LISTEN: FBI Director Wray say Atlanta killings NOT about race/anti-Asian ‘sentiment’. Spoiler: Media doesn’t care.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said that the killing in Georgia were not based on a racial vendetta, as the media has spun, nor were they riding on the cusp of a wave of anti-Asian sentiment born of Trump correctly identifying the source of the Wuhan virus.

Sorry, media. Listen to law enforcement crush the only part of the story you cared about: the ability to blame it on Trump.

So obviously, it’s a heartbreaking incident, and it hits particularly close to home for me since I consider Atlanta home. And so I certainly grieve for the victims and their families. The FBI is supporting state and local law enforcement, specifically APD – the Atlanta Police Department – and the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office. So we’re actively involved but in a support role. And while the motive remains still under investigation at the moment, it does not appear that the motive was racially motivated. But I really would defer to the state and local investigation on that for now.

But what, why am I sorry? It didn’t hurt them or make them stop in any way. Even NPR, who GOT the interview, just went ahead and ignored the comment. The next voice you hear in the clip above says:

“As you know, Mary Louise, Atlanta police say that nothing is off the table when it comes to hate crimes. But the FBI director is saying it still doesn’t appear to have a racial motivation.”

See how that is phrased to imply that Wray is somehow at odds with the Atlanta PD? Only it isn’t. The police investigating have said repeatedly that the murderer was known to the establishments he attacked, that they were known to him and that he’d frequented them, and that he had at least some form of mental or emotional problem that was at play.


But every single media outlet is just saying it anyway. Every one. CNN especially, but also MSNBC, NPR, and every website. Daily Beast, Washington Post, Mediaite, they all keep insisting that there’s some big wave of violent reaction to identifying China as ground zero, and that wave culminated in this murder.

They have come up with their lie, and they are sticking to it, and not even their own interviews with the police can dissuade them. And when the police say “no that’s not it” they just say the police are racist too.

Having investigated nothing, the media is saying THEY know what happened even better than the cops investigating. And our idiot culture just laps it up.

And soon enough Google and Facebook and Twitter won’t LET you say otherwise. Soon enough, if you say the killings weren’t racially motivated, Big Tech will punish you.

The truth doesn’t matter anymore. It does NOT matter. At all.

I encourage you to ask them directly on social media, I promise they will live up to your expectations. Start with Fake Tapper or the Fat Dumb and Bald Guy.

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