LISTEN: Mark Levin hits back HARD against the election propaganda after New York

Mark Levin opened his show tonight hitting back at all the election propaganda being spouted by the media after the New York primary last night:

Levin pointed out several things from last night, one of them being that 150,000 registered conservatives couldn’t vote in New York because it’s a closed primary. Now that’s fine, of course. But that many votes could have significantly altered how Cruz did in the election last night.

Levin also noted that Cruz got more votes in Wisconsin, which has a smaller population, than Trump got in New York, his home state. That’s a big deal, but nobody is talking about it.

But the big point Levin hit in the segment was how well Hillary and Bernie did against all the Republicans. Levin pointed out that Hillary alone got more votes in New York than all Republicans combined, and that’s not including Bernie’s votes. Levin’s point is that all those who are arguing that Trump can win New York…well he says NO Republican can win New York, and that’s what we’re up against more and more around the country.

In fact Levin suggests Republicans may lose the popular vote in November and have to rely on the electoral college for victory. And he asks, if that happens and Trump is the winner, are Trump supporters still gonna say ‘one man, one vote’?

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