LISTEN: Sidney Powell explains some of the evidence she has, says it would be criminal for her not to come forward with it

Sidney Powell spoke with Larry O’Connor today in a 20 minute interview, where he pressed her a bit on what evidence she has to substantiate her allegation that the election was stolen from Trump. You can listen to it below:

Here’s a summary from Townhall:

Sidney Powell joined Larry O’Connor for an exclusive interview about her legal case on behalf of the Trump campaign in the 2020 presidential election. In her much talked about press conference with Rudy Giuliani on Thursday, she claimed that President Trump won re-election in a landslide, and they were going to prove it.

O’Connor pushed her about her claims that computer software used in the election, particularly Dominion Voting Systems, has been tainted, and he wondered how she would prove it. For starters, Powell said that her legal team has pictures of votes being manipulated in real-time.

“It is terrifying, and it is a huge national security issue,” Powell said. “Why the Department of Justice and FBI have not done something, Dominion is closing its offices and moving. No doubt they’re shredding documents. God only knows what else. More than 100 Dominion people have wiped any connection with Dominion off the internet.”

She also claims that they have testimony from witnesses opening military ballots and trashing them if they were for Trump, and substitute ballots were put in for Biden.

“I’m essentially staking my personal and professional reputation on these allegations, and I have no hesitation from what I’ve seen in doing so,” she noted. “In fact, I think it would be irresponsible if not criminal of me not to come forward with it.”

The fact that she admits she’s staking her personal and professional reputation on the line here bodes well for her credibility. She sounds utterly convinced of her case and doesn’t sound like a liar to me. But both she and Rudy Giuliani have come under tremendous attack, not just from the left but from the right:

That was tonight. Goldberg is just unwatchable at this point and I hope he ends up with rotten egg all over his face.

My take, as I’ve suggested before, is that I’m going to wait this one out and not prejudge it like so many have a tendency to do with everything. Lots of lessons learned over the last four years which brings me to that place.

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