“Literally experimenting on children!” Bill Maher speaks forbidden TRUTH about trans activism harming KIDS

“Compared to trans, gay is practically cis. And cis is practically Mormon,” said atheist liberal Bill Maher on Friday night talking about how being trans has become a trendy new thing for parents and educators, liberals etc, and how teens and children are susceptible, impressionable and frankly dumb.

“It’s okay to ask questions about something that’s very new and involves children. The answer can’t always be that anyone from a marginalized community is automatically right, trump card, mic drop, end of discussion,” said Maher. “Because we’re literally experimenting on children.”

That’s exactly right. The fact that people are silenced on medical and scientific questions by claims of “bigotry” is killing people, it’s killing kids.

Maher, as I always say, is wrong about a lot of things. But he’s right about this censorship, and the harm it is causing to kids.

“If you haven’t noticed that with kids, doing something for the likes is more important than their own genitals, you haven’t been paying attention,” he said. Exactly.

These are forbidden truths. As Maher showed in the video, even the ACLU is attempting to silence speech on the subject entirely. We are in dangerous times.

Fred Note: I made a shorter clip to get right to the point, but the longer (nearly 10 minute one) is also worth your time if you have it. Find here from Bongino Report.

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