[LISTEN] Mark Levin says Trump’s social media lawsuit is stronger than EVER thanks to Jen Psaki and Biden’s Surgeon General

Mark Levin opened his radio show tonight explaining why Jen Psaki’s comments today mean that Trump’s lawsuit is stronger than ever.

Listen below to the audio (special thanks to Mr. Producer for sending it to me):

Here’s a small quote from the audio to wet your whistle:

So they’re tracking you if they don’t agree with you. They’re collecting information if they don’t agree with you. They have adapted and they are out front now that they are using police state tactics against freedom of speech, and speech generally. And that should cause everybody in the media concern, but they don’t give a damn. They only believe they should speak.

Hey plays a clip of Psaki saying they are flagging posts for Facebook that spreads misinformation and that they are working with doctors to get ‘trusted content’ out there. He then adds:

“No that’s called propaganda. We do not need the Biden administration to take on the responsibility of providing ‘trusted’ medical information. You have doctors; you have doctors’ groups; you have scientists; you have professors. We’re a very vibrant country with a lot of really, really smart people. Government interference here; government control of the debate; government control of speech; government censorship – that is what she just attested to! She just attested to it! Facebook is not an independent actor. Facebook is doing what they are asked to do. Censor.

Levin says, at least twice in the segment, that he really hopes Trump’s legal team is paying attention to this because this is a constitutional issue and will make their case stronger than ever.

Levin also plays more evidence from Biden’s surgeon general, so be sure and listen to the full clip for much, much more.

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