!

  21. I would L O V E to see Mr. Crenshaw run for president!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is truly amazing.

    1. See that’s how we get into trouble, ( as a country ), don’t be so quick to say ” Yeah run for President “. Don’t forget Obama impressed many as a young senator making a speech at the DNC seems like 100 years ago. I like Crenshaw I really do but give him time.

  22. This should not even be controversial. It’s obvious to anyone who doesnt have some political axe to grind or isnt profiting off of the chaos in labor or votes.

    They price paid by the children is horrific.

  23. I’d vote for him!

    Here’s hoping he’s as awesome as that one clip shows, and that he ends up being our Pirate… aargh, I mean President one day!

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