[LISTEN] Rudy Giuliani goes OFF and issues CHALLENGE: ‘Prove me nuts! Prove me wrong! Let me have access to those machines.’

On his radio show this morning Rudy Giuliani issued a challenge on voting machines. “Prove me wrong! Prove me nuts!” He also went OFF on the media and Democrats, and especially on “turncoat” Republicans.

His challenge is just plain logical. Prove him wrong, he says, by letting him go ahead and take a look! I mean y’all that’s dang obvious stuff right there.

“Let me have access to those machines. If I’m wrong, I make a fool out of myself.”

I’d take that challenge in a Texas second if I were a Democrat who actually believed the whole thing worked how it was supposed to and I was innocent of any wrongdoing.

Of course, if you AREN’T innocent of wrongdoing…

There are two clips here, and the first one is long but listen to the whole thing. The challenge is at the end. The clip below that is where he SHREDS Republicans.

Next is his eviscerating Republican “turncoats.”

“I find you, the Republican turncoats, the Republican quislings, I find you the real villains here. The real people who are destroying the right to vote in America. The real people who are gonna allow our right of free speech to go under.”


That’s a finishing move right there. A killing cut.

Later in the show, President Trump tuned in. We’ll try to get you that clip as soon as we can.

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