LISTEN: Mark Levin responds to Bolton ouster AND potential negotiations with Taliban, Iran

Mark Levin weighed in tonight on Bolton’s ouster from the administration as well as Trump’s idea to invite the Taliban to Camp David for negotiations:

To sum up, Levin would much prefer Bolton working within the administration, but he doesn’t hold it against either Bolton or Trump for decisions to part ways. He also hit back hard at Bolton’s critics on the right.

As far as Trump’s potential meeting with the Taliban, Levin was heavily critical of the idea that we would even be negotiating with the Taliban, the very terrorist group who gave safe haven to the terrorist who murdered almost 3,000 people on 9/11.

In this next clip, Levin spends a few minutes laying out exactly why we shouldn’t be meeting with Iran’s leaders without preconditions, or at all:

It’s a simple point, but I like how Levin noted that the hole idea of pulling out of the Iran deal is because they can’t be trusted. And yet the Trump administration is now hoping for another deal with them?

Listen to both clips for much, much more…

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25 thoughts on “LISTEN: Mark Levin responds to Bolton ouster AND potential negotiations with Taliban, Iran

  1. Of course Iran can’t be trusted, but I thought the reason for pulling out of the deal was that Obama (and the ketchup guy) gave Iran EVERYTHING and got NOTHING in return.???

  2. Listened to some. Got to the part where Levin defends Bolton from Rand Paul… then REFUSES to defend him from Trump.


    By the time Levin took to the air he MUST have known that Trump has begun dogging John Bolton, but yet he side-steps it.

    Don’t misunderstand me, he’s 100% correct about Rand Paul, but what he conveniently omits is Trump’s Foreign Policy is Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy, with the ONLY exception being the “aid to Israel.”

    1. I agree. I thought it was cowardly on Levin’s part and illogical. Trump and Paul have basically the same foreign policy views, yet at the end of the clip Levin says, “We support our president!” Does Levin now support appeasement toward Iran? That is now Trump’s view, which is the same as Rand’s.

    2. I think saying Rand Paul’s foreign policy is “Trumps” foreign policy isn’t accurate. If Paul got his way we wouldn’t of bombed Syria after they used chemical weapons, our involvement with Syria would be way less, he would of pulled the plug on Afghanistan/Iraq much quicker, ect. From everything I’ve seen the Libertarian’s are quite critical of Trump’s foreign policy.

  3. Some of Rand Paul’s foreign policy is alright. Most of it isn’t. Israel for instance. But I don’t want to be in any more wars right now, about that he is not wrong.

    I have always liked Bolton, but he is pretty trigger happy, I don’t want him unchecked, that thing he said about Kim and Qaddafi… well, it might could have happened, but not if you tell Kim it’ll happen, that was not well considered, I understand he meant 2003, but the way Qaddafi ended in 2014, started with 2003. Bolton has made some serious mistakes. Way to feed Kim’s fears.

    But what really gets me, how much more swamp rat can you get than to start texting the media calling Trump a liar? And one rumor is that when he didn’t get his way he rang up Trump’s biggest media detractors! Bolton tried to get his way the same way Comey got his way. That really strips away much of the respect I had for him. I really don’t get how he could stoop that low.

  4. The problem with this whole thing is IRAN! We must be tough and hard on them always, and for right or wrong, Bolton had that view, however the egos of two prevailed, and now we’ve appeased Ran Paul. Iran is a proxy for Russia, who is everywhere, and I’m afraid they are clapping now..I don’t feel stronger now, but a tad weaker in Russia and Iran’s eyes..hope I’m wrong!

  5. Whether you agree or disagree with Mark, he gives analysis and instruction. You know where he stands!

    This is the type of crap.. . Get off my phone you dummy!

    What is the primary objective of our constitution? Defend our freedoms.
    As the Denali stated…too protect US, the people.

  6. I hope and pray that Potus leads us in the correct direction.

    For those of you blasting Mark about not taking Potus to task, you are wrong. We, the people, need Potus to keep listening to Mark.

    You want orangeman bad to close up, insult him…he will ignore you…

    1. “You want orangeman bad to close up, insult him…he will ignore you…”

      To be fair, refusal to listen to reasoned criticism is one of the hallmarks of a child, not an adult.

    2. To be fair I don’t think there really is a real “correct” direction when it comes to Afghanistan (IMO this has been the case since way before Trump even decided to run for POTUS). Any direction we choose has many negatives but that’s the imperfect world we live in.

  7. Did Mark disagree with Reagan for the numerous times he met with Gorbachev, the GS of the Communist Party? This is one area I think Mark goes ballistic and a bit irrational on Republicans–kind of like a RINO. Are we really gonna care about optics of where and who we’re meeting with to try to broker peace? With that kind of thinking, there is no prospect for peace. The concern isn’t who/where/when we’re meeting, but the deal that comes out of it. Reagan got a great deal out of Gorbachev.

    How about the nation-building crap under Bush/Bolton. Does Mark support that. I’m really curious.

    1. What use that couldn’t be more easily served in Afghanistan is a Camp David meeting to an agreement that wasn’t even close to completion other than to serve as a Presidential photo op?

  8. POTUS didn’t want Bolton to stay and Bolton didn’t want to stay, so no need to smear anybody over it.

    1. What makes you think Bolton wanted to go? Does that makes sense? He had influence on the things he cares about. Now he doesn’t. It makes more sense that Trump just got fed up.

  9. The greater risk might lie with North Korea. From Reuters:

    Trump said Bolton had made mistakes, including offending North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un by demanding that he follow a “Libyan model” and hand over all his nuclear weapons.

    “We were set back very badly when John Bolton talked about the Libyan model … what a disaster,” Trump told reporters at the White House.

  10. He posted this on Facebook.

    “Mark Levin
    16 hrs ·
    On this 9/11, let us never forget it was the Taliban that gave safe harbor to Osama bin Laden to plot and launch his terrorist attack against our country, resulting in the murder of nearly three thousand innocent Americans. It’s the Taliban that has killed and maimed thousands of our hero soldiers. These terrorist bastards must never set foot in our country. Never! Ask the 9/11 and Gold Star families what they think. Ask the first responders and veterans of the Afghanistan war what they think.”

    I agree.

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