Lindsey Graham torches Obama, Republicans: Fire The Politicians, Keep The Soldiers

Yep he said it. Never seen him more disgusted with the pathetic leadership of Skeeter.


h/t WND

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115 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham torches Obama, Republicans: Fire The Politicians, Keep The Soldiers

  1. Lindsey Graham MUST go.

    His recent attacks AGAIN on Rand Paul show he is FULLY BOUGHT AND PAID FOR!

    He is openly selling out the freedoms of Americans EVERY DAY!

    It is under his watch that we have drones, surveiillence, wiretapping, Homeland Security, immigrants being freed, and America facing collapse.

  2. I have a renewed sense of respect for Sen. Lindsay Graham in this instance. Outstanding speech on the Senate Floor, and I hope he means every word of it.

    I hope he truly starts being a real Reagan Conservative from now on. It would so great to see these RINOs start behaving more like the people’s elected representatives, instead of elitist permanent political class parasites.

    1. don’t go renewing that respect subscription yet…whenever he dares to show a hint of a spine or recognition of truth—within days, sometimes hours—he jelly fishes up and is back to his spineless old self again.

  3. She is putting on quite a show (oh, she is up for reelection in 2014 and is afraid of a Tea Party challenge, so now she is getting “all tough”). She is weaker than a RINO, she is almost a DINA (democratic name and actions). SC, you can do better.

  4. can’t argue with that. but liberals do not care about the military, they believe it is the cause of trouble in the world. As head of the Dems, Obama cannot be expected to support “peace thru strength”, that is not their position. 90% of what the fed govt does has nothing to do with constitutional role, yet president more than willing to put military up for threatened funding, and national defense is one of the few federal govt responsibilities.

  5. I don’t care for him one way or another, but his suggestion of firing the politicians and keeping the soldiers sounds exactly right to me!

  6. Lindsey Graham is guilty of treason. His so called military, now under NATO, has been supporting enemies of the US for years thanks to this traitor.

    He’s the one that makes me sick to my stomach. He’s the one that let our soldiers down, spent their military retirements and now call them Terrorists through DHS He’s the one that wants to kill their second amendment rights to defend their families while sending arms to Al Qaeda and Mexican Terrorists. He’s the one that is disallowing them to own a gun under a fake psyche exam.

    There are 57 countries in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation who have declared war on the United States of America. They mandate that every citizen in their country war on American Citizens. Graham supports all of the OIC members with their constant Geneva Convention Violations, and their constant Human Rights Violations. Graham is a Traitor to the US and is using US Soldiers as his pawns in this treason.

    Graham is responsible for killing over 1 million Iraqi Civilians and there were no nukes, even after Iraq joined OIC and declared war on Americans. This caused 50,000 American Soldiers to lose their lives, or be wounded or disabled in the middle east.

    Graham is responsible for killing 30,000 Libyan Civilians and supporting 2,000 Al Qaeda on the ground to help slaughter these people. The Toy Soldier Dictator in Libya joined the OIC before Graham’s bombing was done.

    Graham is responsible for assassinating 5 US citizens with drones without a trial, without arrest, without a judge and without a jury. Graham calls them a terrorist and assassinates every one he wants.

    Graham is responsible for assassinating over 4,700 not combatants with drones against the Geneva Convention.

    Graham is responsible for assassinating over 3,000 Pakistani non combatants in Pakistan against the Geneva Convention.

    Graham is responsible for using US Troops, against the Geneva Convention, to overthrow the independent sovereign countries of Iraq (no nukes), Afghanistan (saudis flew the jets), Libya (144 tons of gold given to al qaeda), Egypt (gave f16′s after they joined OIC), Kenya (obama’s homeland), Tunisia, Yemen, Mali and soon Syria and Iran.

    Graham’s so called Defensive Military Spending is Treason by supporting only OIC members against Americans and funding terrorism all over the world. Graham is the cause of terrorism in this country, not the cure.

  7. Every now and then Graham shows that he has a pulse. But none of these people mean a word of it. They live to cut deals. You know why I think none of these Congressmen believe anything they say? Look at John McCain in this video clip. He doesn’t really seem that interested in what Graham is saying, let alone the substance of it. And McCain is an ex-military man, too, yet he seems bored by the whole thing and is talking to somebody during Graham’s speech. Says it all on what these people really believe in.

  8. While I agree with firing the politicians and keeping the soldiers, this is what my Senior Senator does best… grand stand and talks out both sides of his mouth. Say what Lindsey
    Grahamnsty or would that be Gramnstander? He is no defender of liberty and thousands of us in our state know this. Peace through strength, give me a break, its more like nation building while America is going down the toilet!

  9. Do something very impressive, repeal obamacare, then vote for the impeachment of Hussein.
    Bengahzi Libya: Where are the Audio & Video tapes? of the terrorist attack that cost 4 Americans their lives. Where was obamalamadingdong? Who told our armed forces to stand dow? Put them all in Jail! including insane Hussein.

  10. Who would have figured that this kind of passion is a day late and a dollar short and therefore makes it suspect as to its sincerity.

    Its the RINO circus. Get one of the clowns out there to dance and shout to show the audience (us) how we care about your concerns, your problems. Then they go back behind the curtain and scheme and plan how they can ensure that they never loss their power and pass inane laws that does not benefit the people in their state or district, but only perpetuates the crony capitalism that steals from you and I to give to those corporations who turn around and donate the money to their man/woman in the congress.

    The sad part is that the Democrats are better at it than the Republicans, because at least the Democrats get their people out there to vote. The Republicans only what someone to like them.

  11. Talk is cheap Gramnesty. You are up for re-election in 2014 so you will get on TV and pretend to be conservative and once you are back in office you lean left again. I see your twin McShame was in the same picture again!

    None of them are earning a damned dime of our money–and they’re spending money we haven’t even GOT–and won’t have for generations.



    WAKE UP, America!

  13. More mouthing, but your action in voting to confirm Hagel speaks a different language. Why don’t you quit if you really believe your bloviation.

  14. I believe that Lindsey Graham is up for election in 2014 in a state with 9 or 10 military bases. He is/was also a reservist for either the air force or the

  15. Lovely feigned outrage… Obama deserves every single word of it.

    However, as usual, It appears Lindsey is on the wrong side of this… he’s against the sequester?

    Graham and McLame are the problem in the GOP.

  16. Finally, the Lyndsey Graham I know has decided to come to the Senate. Too bad it took 12 years…

  17. “In my plan I want to RAISE TAXES….” That’s about all I needed to hear. The rest was blah blah blah blah.

  18. His last sentence is the best idea I’ve heard in the last 4years and 2months!!!!!!
    “Fire the politicians, keep the soldiers!”

  19. Lindsey, you hit the nail right on the head. I am also ashamed of my Washington.
    Mr. O continues to take us down an path of no return.
    God Bless You Lindsey

  20. Empty rhetoric from a Wimpy RINO Winno.

    linsie if you are serious, step down and take that old fart that was behind you while you are at it.

  21. Words, it’s only Words,your actions have proven time and time again that you are just a Rino, and come 2014, guess what we’re going to replace you.

  22. When he goes on his 1 millionth visit to a Sunday show to do this act, I wish someone would ask him why he’s working with Obama on immigration, if he thinks they should be fired?

  23. Grahamnesty auditioning for the next Oscars…
    He has, and always will be, “All Show and No Go”.

  24. FIRE your DAM self First, windsey the rino. Then you take bone head, mcconnel, cantor, mcPain………………..with you.

  25. graham … great chest pounding, now go back and sit down by mccain… you look like a fool

  26. Believe it, he’s upset. For Lindsey Graham to do anything but kiss the hem of Obama’s gown means he’s mad. I’m not saying it will last or even goes to other issues so in other words it’s meaningless.

  27. Remember this old poem?

    There was a little girl/who had a little curl/right in the middle of her forehead/When she was good she was very, very good/and when she was bad/she was horrid.

    I wish Lindsey Graham would pick our side and STAY ON IT.

    1. Both Grahmnesty and McAmnesty met with Obama to talk about the citizenship path for the illegals in their amnesty bill.

  28. Well, why did you agree to the sequester Sen. Gramm? You and McCain are a RINOcrats who don’t believe in anything and have no ideology!

  29. That made me bawl. Because it’s a blowhard politician who continues to “reach across” the aisle and bow and scrape before the dear leader just as they all do. I’ll agree with Grahamnesty on this one- dear leader and the GOP has let them down. Dear leader and the democrat party, well, we’re used to them treating our military like crap, but the republicans really ought to be disgusted with themselves. And yeah, all of you ought to be fired. Damn right on that one Lindsay.

    1. Wipe those tears and do 2 bits real quick AbiC !!! Maybe just Maybe some of `em are startin` to Wake UP !!!!

      1. I wish I could Texas Brother, but I’ve heard this kind of stuff too often to believe. And when it comes to stuff like this with our military and their families, it just about kills me.

        1. About 5 hours ago, Rshill7 posted a Youtube link YOU Need to check out if you haven`t already. It`s on the C. Noir/NRA thread. If that isn`t inspiration, well, we`ll say a prayer for ya`… I`ll do that anyway !!!!

            1. As I watched her, tears of Joy filled my eyes, and it Warms my soul. Bless her Heart !!!!

    2. This will make you bawl. FOX is doing a commercial with Holliweirdos saying how great the military is. The slime Jayne Lynch is one of them. Remember this from Piers Morgan interview: “Best-known for her portrayal of Sue Sylvester on FOX’s hit series “Glee,” the host asked his guest to put on her coach’s cap, and offer an evaluation of Barack Obama:

      “I think he’s wicked smart. I think he’s sane and I think he definitely wants what’s best for the coun – the country,” assessed Lynch. “I have great faith in him. I – but I think our – our system is deeply flawed and deeply broken and, you know, he’s kind of presiding over a bad state of affairs, I guess.”

  30. More Kabuki theater. Words, just words. Then he gives the Skeeter exactly what he wants.

    Actions speak louder than words. We will remember at election time!

  31. Hey Sen Graham, I vote to fire all of the politicians (w/exception of less than a dozen) and keep the soldiers that are truly living up to their oath to defend this country from enemies foreign and domestic and our Constitution. When will the voting take place? Guess who’s first on my list? Yup “Skeeter” (love that nickname btw) with Plugs Biden 2nd, Boehner, 3rd, McConnell 4th, Cantor 5th, and you very close behind if you don’t state you oppose amnesty now and vote to deport 100% of the illegals and their anchor babies.

  32. Okay I’ll give Graham points for this. But Grahamnesty and McAmnesty behind him must be celebrating the release of over 2,000 (not a few hundred) illegals from jails (in AZ, TX, GA and one other state) in Feb because of looming “sequestration” with another 3,000 scheduled for release in March. They were all headed for deportation.

      1. How can women in this country be proud of the females in this Admin: Nappy, Hillary, Sodaperson, Keggar? These critters are why the glass ceiling is going to have a come back if we don’t get great female leaders like Sarah Palin in power!

        1. Most single women and single mothers vote democrat. I guess they don’t “mature” until they actually work and are married. Those are the ones who seem to get it.


          1. High school indoctrination that you are “entitled” to welfare to raise your babies.

            1. I was speaking of voting patterns. I think anyone who voted for the “child king” is clueless.

      2. I want to agree with you, but Janet Incompitano may just be dumb enough to not have known……..

        1. OKLAHOMA, sees your bet and raises you one. If you shoot em’ in your “Castle” in OK you cannot be sued civilly or criminally. Open Carry, tough on illegals, 77 counties in the State, Hussein carried NOT ONE COUNTY. DNC spent $8 in Ok last election cycle, 3 cardboard yard signs, and yes we burned those too.

          1. True! I was only pointing to TX, AZ and GA because Obama just released illegals from custody in those states.

            Love your state!!!!!! And really love Jim Bridenstine.

    1. They should both be holding a press conference saying “immigration reform” is dead in the Senate because of that horrible stunt. Neither one cares about enforcing the law or protecting the border. They just want to be included in the photo-op at Obama’s signing ceremony.

      1. Hiya my friend. That nick wouldn’t be from “Smith Wigglesworth” now would it?

          1. Odd, he was an evangelist during the last century who lived in England and was a prayer warrior, in case you didn’t know. Yes, that was his name.

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